FO: Angelina 1.25

I said here last week that the last time I showed you my Angelina Pullover it would be a finished object and it is…but I added a little more to the project than I originally planned. You may remember in the spring I talked about my goals for this summer and one of them was to knit Jellybean a sweater.
Angelina for two
So when I finished my Angelina Pullover and still had a little bit of yarn leftover for the last skein I wound I decided to make a teeny tiny Angelina Pullover for Jellybean. And I think I love her tiny sweater more than my own! Her little 5 pound frame is always cold (she was shaking on a 67 degree walk this morning) so clothing is actually an essential basic in her life. So going with the Summer of Basics Makealong I decided Beanie needed a new basic to add to her wardrobe too. So let’s talk about both of the finished objects!
My Angelina
As always, I forget that I’m shorter than the average knitting pattern and I probably should’ve shortened my sweater just a tiny bit because it’s getting into tunic length territory. But I love the cables, the sleeves and the curved hemline. I also love the Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn, it blocked into a light and airy wool that will still be cozy and warm. This will be an awesome layering piece as well.
Angelina twin pullovers
For Jellybean’s sweater I essentially worked out the math to do the cables on 40 stitches and eventually increased the sweater to 85 stitches in total for her width. Once I was done with the cables I worked in stockinette for a bit and then separated the body for sleeves almost like a raglan. 15 stitches for each sleeve, 20 stitches for her chest and 35 for her back and I cast on a few extra stitches at her underarm to give it a fuller sleeve like mine. I whipped this up in a couple of hours but my favorite detail was that I also added the curved hems to her sweater too and the icord edging.
Angelina for two
This tiny sweater tickled me to no end. I was so proud of myself for figuring out how to modify this to fit her and she let me pull it over her head a billion times to check my fit and length. I figured since she used the ball of yarn as a headrest so much while I was making my Angelina I might as well make her a sweater with the same yarn since I had some leftover (and still have 2 skeins in my stash).
My Angelina
I’m typically not a cable knit person, I like the look but don’t like how cables slow me down, but something about the simpleness of this cable made this pattern worth it. I’ve also read a few complaints on Ravelry about how dark the pattern images are but I could still see the awesomeness in this design. Added bonus, I love any pattern that’s only a single page of instructions and that was the case with this one. Easy peasy.
Angelina for two
I didn’t end up sewing my dress as planned for the Summer of Basics Makealong (eventually I will) but I did at least make a lovely rainbow cardigan for all seasons, my Pink Professor sweater and now these two pullovers for both of our wardrobe. I’ll take that as a win in my book and I’ve still got a few more things for myself I’m ready to cast-on as well. I’m on a roll. Did any of you finish three projects for the Makealong? Share!!

40 Replies to “FO: Angelina 1.25”

  1. Oh my!! The matching sweaters are the cutest thing I have ever seen! Kudos to you for figuring out how to make the sweater for Jellybean. You both look fantastic:)

    1. Thank you. It was one of those things that yes, it’s a little over the top but why not? It’s so cute and tickles me to pieces.

    1. My sister has already told me how over the top I am but Jellybean lives in sweaters all winter so I figured she need a basic added to her wardrobe and I needed to finally figure out how to make a sweater that tiny.

  2. Okay, the matching sweaters are too cute. I like the length of that sweater on you; I think it keeps the cables from being too heavy on top. Just my opinion. Nice work!

    1. I feel like it could be about 2 inches shorter, let the curved hem start at my hip. But it’s always hard for me to figure out how much length I’ll really get with blocking. And it’s not so bad that I want to rip it back so it will stay as is.

  3. Your design skills always amaze me! Jelly looks like she’s in heaven, and you both look absolutely gorgeous!
    Not such a productive summer for me, but I’ve “padded” the stash with a few finds I know I will love to wear. All this self discipline about using up more of my stash before moving on to more fun things has blocked my creativity. What are your strategies for getting over a stash boredom slump? Maybe your stash is never boring… I love your yarn choices!

    1. Jellybean was a good sport too. She came over and sat like a good girl for pictures and gave the camera her model eyes ☺️

  4. OMG!! I love your mommy/daughter matching sweaters! I love cables (my favorite type of stitch to knit) and I really like your sweater. I think the longer tunic length looks nice. And Jellybean looks adorable in her sweater. I have a chi and he too gets chilly if the temps are below 70.

    1. We typically have a rotating selection of hoodies for Jellybean but this adds a layer of classiness to her wardrobe LOL

  5. This is too cute, I love it! I mean, both sweaters are great and both of you look so well in them, but I’m melting here over Jellybean ❤ I don't think it's over the top at all, she needs something warm, you like knitting – sounds like a perfect much to me 😉

  6. Is this your birthday sweater? I love it, especially when you pose with your little Twinkie! It’s gorgeous. And I love the idea of a one page Sweater project!

    1. Yes, I consider this my birthday sweater (my actual birthday is tomorrow). It’s my favorite shade of green.

  7. Oh your sweater is gorgeous, and the matching one for Jellybean – swoon!! I have a Pom-cross (appropriately named Diva) who is now insisting she receive a matching one as well. Your creative work is always so fabulous – thanks so much for your inspirational blog!

  8. Fabulous! The green yarn makes the sweater. Ultra Alpaca is one of my favorite yarns to knit with, but I have to be careful as my cat tries to eat it.
    So fun that the little one has a matching sweater.

    1. Sometimes when Jellybean is playing and running around with toys and gets excited she’ll grab my ball of yarn and run with it (project on the needles and everything) so I have to always be a little cautious with her.

  9. What a beautiful color and I love how you two match. You are an amazing sweater knitter. You should teach a class at a LYS to inspire ppl to be more daring with color and speckled yarn.

  10. Your dog is so chilled out! I love it. Genius pattern adjustments! You knit so quick! Beautiful.

  11. Hi! I just found your blog and love your sweaters. The matching sweaters for your doggies are just too cute! You are one talented lady!!!

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