A Cozy Idea

The other day my husband jokingly said he wanted me to knit him a robe. In my family, you know you’re in the inner circle when you get a robe. After my husband and I got married my Dad bought him a plush robe for Christmas – we are robe people. But I’ve never really wanted to knit a robe…until I saw this pattern.

Florham by Andi Satterlund
Florham by Andi Satterlund

This is Florham by Andi Satterlund from Stranded Magazine. Um…I kind of want to knit one for my cousin Safia in Chicago who I make so much stuff for already. If I knit it in her favorite shade of purple I’m pretty sure she’d stay wrapped up in it with her Christmas pajamas we send her all winter long. I’d just have to figure out the best yarn to use…


Stitching Status: Shades of Blue Sweater

I’ve made good progress this week! I finally stopped feeling like I was going to pass out on the couch every night at 8:30pm and have gotten in some good knitting on my husband’s sweater.
Kendell’s sweater
I started the second to last shade of blue last night! You can’t see it as well here since it’s barely an inch but it’s a deeper shade of the bright blue with flecks of red in it and the next color is an inky dark navy blue. At dk weight on size 6 needles I’ve got about 300 stitches and am just knitting plain stockinette in the round. Sometimes that’s great because I can knit blindly without looking at it but sometimes I feel like it’s lulling me to sleep.
Jellybean and Kendell’s sweater
In addition to taking breaks because it can get a bit monotonous, Jellybean loves to stand on/lay on this sweater.
Jellybean and Kendell’s sweater
It has so much dog hair on it and I don’t even bother trying to rub it off because I know inevitably she’s going to hop in my lap and lay across it and demand a bit of attention. She’s definitely a tiny diva at times.

So that’s my progress update, what are you working on?

Stitching Status: Fatigue

December is always an exhausting month for me. The semester is coming to a close so there are papers to grade and final projects to review. My full time job is ramping up for our big trade show right after the new year, so just when you hope things will slow down it’s just starting to get fired up. I’ve got holiday shopping to do and the stores are already insane. And I have an endless amount of laundry that continues to pile up when all I really want to do is lay on the couch, snuggle the dogs and knit. My husband and I agreed that things just might not be normal for us for a while and we can’t do everything. So I’m not stressing out over any of it because then I’ll get sick.

On a positive note, I’m on to the third color on the pullover I’m making my husband. I think his sweater may be my last for 2017…I may be able to squeak in a new one for myself with some worsted weight yarn (Merry Christmas to me). We shall see. But I’d love to finish his and then whip up a matching one for Cher and take our annual family photo and be okay with that. No knits for holiday gifts since I just gave my Mom a sweater for her birthday in October and my sister Anne a vest for her birthday in November. New family knits can come in the new year. So does anyone else find December as exhausting as I do? Anyone planning on making knits for gifts?