DWJ in a customized oversized sweater

FO: Birthday Slouchy Slub Sweater

Sunday marks my 42 birthday in these unusual Coronavirus times. To my students, I’m old, but to me, I’m just getting started. My family started asking me what I wanted … Continue reading FO: Birthday Slouchy Slub Sweater

DWJ and Jellybean in coordinating Vintage '83 tops

FO: Vintage ’83 Crop

I finished something! Well actually, I finished two things! I made myself a Vintage ’83 Top and decided that Jellybean needed a tiny contrasting version too. Totally the right choice. … Continue reading FO: Vintage ’83 Crop

DWJ's rainbow Painting Bricks Shawl

FO: Painting Bricks Shawl

The Painting Bricks shawl was the perfect project I needed. Lots of garter stitch and slipped stitches. Quick color changes with a rainbow of stripes. Looking at this double rainbow … Continue reading FO: Painting Bricks Shawl