Stitching Status: Trying New Things

I’m getting close to finishing the body for my Balloon Cardigan – YAY! I love this deep rich red so much and I can’t wait to get to working on the big sleeves.
UntitledI’ve been busy this week so I haven’t made as much progress as I want but my weekend is supposed to be pretty quiet so perhaps I’ll make more progress. I feel like this will be a Valentine’s Day present to myself if I can get this finished in the next week. And in other knitting news…
Today’s Knits series
If you follow me on Instagram and you catch my stories, I’ve started a new series I’m calling #todaysknit. I often get asked how often I wear my knits and how I style them and this is kind of a quick selfie before I head out so you can see what knit I’m wearing and what I paired it with. I also include the pattern name, try to tag designers and yarn too.
You can also find it on my Instagram page if you don’t have the app and you’re curious to see that entire series. And sometimes Jellybean and Cher share their knits too.
And when Jellybean isn’t sharing her knits, she’s laying on top of the floor vents on the main floor of our home. LOL Stay warm this weekend!


Yarn & Avocados

It’s Friday so I thought I’d share something fun. I’ve taken matching to a whole new level…
Last weekend I met up with Shelli of Shelli Can, she makes cool flair and things to wear for fiber folks and she’s local! So we met at Fibre Space for a weekend event they were having and I told her I’d wear the ‘Avo Yarn Problem’ sweatshirt I bought from her so I could show her Jellybean’s avocado sweatshirt too. I usually buy her one or two really nice quality sweatshirts to last all winter and I love the ones from Sir Dogwood.
They also make this sweatshirt in a hoodie and a onesie version. I adore the modern and cute clothes. Also, Jellybean’s poses kill me. I know it’s silly but man it makes me smile and that’s all that really matters. So I thought I’d share and make you smile too. Have a great weekend!

For the Love of Knitting

In the last week, just 7 days, I’ve gained over 2,000 new followers on Instagram. My blog views have quadrupled. The amounts of messages on Ravelry, blog comments and social media messages and comments is kind of insane. And to be completely honest, it’s overwhelming.

Doing what we do best, matching.

I know it won’t stop, another popular pattern designer posted about me this morning and I was interviewed by Ravelry so that will appear today as well. I teach my students and consult with others/businesses about social media, how to build followings, get engagement – it’s what I teach people how to do but that isn’t what Yards of Happiness is about.

I write this blog to share something I really love, knitting. I’ve met so many great people via this blog and social media who share my joy and it has been so fulfilling and I know my life is better because of this space. But it’s just me managing all of this in addition to living my life (and knitting), so if I don’t answer every comment or email or message, know that I read them but get overwhelmed by the volume right now. Know that I hear you, I see you and I appreciate you. And hopefully I can get back to sharing my knitting next week, I’ve got lots of fun finished objects to share!