Stitching Status: Bright Colorwork

I change my mind on knitting projects all the time…ALL. THE. TIME. In life I’m pretty decisive and I always know what I want but in knitting I want it all and I am constantly wanting to knit something else. I get into one thing and then BAM I see another pattern I have to make. Lately I’ve been excited about brioche and colorwork but the idea of casting on the Sunset Highway as my first real colorwork sweater wasn’t getting me excited. To be honest it makes my palms sweat with a bit of anxiety. Tiny needles, all those stitches…all that work and so many tiny stitches I might have to fix. Mind you I have the yarn and was gifted the pattern but I haven’t built up my confidence enough just yet. And I have plans to knit the Durumi colorwork sweater but it will be short sleeved and we just aren’t there yet weather wise so I’m okay waiting on that one for a bit. So when I saw that Caitlin Hunter who released Sunset Highway came out with a dk weight pullover, Tecumseh, I knew exactly what I was going to make next to finally make myself a stranded knitting sweater.

Tecumseh by Caitlin Hunter
Tecumseh by Caitlin Hunter via Ravelry

What’s always funny to me is whenever I browse through the project pages on Ravelry there’s always a lot of grey, neutrals and soft color palettes. I get it, it’s timeless and safe and can match so much. But for me and my wardrobe…that’s a no. That’s just not what I want or what I wear. Of course I immediately go for all the color. I was originally thinking of making this in wool with some Miss Babs Yowza in my stash and then I thought, why not make it with a summery blend? And there’s still a ton of Berroco Weekend DK on closeout on a couple of sites (I decided to not use up the yarn I’ve rationed our for my two summer knits and to get a different color palette)…so for about $35, I got enough yarn for a lighter weight sweater that I can wear almost all year round. YAY!
Berroco Weekend DK in spring colors
I decided on a green and blue color palette because green is my favorite color and I get so excited to knit with green. The main color (the body) will be the bright green, seedling. The secondary color (the little crosses) will be the bright blue, coast. And the tertiary color (the leaf like shape) will be the Kelly green, forest. I’m going to go ahead and swatch this one with one of the colors in my stash I know I’ll have leftovers from so that once the yarn arrives I can dive right in. I tend to knit a lot of cardigans because I like layers but I’m always wishing I had a cool pullover to throw on with jeans or wear with a skirt. I think this one might fit the bill.

So is anyone else as indecisive with their knitting projects as I am? I don’t want to be the only one with this problem.


FO: Sparkle & Snow Days

Guess who has a snow day today? ME! The Federal Government is closed, my job is closed and school is closed. Although I’ll do a little work via my computer today, I’ll be wrapped in sweatpants and cuddled by dogs. I’ll take it. So I thought on this snow day I’d share what I just finished and handed off in time for the snow, a Sparkle sweater for a friend’s dog named Maddie.
It’s rare my husband asks me to knit things, so when he asked if I’d knit a dog sweater for a colleague who always makes sure he has gluten free things at their work events I said sure. He’s watched me whip up sweaters for Cher and Jellybean in a few hours but once I got his the dog’s measurements I knew this might take a wee bit longer. Maddie is a lovely poodle who is fluffy and a lot bigger than my girls, but I was happy to do it for him. He’s just too cute to resist sometimes.
Since I wasn’t going to get to try the sweater on as I went I decided to stick with the Sparkle sweater pattern since it’s pretty simple. Two slits for the legs, coverage of the belly (that always kinds of makes Jelly look like she’s wearing a tiny cropped top) and then knit the back. I stopped slightly short of the back length in the pattern and I’m glad I did because it would’ve been too long. His colleague asked for a green sweater, so I used the leftover Berroco Ultra Alpaca from my Angelina sweater (and Jellybean’s itty bitty Angelina) because it is just a perfect green.
I made it halfway through the bind off before I realized I was going to run out of yarn. Thankfully I have a plethora of green yarn and was able to bind off with another and it’s barely noticeable. You can see just a spot of lightness at the tip. It’s such a soft and lovely knit and that green looks great against Maddie’s fur.
So I’ve got a day of knitting ahead of me and I’m working on a Carbeth for my cousin in Chicago but I’ve also got an idea swirling around in my head for a spring jacket that I might also need to start as well. Sometimes inspiration strikes and I can’t let it pass. And I couldn’t let this selfie by Cher not go unshared, you’re welcome.

FO: Carbeth Cardigan

Ya’ll I needed sunshine. Daylight savings is my FAVORITE time of year because there’s so much light outside and that alone has lifted my mood. And I think it helped usher in my knitting mojo. So much so that in the middle of knitting my Tamsyn cardigan I stopped and started a Carbeth cardigan.
Carbeth cardigan
I’ve been very behind on my knitting blog reading so I totally missed the Mason Dixon Knitting Carbeth Cardigan Knit Along for February but I started seeing the sweaters popping up all over my feed with the #bangoutaCarbeth hashtag. I’m easily influenced, so when I saw there was a cardigan version I knew I was down.
Carbeth cardigan
Both versions of the sweater are cropped and wide with a decorative emphasis on the raglan shaping. It’s knit from the bottom up and you can knit it with dk weight yarn held double or with bulky weight yarn. I used Periwinkle Sheep Intent yarn in the color Antidote. I love her colors, they’re so vivid and bold and I feel like this green is the antidote to this dreary and long winter weather. The yarn is an aran/chunky weight and it creates a light, bouncy and wonderful fabric. I bought this yarn in sapphire blue to make something for my Mom (currently on my needles) but loved how well my Carbeth came out so I ordered more in a gorgeous red she had on sale to make the pullover for my cousin.
Carbeth cardigan
I also had a hard time with choosing buttons. The cardigan has a fun i-cord button band (that I will totally do again on other projects) but the buttons in my stash just wouldn’t do. So I picked up a few options at Joann’s and randomly threw these octopus buttons in my bag. They totally worked with this one! My only modification was that I made the collar shorter. I don’t have a lot of neck and I was slightly worried I’d run out of yarn. It’s a fold over collar so I did half in a leftover skein of Berroco Vintage and you can’t see it on the inside. Problem solved.
Carbeth cardigan
This is a super quick knit (I whipped mine up in 5 days) and is a great layer for spring. I totally encourage you to make one too! Has anyone else made a Carbeth? Share a link to your projects in the comments if you have!