Inspirations and Special Requests

My husband is a pretty dapper guy if I do say so myself. He likes to look nice and he has a job where he’s supposed to dress in shirt and tie for the most part. And in the winter he loves a shirt/tie/sweater combo. He loves a good sweater vest or a cardigan and I had plans to make him a shawl collared button up sweater vest this winter but then he sent me this pic from instagram.

I asked him did he want to buy it or was he asking me to make it. He asked if I could make it, I said of course I can, then yes, he was asking me to make it. LOL Okay. My husband is the person who gets the least of my knits just because he never really seems that interested in something for himself but I know he shows people my blog and when I do make him things he shows them off. So whenever he does ask me for something it’s very specific. There’s an almost honeycomb texture to this sweater but what he really wants is the colorblocking (I asked). It reminds him of his NY Giants sweater I made him but this would have less ease and be more polished for work.

I ordered various shade of Berroco Vintage DK and was thinking of making a simple top down raglan but also think a set-in sleeve might be nicer. Once the yarn gets here and I finish my sister’s gift knit I’ll start working on this for him perhaps as a Christmas present. Any pattern suggestions though in the meantime?


FO: Cardigans for Comfort

It’s Monday and I’ve got a crazy work week ahead of me, so why not start out with a finished object?
I finished my Bermondsey cardigan for my Aunt over the weekend. I was originally going to make her a blanket and I bought 8 skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky, 4 in grey and 4 in green (her favorite color). But then I decided a cardigan would be better for laying around in while you’re recuperating, right? So I decided I’d do a little color blocking but wanted to add a brighter pop to break things up. So I dug into my stash and pulled out a skein of Patons Shetland Chunky in a citrusy green shade. It was just enough of the punch that I needed for this one.
I followed the pattern body to a tee but this time I made ribbed sleeves instead of garter stitch ones. You may remember that when I made my black and white Bermondsey my sleeves came out a bit long when I blocked it and I eventually went back and fixed them. Since she’s in Memphis and I can’t easily fix them I figured ribbed cuffs were easier to fold back if too long than garter stitch ones.
I really do love this cardigan and the fun drape the front panels have. I knit this a size down from what I made myself (I’d say a medium) and since she has a small frame I wanted something that would be cozy on her. I think it will hug her perfectly. I do love how this Vintage Chunky yarn worked up and it washes up beautifully. I didn’t have any fuzzing or pilling and it is so soft and cozy. I’ve still got a few skeins of these colors left and I have 2 other shades in my stash…perhaps I’ll get to make something else with it soon!

Stitching Status: Distractions

I typically plan out what I’d like to knit each month in my head and for the most part, what I want to do gets executed. Things that I can’t complete get moved to the next month’s goals but this month I’ve been distracted in so many ways. First with my Aunt being ill and wanting to make her something.
I decided to go with the Bermondsey cardigan just because it’s so easy to work up and I know what to expect. I cast on Thursday and don’t have much longer to go on the body. And I had some down time to myself this weekend and could’ve knocked it out but the color palette (my Aunt’s favorite color is green but she wears a ton of grey and black so I’m giving her all of that) and the monotony of this knit made me decide on something completely out of left field…I cast on a fingering weight yarn shawl.


This is Jellybean’s ‘WHAT??!!’ face. LOL
I’ve had the Dotted Rays pattern in my library for a while. I usually pick up favorites when a designer has a sale and I like that this one can be done in fingering up to worsted weight but I actually chose to make it in fingering weight since I love my Find Your Fade shawl so much and how light it is when I wear it. Plus there are so many gorgeous finished objects and I’ve been dying to cast on with this Perwinkle Sheep yarns in Hot Mama (that hot pink) and the multicolored yarn is Manos del Uruguay in Alegria in Candombe that I bought in New Orleans last year – it was time to use it.

Then add to my ever growing list I saw this test call on Instagram for this sweater that I loved when Samantha made it for a knit-a-long so I volunteered to test knit. Fortunately she doesn’t need a finished object until Dec. 1 but man I’ve still got that sweater I want to knit my sister for her birthday next month. Clearly the shawl will be picked up when I need to change things up a bit but I’ve got a lot of knitting distractions happening right now.

What about you, what you are working on?