FO: Baldric & A Beanie Sweater

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate Christmas. My husband bought me the camo print Fringe Field Bag with a few enamel pins he thought were cute and gave me a gift card to my favorite yarn shop! He loves me. I was able to finish a gift to myself to wear on the big day and I had just enough yarn leftover to make Jellybean a little sweater too. I mean, what else was I going to do with just 130 yards of leftover yarn?

Baldric and Beanie
As a former yearbook editor I can say this would be the ultimate yearbook photo. LOL

I knit myself the Baldric sweater (you might remember the rose gold version I made my BFF Jess this summer) using Madelintosh Pure Merino Worsted in Cosmic Silver and the Rosco sweater for Bean because it was the same gauge of my project and had texture like my sweater did. So let’s take a look at both, shall we?
Baldric and Beanie
Baldric is a simple top down raglan with very little finishing, so it has a casual feel to it. And you can make it with more ease to make it even more casual. What I really liked about it and why I wanted to make it for myself was the textured panel down the sides and on the arms.
Baldric and Beanie
A little bit of garter stitch detailing goes a long way. It’s a nice touch on a simple sweater like how the Flax sweater has it running down the arms. Or how Mountain High has a panel down the front and decorate details at the raglan increases.
Baldric and Beanie
And each sleeve places the garter detail in different spots for more interest. It makes knitting a sleeve a lot more interesting that just a stockinette tube. I did start my increases higher up and made them shorter than what’s in the pattern because I have short arms so they’re fitted very nicely for me.
Baldric and Beanie
For Beanie I cracked open my trusty dusty copy of Seamless Knits for Posh Pups and settled on the Rosco sweater. It’s a top down version that had almost identical gauge to the Baldric sweater AND has some interesting texture to it. In fact I loved this right twist stitch so much I whipped up a hat with that stitch for myself (more on that later this week).
It’s such a fun way to create the look of a cable without the cable! And I’ve got a fun pom pom in cheetah print to add to this hat.
Baldric and Beanie
With the temps being so low this time of year, Bean has been living in her wool sweaters. And even when wearing a sweater I still find her laying across heating vents to get a blast of warm air and she still naps and stays on her heated mats all day. It’s cold out there for a tiny chihuahua. I’ve got to keep her warm. Cher has a bit more body weight on her so she doesn’t need to be in clothes as much as Beanie does.
Baldric and Beanie
Oh and I also tried to capture how my Flyknit Nikes mimic the same colors and flecks as the Cosmic Silver colorway of the yarn. This yarn is so soft and cozy and the color is just so happy with all the little flecks of brightness on the pale grey. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing a lot during the winter months. So it’s that selfish knitting time of year, what are you planning on making yourself?


Hand Knit Holiday 2017

I’m often told I’m over the top or too much in the things I do. Often I respond, ‘ok…and?’ or I just keep on doing whatever it is I was doing. Sometimes I wonder, what is the level that I’m being measured on? But in all honesty, I don’t care. I’m doing what makes me happy in life. To me knitting is love. It’s my way of showing those who are super close to me how much I care about them. It’s my showing of gratitude for having them in my life. Enter our 2017 holiday photo. I call this one, Hand Knit Holiday in the Snow.
Holiday 2017
I love my little family. Kendell and Cher are wearing their recently completed Shades of Blue sweaters and Jellybean and I are wearing our Angelina sweaters (I’m also wearing my Dreiecke hat from last year). My favorite color is green and I love pairing green and cobalt blue together so I knew I’d wear these colors with Kendell’s sweater when I was planning what we would wear for our photograph this year. I love my husband because he never objects, never thinks I’m too much and just puts on whatever I ask him to wear. And in case you missed our photos from previous years…we’ve evolved! LOL
Johnson family 2016
I loved the color palette from 2016 and it was our first Christmas with Jellybean! I hadn’t figured made her any knits last year since I wasn’t ready to wrap my head around a dog that was so small. So instead I bought her the cutest shawl collared sweater and called it a day. I also dressed the girls up in a little holiday theme to get myself in the mood…they were not as amused as I was with their outfits.
Happy holidays
But my favorite year was our first year with Cher where she kind of stole the show in her green sweater. She looked so tiny back then, little did we know we’d get someone almost three times as small as she is in the years to come.
Happy holidays!
It has become a bit of our family tradition to take holiday photos and wear something I’ve knit. It’s the kind of things that makes me smile every time I look at these photos. Tis’ the season you guys!

FO: Shades of Blue Sweater (2x)

It was a glorious snowy weekend in Maryland. I was able to cook earlier in the week so I had lots of good food and didn’t have to worry about cooking all weekend. So that meant I was able to spend all day on the couch bundled up with the dogs finishing my husband’s shades of blue sweater. YAY!
Holiday 2017
I think he really likes it, the fit was spot on but he got hit with some sudden sickness Saturday afternoon so this was about all the enthusiasm he could give me. Wait until you see our holiday photo. LOL I told him to save his energy to try to give me a smile…I got some smirks but it was still a good pic (I’ll share it later this week). If you need a reminder of the sweater he asked for you can see it on this post. This was a simple top down raglan sweater pattern by Joji. I know I could’ve done the math and figured it all out myself but I just didn’t want to do all that work. I intentionally picked dk weight so that it would like nicer and despite the 300 stitches I had to knit for that body I love how clean and nice it came out. I used Berroco Vintage DK that I bought from Little Knits on super sale and I’ve still got a skein of each color leftover…I may have a cardigan in shades of blue in my future. And on Sunday morning I whipped up this version to match for Cher.
Cher’s shades of blue sweater
I love her sweet face. She always looks like she doesn’t care but she’s the most loved dog you’ll ever find. I didn’t tell my husband I was making Cher a matching sweater with his because I just wanted to surprise him. I figured if Jellybean and I wore our matching Angelina sweaters for our holiday photos he and Cher should match too. I was right, it was super cute and now he and his favorite furry girl can coordinate this winter. My holiday photos are done, cards for the new year have been ordered and my holiday shopping has been completed. Now to just finish grading final papers and entering grades and I can have a little breathing room before things really get crazy in the new year. How’s your holiday planning going?