Currently in the Queue: Too Many Things

I don’t know how June seems to be flying by and before I know it summer will be over. I’M NOT READY! And as summer keeps moving on my queue keeps getting longer and longer of what I want to make. Add on me casting on projects when they tickle my fancy and well…that explains why I never get everything I want accomplished.
I know I keep putting my Togue Pond Tank to the side but I think it’s because I know it will knit up quickly. Maybe this weekend I will give it the attention it needs. In the meantime, I’ve separated for sleeves on my cotton Guthrie and am going to try it on this evening to make sure it has enough stretch to get over my head. I’ll be so sad if it’s too tight because it’s working up so nicely. But this is one gamble of knitting colorwork with cotton and isn’t there always a lesson in each project?
But can we just talk about how much I love seeing the neat floats on the inside of colorwork? It makes my heart sing. I’m mildly obsessed with Guthrie and I swear this is the face Cher gives me when I’m super focused on that sweater when I should be focused on her.

“Lady, belly rubs need to be happening right now.”

And this is the face Jellybean gives me every time I tell her about something else I’m adding to my queue.

“WHHHHAT?! You’re crazy lady.”

I’m also still thinking about doing a knitalong of the Tecumseh sweater, maybe starting in early September? I can slow down and work on it at a reasonable pace and show progress and share your pics of your progress too. I don’t have any prizes or anything, it’s just a pattern I love and many of you have shown interest in wanting to make it too so I thought we’d do it together. Still interested? What hashtag could we create to make sharing easy? I’ve already decided what colors I will use and I’ve stashed them away. Clearly I’m excited about colorwork.


The Weekend and a Summer Cold

This pretty much sums up my weekend.
A dog at my feet or in my lap and knitting in my hands. In between doses of medicine and naps I made some slow progress on my Guthrie sweater in cotton. The good thing is that because of all the rest I’m feeling much better. But this is about all the progress I have to share.
I’m still just a bit tired, so hopefully later this week we’ll talk about what I”m still hoping to accomplish this summer. And hopefully you had a much more productive weekend than I did!

To Knit for Joy

With the news this week of Kate Spade committing suicide and then just this morning Anthony Bourdain doing the same, to say I’ve felt off this week is an understatement. Suicide rates are going up in the US and I was just telling a friend the other day, kindness is going down. I’ve had so many other friends who blog or even in my old blog days would tell me about people who would say mean things or write hateful comments. Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with that but it always leaves me wondering why? Why would someone do that? Why spread hate? It’s why I try to use this blog, my little corner of the internet to spread some positivity and light. Sprinkle a little happiness with knits and color. It’s why I love knitting, it allows me to spread joy. Maybe we just need to teach the world to knit? Or crochet? Or just fall in love with yarn? Because knitting always seems to pull me out of my funk, help ease the pain of loss or soothe the tension of a particularly bad day. Yesterday my day had the shittiest of starts. I stepped in poop. I was barefoot. It was gross. Not the way you want to start your day but hey, it happens on occasion when you have dogs. Twenty minutes after the poopcident I got a text from my girlfriend Rachel. I’ve shared stories with you about her children before and the things I make them. Well, in 2016 I knit her daughter Leah a dress. It’s 2018 and we think this is the last year she’ll get to wear it but she’s still wearing it, folks.
But the best part? She told her Dad, “Daddy you should wear a blue shirt so that you can match me. My blue shirt is beautiful.” That text totally turned my morning around. That sweet girl in that little blue dress that’s now a blue top is why I knit. So that my friends think of me and smile, so that I can make a special moment or memory for a child with a doll. So that I can spread a little love into the world on knit at a time.

Spread some love today, the world really needs it.