Stitching Status: Features & Fun Little Things

In the last week I’ve finished 3 hats and a baby cardigan. I swatched for a sweater for my Mom and a test knit for a spring tee using one of my favorite yarns. I’ve got lots of little things happening all at once. And another little thing that was fun, I was mentioned in a UK knitting magazine.
Let's Knit Mention
Let’s Knit Magazine reached out to me via Ravelry and asked if they could have a picture (preferably with the dogs in knits) to feature my blog at the end of the magazine! I gave them options and they picked the matching Angelina sweaters with Jellybean. They sent over the layout so I could see it and that was pretty cool! Other cool things…
So one of the hats I finished was made with this yummy yarn. It is Audubon Worsted from the Fiberist and it’s just lovely. My girlfriend Alisa is on a sabbatical from her job in Brazil and has been in the states and came to visit. I took her with me to my LYS one day and she asked me why I hadn’t knit her anything and I told it was because she’s lived in the Middle East and now Brazil so she didn’t really need anything warm. But while she’s in the states she’s been freezing so she asked for a purple hat. I’ll share the details next week on the finished project but this my first time picking up a skein of the Fiberist yarn and I would totally go back to it again. Pictures really don’t do it justice.
And one last little thing…Jellybean with the world’s smallest teddy bear chew toy. It’s just the cutest thing to me. Have a great weekend!

17 Replies to “Stitching Status: Features & Fun Little Things”

  1. Wonderful to be featured with Jellybean! I found you when Ravelry posted your photo in one of their homepage features and now many more will find you thanks to Let’s Knit. So very cool!

  2. I found you through let’s knit magazine here in the UK just last week and I just wanted to say how much of an inspiration your blog is. You posts are always interesting and your dog’s are so cute! I have a tiny dog also and have knitted many a coat for her after seeing your dog’s in theirs. Love it! 😁

  3. Congrats on your international stardom! So deserved! Also, my parents adopted a senior dog! They’ve got themselves an 11-year old dachshund named DJ. I’m thinking about making matching dog sweaters for DJ and my son’s dog (pit bull mix) Connie. How cute would that be?

    1. Awww I love a senior adoption! Cher was 9 when we got her. And you know I will cosign any dog sweater knitting LOL So many cute patterns and it’s easy to make up your own.

  4. Congrats! I love reading your blog. It keeps me knitting – inspiration!

  5. DWJ, that’s awesome! You’ve gone international! Wwwoooohhhooo! Now we can truly say you’re known WORLDWIDE! πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  6. So proud for you! So proud to know you! They picked just the right photo to convey your zest for life and your warmth of spirit. Not to mention those gorgeous sweaters the two of you are wearing!
    Re your friends who live in warm places, there are a number of knitted market bags that I’ve made for friends who have open-air markets to go to. Fun to make, and useful, too.

  7. That’s wonderful! They’re also right. Your blog IS totally adorable! I also admire your photography for the blog. Keep up the great blogging!!!

  8. That’s awesome! No wonder they chose Angelina sweaters, it’s such a cute set πŸ™‚

  9. How exciting that you were featured in Let’s Knit!! I don’t read that many knitting magazines, but if this one is featuring things like your amazing blog, then they’re worth looking into! πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks so much for the mention! We’re glad you enjoyed working with our Audubon Worsted, it’s one of our favorites too! If you loved Audubon Worsted you should check out our Newton Worsted – its super soft and silky and a jumbo skein so you can get a lot fo bang for your buck.
    We’re super psyched to hear that it will find it’s way abroad, we love “fiber stalking” our yarn in the wild and seeing where it ends up and what great FOs people make with it.

    1. Well I’ve got a great finished object post coming up soon! It really did work up a beautiful hat and I’ve already been on the site and wand to get some Newton!

  11. Congrats! I love reading about your Dogs and your knits. And especially your Dogs in knits.

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