FO: Freestyle Fade

I have to start this post off by saying, despite it being fall it was 86 degrees in the late afternoon when I finally took photos of this sweater. I waited forever because it was just too hot to put on a sweater. Global warming, ya’ll. But I braved the warmth and put on sweater weather clothes to show you my latest FO.
Faded freestyle
On Ravelry I’ve got this listed as my Neutral to Neon Raglan but in reality I’ve been calling it my Faded Freestyle sweater. This really was a make it up as I go along sweater to just see what I felt like it should become and in the end I love the results.
I decided to make this sweater because I put Madelinetosh dk in Snowcone Shack next to Neon Peach and thought this could be a nice pairing. I added in my leftover Miss Babs Yowza in Oyster to help stretch out the yardage but as I knit I realized my Neighborhood Fiber Co yarn I dyed in mint would be another pretty addition. It just kind of came together organically. I used my notes from when I made my last improvised top down tee in the spring and new I wanted to work on making a better scoop neck.
Faded freestyle
This was is still a bit deep (I have yet to perfect my scoop neck) but I made up for it with a considerable amount of ribbing along the neckline. And when I finished the body I decided why not pick up the little dark flecks in the Snowcone Shack and I used the last of the Druid Hill colorway I had in my stash – I like! Since I loved the i-cord edging and the sleeves from my Angelina I thought I’d bring those elements to this too, I really wanted it to be a more relaxed tunic style. And I love a loser bell sleeve, so I added a few increases to give the sleeves more flare. I love the end results and it’s so soft and has a nice drape to the fabric. These are all dk/light worsted weight yarns that work together as seen in other projects, so I knew what I was going to get.
Faded freestyle
Whenever I post sweaters like this that don’t have a pattern I’m inevitably asked to write patterns – but I’m just not there yet. Sweaters like this are me learning and growing as a knitter. I like to experiment, build on my skills and play around with what I make for myself – before I turn my work into a pattern. There’s still a lot I don’t know and I can’t even begin think about making a pattern in multiple sizes. Right now I just selfishly knit for me. So I won’t say never to pattern writing but I will say not right now. I’ve still got a lot of work I want to do before I share that with others. Now if only the temps would go down so I could wear my knits I’d be much happier.

28 Replies to “FO: Freestyle Fade”

  1. It looks great! Too bad you have to wait awhile to wear it for more than a photo, though. I’m having a similar experience, but then again I have a lot of sweaters to wear for the first time ever this season! Your choice of colors is right on!

    1. I’ve been working hard on really creating a great sweater wardrobe only to have a 90 degree day today in fall. LOL Oh well, eventually we will all get to layer up in cozy knits!

  2. The sweater looks great. Nicely done. And yes, the weather is totally bumming me out (please add “dude” if that’s what follows naturally – hah!). At least I don’t feel bad about the fall/winter WIPs…

    1. You know I’ve been trying to get done all of the knitting for myself because I’ll start knitting for Christmas soon…although I keep getting distracted by good yarn. I’ve got some awesome Miss Babs that is dying to becoming a shawl collared sweater with wild colorblocking.

  3. This one is a real triumph. I’m one of those timid color mixers, so when I saw the neckline ribbing I wondered if the strong dark color wouldn’t overpower the interesting color work in the body… But no! It’s great! And I think the deep neckline actually complements the wider sleeves and flowing shape of the garment. Once again, I learn something. I also want to support your choice not to write patterns. Your example encourages all of us to plunge in and design our own, which is even more exciting.

    1. Thank you for supporting me not writing patterns. In all honesty, my creations are basic in design – the fun part for me is the color! I think that’s honestly where I shine. Color mixing and pairings are where I have the most fun.

  4. It’s great, I love the colours, the sleeves and the neck! Looks super comfy too.

    1. It’s so soft! It’s one of the reasons I like all 3 of those brands of yarn, they block beautifully.

  5. You have a great eye for colour combinations, I love seeing what you create. I cast on an improv sweater the other night, and will spend tonight unravelling it halfway..! But I’m figuring it out and enjoying it 😀

    1. That’s part of the process! Sometimes I’ll realize it’s too long or a sleeve is too wide so I rip it back. I love that I can actually tailor it to exactly what I want.

  6. it turned out VERY well and that necklace matches to a T! Way to go DWJ, it looks great! 🙂

    1. Yeah I’m glad I dug that darker yarn out of the stash and used it up. I love using every last drop of a skein.

  7. I love the way you love sweaters and love making them. I also love the way you love color! Perfect colour pairings and trust me, I’d buy a sweater pattern you designed. Can I use the fact that you’re not selling patterns yet as my excuse to not make a sweater? LOLOL!

    1. Don’t you put that on me! LOL I’m trying to get everybody making sweaters but I also know everyone has a knitting ‘thing’ and mine just happens to be sweaters.

  8. It looks great! I agree on the neckline color–lovely color and works beautifully with the whole.

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure but knew I needed something else and didn’t want the neckline in the mint color. I’m glad I kept digging.

    1. Color just makes me happy. I’m going to knit my sister a white sweater…and I’m already thinking about how to incorporate some color into it. I just can do solids LOL

  9. The colors and shape are amazing, but I wanted to specifically call out the striping! What a great way to transition between colors (and between solid and speckled yarns)!

    1. It’s a take on the Find Your Fade, I made the shawl and have the sweater pattern (haven’t made it). It’s simple but an easy way to blend a lot of color together.

  10. That is fabulous. I love the way you’ve worked the colours.

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