FO: Lady Sophie’s Sweater

I have a thing for dogs wearing sweaters. Exhibit A:
The only thing you can do after a good turkey dinner with the family. #cherandjelly
I also have a thing for my friends who love their dogs the way I love my own. When I was making a tie for my friend Steven’s birthday I knew it had been long overdue for me to make his lovely dog Sophie a sweater.
Sophie in her sweater
I mean come on, how regal does she look? She’s such a freakin’ lady.
Sophie in her sweater
I made Sophie the Sparkle sweater that I previously made for Cher. It’s such a simple top down sweater that’s easy to modify. Since Sophie’s chest was a little larger than the largest size I modified it by adding more repeats in the chest.
Sophie's sweater
It fits her perfectly. For this sweater I used a leftover skein of Lion Brand Heartland yarn. I really do like this acrylic yarn for something soft but durable and you can wash it and dry it in the machine. If you’re knitting for dogs that’s kind of a must. And since I’m talking about dogs in sweaters…can I share the sweaters I had my cuties in for the holidays?
Holiday sweaters
I bought these from my favorite site, Baxter Boo and I’m pretty sure Cher believes she’s a model. I’m obsessed with this faux cardigan style and now want to knit this for them on my own. I will figure this design out. And I can’t forget to share Jellybean…
Holiday sweaters
Cause she’s too cute too. You’re welcome.

December’s FO’s

Happy New Year!
December's FO's
It’s my first post in January and that means I’m summing up what I finished in the month of December. And there are a few things in this batch that you haven’t seen yet!

I’ve got a hectic 2 weeks ahead of me but I’m planing on doing a wrap-up of my year of 2016 knitting and I’ve got some good finished objects to share! Happy New Year!

Best Nine of 2016, Part II

Okay, I shared my bottom three. Here’s what made it to the middle.
Jess in her Agnes sweater
6. Agnes for Jess
Jess is my best friend and former college roomate. We jokingly call each other sisterwives because we’re just that close. She’s also one of the few people I willingly knit sweaters for (even though she knows how to crochet) and she typically likes to make requests…and sometimes demands. LOL I decided for her birthday this year to make her a cotton sweater and my love of the Agnes pullover began. A quick knit with cute pockets – how can I not love this? And the possibilities for color combs are endless. Don’t worry, you may see more of these in 2017.
Rosie and Edie
5. Baby & Dog Sweater Set
I knew this sweater set was cut when I made it but I didn’t know how cute it would be until I saw it on the baby and dog. Cuteness overload and a happy Mom. I don’t know if I could ask for more in a project.
Super fan
4. Giants Hat
So this is special because when my husband asks me to make him something he is very specific. And when we were in the store and he told me to take a picture of the hat so I could remember and recreate it I couldn’t stop laughing. I was super proud of myself because I duplicated it to perfection and my husband was delighted. He’s going to the Giants v. Redskins game on New Year’s Day and this hat will be on his head the entire time. Winning!

Okay, my top three projects of the year I’ll share on Friday. What do you think is my absolute favorite project from this year?