FO: A Lovely Teazel Rainbow

I have a thing for rainbows. You’ve seen my Rainbow Madigan and my Louise Cardigan with the rainbow ribbing. Rainbows bring me so much joy. So you knew when I found this rainbow yarn I was going to wait until I figured out exactly what project it would be perfect to pair with. It took me a bit of time…and then I remembered how much I loved my original Teazel cardigan and decided this would be the perfect project to make again. I was right.
Rainbow Teazel
I love all my projects but I’ve realized if it’s green or a rainbow I’m head over heels in love with it. I. Love. This. Sweater. My Rainbow Teazel Cardigan.
Rainbow Teazel
I don’t know if you can tell how giddy I am in these pics but I am. As soon as it was dry I wore it to work the next day. The yarn is Cascade Casablanca which has been discontinued (why do all the yarns I love get discontinued?!) and is a mix of wool, silk and goat mohair. I worked this cardigan up on size 10 needles so it’s not a heavy fabric and I was able to wear this to work in my freezing office and feel comfortable all day. I even wore it outside while it was muggy and wasn’t sweating and hot.
Rainbow Teazel
In order to keep my rainbow in the same order I had to sometimes cut down a ball of yarn to the last color I was working with but I ended up using almost every piece of yarn I cut from the skeins in the body of this sweater. Since it’s a top down sweater I knew once I went back to knit the arms they wouldn’t have small stripes but I don’t mind the wider stripes going down the arms. And in the pattern the only modification I made was to make the arm decreases every 4 rows instead of 8 because it called for 19 inches of sleeves and I’ve only got about 16 inches of arm. Plus I prefer a bracelet length sleeve for my sweaters.
One of my favorite details is the neckband. I love how the rainbow plays out so you get all the colors around the neck. It’s such a beautiful and happy little sweater. And with the mix of silk and wool it has this great drape that I didn’t get on my heavier cotton version.
Rainbow Teazel
This one can really give you a good twirl. I’m counting this as part of the Summer of Basics Makealong but I’m laughing because whenever I look at the feed everyone’s basics are neutrals (grey, black, tan…) and I’ll pop into the feed with ALL the colors. LOL But it wouldn’t be me or a piece that really fit into my wardrobe if I didn’t make what makes me happy and color makes me deliriously happy. Besides, this sweater already coordinates with at least 4 pairs of pants and 5 skirts in my closet. Folks in my office will see this one a lot and I already got a ton of compliments on it when I wore it.

I’m really loving how Bristol Ivy puts her patterns together. They’re cleverly constructed with interesting details to keep you interested in the knit. I have a couple more of her patterns in my queue to work on next. But I don’t know if I’ll make a knit that’s quite as happy as this one. It just makes me smile. And isn’t that what a good knit is all about?


22 thoughts on “FO: A Lovely Teazel Rainbow

  1. You should get a commission. Just bought the Teazel pattern so I can have my own rainbow sweater – but I’m going to try it with a cotton cake yarn… I love seeing your stuff. Your photographs and descriptions are inspiring and very helpful and just plain fun. Thank you!!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Dana!! Where to start? You’ve done just a beautiful job with the pattern. Add in your amazing rainbow yarn, and this is almost too much knitting goodness to bear. And the last picture of you swirling?!!! I think you’ve made my whole day. 🙂

    • Well I’m happy to have made your day. I love a good twirl. I was so excited to wear this one. Almost wore it to work on Wednesday with a damp left arm! LOL But I was patient and waited until it was completely dry.

    • I won a couple of her patterns as a prize but I’ve bought so many on my own. Went back and read a nice article about her in my 2015 Knitscene while I was picking which sweater to knit next!

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