Hand Knit Holiday 2017

I’m often told I’m over the top or too much in the things I do. Often I respond, ‘ok…and?’ or I just keep on doing whatever it is I was doing. Sometimes I wonder, what is the level that I’m being measured on? But in all honesty, I don’t care. I’m doing what makes me happy in life. To me knitting is love. It’s my way of showing those who are super close to me how much I care about them. It’s my showing of gratitude for having them in my life. Enter our 2017 holiday photo. I call this one, Hand Knit Holiday in the Snow.
Holiday 2017
I love my little family. Kendell and Cher are wearing their recently completed Shades of Blue sweaters and Jellybean and I are wearing our Angelina sweaters (I’m also wearing my Dreiecke hat from last year). My favorite color is green and I love pairing green and cobalt blue together so I knew I’d wear these colors with Kendell’s sweater when I was planning what we would wear for our photograph this year. I love my husband because he never objects, never thinks I’m too much and just puts on whatever I ask him to wear. And in case you missed our photos from previous years…we’ve evolved! LOL
Johnson family 2016
I loved the color palette from 2016 and it was our first Christmas with Jellybean! I hadn’t figured made her any knits last year since I wasn’t ready to wrap my head around a dog that was so small. So instead I bought her the cutest shawl collared sweater and called it a day. I also dressed the girls up in a little holiday theme to get myself in the mood…they were not as amused as I was with their outfits.
Happy holidays
But my favorite year was our first year with Cher where she kind of stole the show in her green sweater. She looked so tiny back then, little did we know we’d get someone almost three times as small as she is in the years to come.
Happy holidays!
It has become a bit of our family tradition to take holiday photos and wear something I’ve knit. It’s the kind of things that makes me smile every time I look at these photos. Tis’ the season you guys!

38 Replies to “Hand Knit Holiday 2017”

  1. ah dana, you are who you are and those of us who follow you every post and those who love you know and appreciate that fact. love love the pic! your attitude is so great and happy and your talent is beyond great. hope you have a blessed and wonderful holiday!!! keep knitting( need I say that, really?lol) and posting…. debbie

  2. I love your holiday pictures and I think this year’s picture with the whole family in hand knits is the best one yet. You did a beautiful job on all of them and your husband looks very handsome in his new sweater. And the doggies in their sweaters is adorable. You’re making me feel guilty because I’ve never knit my Chihuahua a sweater though I keep meaning to-LOL!–maybe while I’m off work for the holidays…

    1. Chihuahua knits are so quick and easy!! I’m telling my go to knitting book for dogs is Seamless Knits for Posh Pups. They’re all top down so you can try it on your dog as you go if you’re not sure. Do it!!

      1. I asked for this book for Xmas…I have 4 pugs to knit for! LOVE your blog and your knitting…Happy Holidays and thank you for sharing!

  3. This years photo is the best! Look how cute everyone is in their knits:)
    I love watching what you do! You set the bar high and exceed expectations every time. I can’t wait to see what you do next:)

  4. Not over the top at all, rather amazing! You guys look great!

  5. You made me smile, too! Your sweaters are gorgeous and the photos are great. Keep doing what you’re doing. Nothing wrong with being over the top. That’s how you get to see what’s beyond.

    1. Ooooh I love ‘that’s how you get to see what’s beyond!!’ An absolute perfect response.

  6. This is the best photo yet! You are so very beautiful and talented!

  7. Such sweet pictures — and especially beautiful this year. Thank you for being such a bright, positive voice for all of us. Your zest for life and your happy family warm my heart. And then there’s all your great tips and discoveries about knitting!!! Wishing you joy for the holidays.

  8. The only over the top thing here is the happiness you bring to people around you, including those who follow your blog. These photos and your matching outfits are fantastic. Happy holidays!

  9. Soo cool! I feel like it’s more of a “Flashback Christmas” than a Hand Knit Holiday . . . the look back on the old holiday photos was awesome! Enjoy your holiday!

  10. Screw those comments. What you do makes you happy and it’s damn cute. YOLO. I love your matching sweaters to your canine babies. So modern and awesome.

  11. You do such a beautiful job knitting for your family. Your husband is so handsome in his sweater, and I love how you each match one of your pups. You make me smile!!

  12. Your 2017 photo made me laugh, cry and smile! You are an amazing knitter, and bring joy and light into your followers lives. I am so glad I found this “over the top” lady and her beautiful family. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to all that you knit in 2018!

  13. This post brought such a smile to my face! Love love love seeing you all in your handknits — and hope you, your husband, Cher and Jellybean (all your family!) have a joyous holiday season!!

  14. The sweater looks super great, and looks like it fits well. I am relatively new to your blog but one ofmthe reasons I like it is you talk out loud through yarn choices, what works and what doesn’t. Not over the top. Just a real knitter, and fun to read.

    1. Welcome! And I tend to write the way I talk LOL It’s a bit of my stream of consciousness edited down.

  15. Ohhh, Dana! What a wonderful post! These are the happiest holiday pictures EVER!! Thank you for sharing them. ❤️

  16. I found your blog (via another knitting blog) and I am so glad that I did. I am a knitter, but have never taken on the task of knitting sweaters for my family, much less matching sweaters for the pups! I love your tradition! BTW, I’m a Dana too.

  17. Ooooo- I love the family picture! It’s amazing!
    And thank you for cluing me in on such a great green/cobalt color combo. I just bought the same color of pants and was wondering what to wear with them that wasn’t a neutral.
    Happy holidays and merry new year!

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