FO: A Sweet Little Sweater & Socks

My friends are having a baby boy in about a week or so and I missed their baby shower so I decided to whip up a little sweater for spring and some socks for baby Greyson.
For Greyson
Even though his name is Greyson I didn’t want to do all grey because that’s boring to me. So I went with pumpkin orange and charcoal grey trim for another Wee Sherlock sweater. Also I don’t like to cable that much so I omitted the cable down the middle with a simple garter stitch panel. It’s clean and simple and I like the look of it.
For Greyson
I really like this pattern for a different looking cardigan. I love the buttons going down the side inside of the middle. Although my pics make it look brown it’s more or a charcoal grey for the trim and the buttons. I was hoping that would give it a slightly masculine vibe but it’s pretty gender neutral no matter what. I also decided since Greyson will be born in late February/early March by the time he truly starts to fill this out it’ll be warm so I didn’t go with long sleeves. It’s a nice soft layer to add over any onesie he might be wearing that day or he can wear it as a shirt as it gets warmer. And I didn’t feel like making a hat so instead, I made socks!
For Greyson
I went with the Little Squirrel socks from TinCan Knits and each one took me an hour and a half to whip up for the newborn size. I was working with size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn (my favorite baby yarn, Caron Simply Soft. I will admit I was too lazy to do a kitchener stitch to close off the toe so I just did a 3 needle bind off and called it a day.
For Greyson
I had to stuff a little tissue paper inside of them to get them to fill out so you could actually see the shape of them. They’re so tiny! I can’t believe little baby feet will eventually be filling these. So there you have it, two super simple and quick knits to whip up over a weekend when you want to make something for a baby.

FO: Trail Jacket

It’s Monday, let’s start the week off with a finished object, shall we?
Trail jacket
Over the weekend I finally took the time to take a few photos of my newly finished Trail Jacket. I love this piece. It’s a really great wardrobe staple. As I knit more and more I am trying my best to make pieces that will fit into the wardrobe I have and aspire to have but can work with lots of outfits. Despite my love of bold color (hello, Wild One) sometimes I have to make a neutral or two and this is a great addition to my wardrobe. I’ve already worn it 4 times since I finished it!
Trail jacket
The yarn is Madelinetosh Pure Merino Worsted in the color Dirty Panther. I picked this up on Black Friday when she had a sale. I bought 8 skeins so I’d have enough to do any sweater I wanted and for this pattern I only used 4. Looks like I might be making someone else a Trail Jacket or I may make myself a nice grey pullover. This worked up quickly on size 10.5 needles and it creates a lighter fabric that will help carry this into spring. I love this yarn. It’s soft but sturdy and the variegation in color gave it enough interest so I didn’t feel like I was just knitting a flat grey sweater.
Trail jacket
You may also remember these buttons from my Maryland Sheep and Wool haul last year. In all honesty I picked these buttons because they were the right size and I had six of them in my stash. I didn’t even know where to begin on buttons for this one and it was nice to not think about it and just pick whatever I had in my stash that worked. My only issue is that I made a tiny mistake on the button holes and I’ve got small gaps on the sides of the button holes. It’s not the end of the world but of course I notice the mistake. It’s totally not as noticeable once the jacket is buttoned. And speaking of mistakes…
Yarn Love Challenge
Are you participating in the #yarnlovechallenge? Today’s prompt is mistakes and I’ll probably mention these buttonholes. Even though it’s day 6 you can still jump in, there aren’t any real rules and it’s fun to see so many people using the hashtag and sharing their love of yarn!!

January’s FO’s

January, where did you go? How is it already February?
January FO
This month I completed three sweaters and am already 3/4 of the way finished with a 4th sweater.

  • My Trail Jacket: I haven’t taken pics or blogged about this one yet (hence the bathroom selfie) but I’ve worn it 4 times since I finished it. I love this piece and surprise, surprise…it’s a neutral!
  • Safia’s sweater: It’s becoming an annual thing that my first finished object of the year goes to my cousin.
  • My Happy Little Sweater: Um…this is just sunshine and joy wrapped up into one cardigan.

Also I found it really amazing how many responses Karen from Fringe Association got on her post asking if people were sweater knitters or accessories knitters. Over 500+ comments and the majority of folks say they’re sweater knitter. I’m not alone, although after seeing a billion Find Your Fade Shawls I kind of want to join in on all the fun. LOL Also I saw this post last night on Instagram.
Rocky Road Cardigan

And now I’m obsessed with the Rocky Road cardigan and want to make one for myself in the medium length. I have enough yarn in various colors but I might actually make it a neutral and use the camel colored yarn from my frogged Flaum cardigan. I think this might be a good coat to wear into spring. So what did you accomplish last month and what are you hoping to accomplish this month?