Stitching Status: Summer Knitting is On!

The month of May started off insanely hectic and busy for me but as the month is winding down I’m feeling a lot better about everything. My husband doesn’t have to travel for a while AND we’re taking time off starting tomorrow in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary! I’ve got a 5 day weekend (Monday’s a holiday) with my favorite guy with reservations to some of our favorite restaurants and no real plans…well I do hope to get in a little knitting.
I’ve already started on my Durumi sweater, that I’ll be making into a tee. There’s only a tiny bit of colorwork in this one and somehow I managed to mess up the first row 3 times before I got my count right. LOL Good thing I have confidence now in ripping back stitches.
Yesterday I finished off the little bit of blue colorwork and I’m working my way to getting to fasten off for sleeves. This is going to be a pretty quick knit, which is great because the temps are definitely rising. I think I’ll make bottom ribbing my red orange color (remember that yarn from this sweater?) and the ribbing on the short sleeves will be the blue color. I’m also hoping that I have enough of the tan color leftover so I can make Jellybean a mini version of the Durumi sweater too because why not? Making tiny dog replica sweaters is hilarious to me. And speaking of dogs…
Me and the Bean
Whenever I set up the camera to take pictures for the blog (this was for my Dotted Rays) one or both of the dogs always makes their way over and pulls up on my leg demanding to be included. How can I not oblige? And since it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow, here’s a flashback to May 24, 2003.
Wedding 52403
Gosh, we looked like babies!


FO: Speckled Dotted Rays

I finished my secret test knit last week and immediately picked back up my Dotted Rays shawl because my office is freezing one day and hot and humid the next. I needed something good to wrap up in at my desk and this is definitely what I wanted.
Dotted rays
I said before that I attempted to make this shawl in the fingering weight version but didn’t love the tiny yarn or the color combo I started with so I frogged it. But as with most West Knits patterns I knew I could make this in a heavier weight so I opted to make the dk weight version instead and do it in a solid color throughout so I’d have a more neutral wrap to go with my colorful wardrobe. And to say this wrap is huge is an understatement. I never measure things (I’m so horrible at those final details) but it’s definitely taller than I am and it’s great for snuggling up in.
Dotted rays
I used about 900 yards of Madelinetosh DK Twist in Cosmic silver, one of my favorite colorways. I love that it’s a soft and pretty grey but has all these great fleck of color running throughout it. It’s a very subtle rainbow and I can’t resist a rainbow.
Dotted rays
This is a great project for working on in between other projects. It’s easy garter stitch with a repeatable pattern and it’s hard to mess it up. Just the kind of mindless thing you need sometimes. I even worked on it on Saturday at the movie theater.
I treated myself to Life of the Party on Saturday, I needed to get out of the house after a week of rain and my husband being on travel again. The seat next to me was empty and our theater has those great reclining seats so I threw my project bag in the seat next to me, kicked my feet up and knit through the entire movie. I’m always torn about Melissa McCarthy movies. I think she’s hilarious but I always feel like her movies fall just a little flat, but I laughed and almost finished my shawl in the theater. So it was a win for me.
Dotted rays
And now I’m on to summer knitting!! I already started my cotton version of the Durumi sweater and started my colorwork row over 3 times yesterday BUT I started it. And I think it’s going to be a super fast knit. Add in that Thursday is my 15th wedding anniversary and my husband and I are taking off to have an extra long weekend together of good restaurants, movies and adventures and I’m already pumped for my weekend to begin! So what’s new that you’re working on?

Currently in the Queue: It Won’t Stop Raining

Dotted rays
It won’t stop raining. It has been so grey and wet around my neck of the woods. I’m over it! But with my husband traveling and the rainy weather that has given me more reason to snuggle on the couch and knit. So I thought I’d give you an idea of what’s in my queue right now.

  • FINISHED: My test knit! Woohoo. After what seemed to be an endless amount of stockinette I’ve finished my secret test knit. I don’t know when I’ll be able to share pics but it’s a good one.
  • IN PROGRESS: Dotted Rays, pictured above. I squished it down for the photo but I’m almost finished with this baby. I’ve got 2 more sections and I should be casting off. I may just sit down and finish it over the weekend but…
  • ANTICIPATING: Durumi for spring. I’ve really been itching to get on with some of my summer knitting because I know the temps are about to turn up for real. I know my gauge and I’m reading to wind my yarn and start on my Durumi this weekend.
  • ON HOLD: Still leaving my spring jacket on hold. Perhaps I’ll pick her back up in August.