Stitching Status: Summer Knitting is On!

The month of May started off insanely hectic and busy for me but as the month is winding down I’m feeling a lot better about everything. My husband doesn’t have to travel for a while AND we’re taking time off starting tomorrow in celebration of our 15th wedding anniversary! I’ve got a 5 day weekend (Monday’s a holiday) with my favorite guy with reservations to some of our favorite restaurants and no real plans…well I do hope to get in a little knitting.
I’ve already started on my Durumi sweater, that I’ll be making into a tee. There’s only a tiny bit of colorwork in this one and somehow I managed to mess up the first row 3 times before I got my count right. LOL Good thing I have confidence now in ripping back stitches.
Yesterday I finished off the little bit of blue colorwork and I’m working my way to getting to fasten off for sleeves. This is going to be a pretty quick knit, which is great because the temps are definitely rising. I think I’ll make bottom ribbing my red orange color (remember that yarn from this sweater?) and the ribbing on the short sleeves will be the blue color. I’m also hoping that I have enough of the tan color leftover so I can make Jellybean a mini version of the Durumi sweater too because why not? Making tiny dog replica sweaters is hilarious to me. And speaking of dogs…
Me and the Bean
Whenever I set up the camera to take pictures for the blog (this was for my Dotted Rays) one or both of the dogs always makes their way over and pulls up on my leg demanding to be included. How can I not oblige? And since it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow, here’s a flashback to May 24, 2003.
Wedding 52403
Gosh, we looked like babies!

15 Replies to “Stitching Status: Summer Knitting is On!”

  1. hi there!! first..happy anniversary!!! hope its a great weekend for you.. second, that sweater/tshirt is stunning!!!! I love how you seem to put the right colors together. cant wait to see the finished project and the jellybean matching sweater. debbie

  2. Awwwww!!! You DO look real baby faced! hahahaha! But you still look good! What a great shot of the two of you, before the ‘babies’ πŸ˜‰ Happy Anniversary DWJ!!! You rock!

  3. Tis royal wedding season and looks like yours was one, too…congrats on 15 years. P.S. Your site is so aptly named. It makes me smile to read your words and see your photos. Kudos for your online ‘goodness’….we need more it. Back to my needles!

  4. Congratulations on your anniversary! Thanks for your posts, I look forward to them every morning!

  5. You look beautiful in your wedding photo! Did you make the knit ottoman you have your sweater on in the first picture? If so, do you remember the pattern? I just decided today to make one.

    1. It actually isn’t knit! It’s a plastic poof. There’s a series of knit products for home that I bought a while ago. Super durable.

  6. Happy anniversary to this lovely couple! You still look like a baby to me! Love your color choices always!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I always love your colors and you have been an inspiration to me to keep on knitting! Now I have a goal to make my first sweater. Have a fun weekend!!

  8. So young! I love to follow your knitting (and doggie) adventures.

  9. Happy anniversary!
    And tiny replica dog sweaters you knit are just the best, hope you’ll have enough yarn left to make one this time too πŸ˜‰

  10. Just want to say that I enjoy your blog and can’t wait to read it each time you post.

  11. Congratulations! I’m starting to finish up projects and am already overplanning for summer knitting. So, things are pretty much the status quo!

  12. Happy anniversary! love the colors of your sweater. Another stunner on the way. πŸ™‚

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