FO: Stranded Sets

To test my stranded colorwork I decided a hat was probably the best way to start. So when my girlfriend was telling me how her toddler didn’t fit baby sized hats I decided to use that as an opportunity to test out my stranded knitting skills and make her a hat.
Finished Prism Triangle Hat
I chose the Prism hat, part of the Mad Colour collection from Tin Can Knits and I went with the triangles option. I just used the leftover bits from my husband’s shades of blue sweater I made in December.
Prism hat
My tension wasn’t too tight and I did my best to be neat with my floats and consistent with how I was throwing my yarn. I’m still a mess on how to hold yarn in both hands but more practice will hopefully make it more comfortable. All in all I was pretty proud with how this one turned out.
Prism hat
And I added a button to the inside of the hat to secure the pompom so that my girlfriend can wash the hat and remove the pompom.
Prism hat
Did I also mention how extremely helpful Jellybean was during this process? LOL she just had to be all up in my knitting this time. And because of that I decided that my girlfriend’s dog also needed a new sweater to coordinate with her human sister. You may remember them from this adorable dog and baby sweater set.
Sparkle sweater with colorwork
I actually had the same shades of the light and dark blue from my husband’s sweater in worsted weight (it’s all Berroco Vintage in dk and worsted weight) from a scarf I made him years ago and just used the leftover yarn for test knitting. The pattern is the Sparkle dog sweater that I’ve made a billion times before – it’s just a super easy top down knit.
Sparkle sweater with colorwork
I carried over the triangles pattern to a little patch on the middle just to make them coordinate. Because why not when you’ve got the chance to keep practicing. And I was fortunate enough to FaceTime with my girlfriend when they go their package and I’m happy to say that toddler and dog’s items both fit! On to the next stranded knitting project!


FO: Madness Hat {More Brioche}

I told you this was going to be the week of finished objects! Rounding out this week I’ve got more two color brioche and in another hat. I bought the Madness Hat pattern because I liked the style and then I just randomly grabbed two skeins of yarn and cast on.
Madness Hat
If I had really thought this out I would’ve grabbed navy blue chunky yarn instead of grey so it would match my pink and navy coat. I did not, so this hat was gifted to my BFF Jess and it matches her style. The great thing about brioche knitting is that it makes your fabric reversible. So even though it’s got neon pink you can really make it pop when worn on one side versus the other side.
Madness Hat
I pulled stash yarn out for this one. I had a full skein of Berroco Vintage Chunky leftover from the Bermondsey cardigan for my aunt and I knew it would be great for a hat but wanted to punch it up a bit. Since the pattern only requires 60 and 65 yards of each color I grabbed the little bit of leftover Mighty Stitch Bulky I had in Pucker from this glorious striped sweater of mine – another Bermondsey! Perhaps I should’ve named this the Brioche Bermondsey Leftover Hat? (I wonder if I have some of the black left over…I really should dig through and do a better inventory). I love when I get to use up all of my scraps, it makes me feel like I get every single penny out of the yarn I bought. I’ve got enough of the grey leftover to make another so I may end up using another creative color combo.
I knit this hat while commuting on the train, it was nice and soothing. And one evening while I was knitting with my headphones one I hear someone yelling ‘miss, miss.’ I looked up and a woman who I saw eyeing my project the entire ride was about to get off and she yelled, ‘Is that going to be a hat? It’s gorgeous!’ HAHAHAHA It totally made my day.
Madness Hat
I totally recommend this one to you if you’re into brioche but want to get your increasing and decreasing in brioche down. With the bigger weight yarn it was pretty easy and with super high contrasting colors it really makes it easy to follow your work. So have I convinced any of you to dip your toe into two color brioche yet?

New Year, New Distractions

I haven’t taken any photos of my latest finished objects. I’ve got to get some time, energy and good daylight – a trifecta of things that has to happen in order to have some blog content. I especially need some good lighting for my finished Comfort Fade Cardigan, it’s insanely vivid and bright and I can’t wait for it to be dry so I can wear it. In December I talked about what I wanted to knit for 2018 and I checked one thing off of my list with the completion of my Comfort Fade Cardigan this week…BUT of course I’ve already deviated from my original plans.

Brooklyn Tweed Freja
Brooklyn Tweed Freja via Ravelry

One of things I want to do this year is really work with what is in my stash. I’ve got a lot of yarn and I always have lofty dreams and ideas of what I’m going to make. And don’t get me wrong, clearly I produce a lot of stuff. I just don’t produce it with what is already in my stash. I have to do better about that. I buy pretty yarn on sale and at trunk shows or Maryland Sheep and Wool and then don’t use it because it’s too pretty. So I’m striving to do less of that and more knitting with what I have. I’ve had 900+ yards of Berroco Vintage Chunky in a gorgeous teal color, Tide Pool, in my stash now for years and I haven’t done anything with it. I originally intended to make the Camilla Pullover and then quickly learned I hate the look of garter stitch in an allover sweater on me. So the yarn just sat and I never made anything with it. Then I saw the Freja sweater from the latest Brooklyn Tweed release and thought it would look awesome in that deep teal. [Side note: I’m getting frustrated with knitting photography for patterns. Why photograph a dark sweater on a dark background? You can barely tell what the sweater looks like because of the mood they’re trying to set for the pics] I was just shy of a few skeins so I ordered the 3 more I needed and will alternate skeins to minimize the look of the mismatched dye lots. But I’ll be removing a large chunk of yarn in my knitting stash! WOOHOO. This is a seamed piece but worked up on larger needles so I have a feeling this one will work up quickly and will be a nice addition to my wardrobe although I have a feeling my sister Helen may try to take this one over. And after this one is completed I really want to work on making my husband that shawl collared vest he asked me to make him way back in the summer.

So what have you been working on in 2018? Any finished objects yet?