August’s FO’s

August FO's
It doesn’t feel like a lot but I still feel like I got a lot of good things accomplished in August. And since it was my birthday month I was happy to gift myself a green sweater. Here’s what I was able to finish:

For September I’m already 50% through another saddle shoulder design I’ve sketched out for myself and I whipped up a quick cowl (more about that on Friday). I’ve got some baby knits I want to whip up this month for friends for fall so you’ll start to see lots of tiny FO’s here! What are you working on now that summer is over and fall is quickly approaching? I can feel sweater weather on the way!

9 Replies to “August’s FO’s”

  1. Okay, I managed to finish a sewing project…yesterday. I’m glad someone’s been productive! Congratulations on your win at Fringe! That’s fantastic. Hopefully I’ll have a knitting FO to report for September.

    1. I still need to sew that dress but my sewing machine is giving me drama. Hopefully I’ll have that resolved this month!

  2. Wow! Congratulations! And so well deserved. You and the pup look perfect in your matching outfits. (My cat is unimpressed with my idea that we should follow your example! šŸ˜)

  3. Ohhh, those matching Angelina pullovers absolutely slay me. I think you broke the internet again. ā¤

    1. HAHAHA my little Jellybean and her tiny sweater, it’s just my most favorite thing.

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