Stitching Status: I Lied

First, let me say you guys rock and I love all your loving and sweet comments on my holiday post (and every post really). I’ve gotten a lot of positivity about my pic and my husband has gotten teased a bit at work but hey, we love it. But now I have to make a confession…I lied to you guys. I said I thought my husband’s sweater would be my last of the year.
It’s not. I was going to work on some hats as thank you gifts and my Dotted Rays shawl and I just didn’t want to pick up a small needle after working on his sweater.
So I picked up my size 17 needles and some super bulky yarn from my stash instead. I’m almost finished with the Superbulky Grandpa by Joji Locatelli.
I don’t normally like super bulky yarn or really chunky knits. I’m not a think woman, I’m a bit on the short and curvy side so I prefer things that are fitting and show my shape. I don’t want to add bulky BUT despite being super sized, this cardigan has a nice shape to it and it has interesting construction. Which was perfect after what felt like miles of stockinette stitch. So I’m sorry I lie and said I was done with sweaters for the year. This was has been a fun one to work on and I’ll hopefully get to share the finished project next week!


Hand Knit Holiday 2017

I’m often told I’m over the top or too much in the things I do. Often I respond, ‘ok…and?’ or I just keep on doing whatever it is I was doing. Sometimes I wonder, what is the level that I’m being measured on? But in all honesty, I don’t care. I’m doing what makes me happy in life. To me knitting is love. It’s my way of showing those who are super close to me how much I care about them. It’s my showing of gratitude for having them in my life. Enter our 2017 holiday photo. I call this one, Hand Knit Holiday in the Snow.
Holiday 2017
I love my little family. Kendell and Cher are wearing their recently completed Shades of Blue sweaters and Jellybean and I are wearing our Angelina sweaters (I’m also wearing my Dreiecke hat from last year). My favorite color is green and I love pairing green and cobalt blue together so I knew I’d wear these colors with Kendell’s sweater when I was planning what we would wear for our photograph this year. I love my husband because he never objects, never thinks I’m too much and just puts on whatever I ask him to wear. And in case you missed our photos from previous years…we’ve evolved! LOL
Johnson family 2016
I loved the color palette from 2016 and it was our first Christmas with Jellybean! I hadn’t figured made her any knits last year since I wasn’t ready to wrap my head around a dog that was so small. So instead I bought her the cutest shawl collared sweater and called it a day. I also dressed the girls up in a little holiday theme to get myself in the mood…they were not as amused as I was with their outfits.
Happy holidays
But my favorite year was our first year with Cher where she kind of stole the show in her green sweater. She looked so tiny back then, little did we know we’d get someone almost three times as small as she is in the years to come.
Happy holidays!
It has become a bit of our family tradition to take holiday photos and wear something I’ve knit. It’s the kind of things that makes me smile every time I look at these photos. Tis’ the season you guys!

FO: The Road Trip Hat

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen in my Instagram stories that I shared our road trip for Thanksgiving. My husband and I packed up Cher and Jellybean and drove from Maryland to Memphis, Tennessee. Are we crazy? Perhaps.
On the way there we broke it up a bit stopping after 12 hours in Nashville for the night. The next morning we hit the road to Memphis.
Cher loves car rides and her cushy seat in the car. Jellybean does not. So on the way home I ended up holding her for about 4 hours since we did a straight drive home. It ended up taking up a little over 16 hours to get back because of traffic but we survived.
While I was on the road I decided I’d make a hat for my cousin Amelia that she asked for last year. It’s a pattern I’ve made a million times before,Dreiecke by Shannon Cook. I started it that morning…
And before I crashed for the night at the hotel I had reached the point of making decreases. In the morning we weren’t in a rush and my husband had a little work to do so after we walked the dogs and had breakfast I finished it off before we headed to Memphis.
The yarn is Lion Brand Heartland in Joshua Tree, a pretty olive green and it also has a Lion Brand pom pom I picked up from Amazon last year – note if you search for them on their site they have some fun colors and on clearance too! As for the trip with the dogs…
I already know Jellybean is slow to adapt to new environments and change so there was a lot of Bean holding. I also brought my little sling sack I carry her in and she would happily slide in and take a nap or just quietly observe hanging from my back. She’d be so quiet you’d almost forget she was in there until she started to wiggle around or readjust.
And Cher, as long as she has a blanket and someone to rub her belly when she rolls over she’ll go wherever we go.  She’s such a trooper. And since I finished the hat so quickly I was able to start my next project!
My husband’s sweater is now almost to the point of separating for sleeves! But more on that later. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?