Planning for Tecumseh 2.0

I’m coming up for air as I prepare for school starting next week! Ahhhhh! I’ve got feelings of nervousness and excitement running through me at all times but I also know this was the BEST decision I made in a long time. My Department Chair, Dean and other teaching colleagues are so supportive and excited that I’ve come on full time. How could I not be excited? So I wanted to start looking forward to a new project to start after the first few weeks of school finally settle down and I’m in my rhythm. So now it’s time to start planning for another Tecumseh!
Tecumseh sweater
When I knit my Tecumseh sweater I knit it in cotton so I could enjoy it right now (I wear it a lot, it’s nice and light). But I knew when I was knitting it that I would also want a heavier version to wear in the fall/winter. When I said I’d knit this again later in the year several of you said you would be interested in knitting it along with me. So the time has come to start picking your yarn!

I want to start my wool version of this sweater after Labor Day, so that gives you about 3 weeks to pick your yarn and start swatching! I plan on knitting the main body of my sweater with some lovely navy blue Miss Babs Yowza I’ve got in my stash and I have a rainbow palette of colors in Berroco Vintage DK to do the colorwork down the body. I promise, I will start a Ravelry Group for Yards of Happiness so you can share you projects as we knit this one together. Sound good? I’m excited to start this one and to see what you guys create too!


A Quiet Week

I’m popping in and sharing a little brioche progress just to say this may be a quiet week for me. I’ve got retreats and orientation and prep for school starting but I’m sneaking in stitches too! I’ll pop in when I can but I wanted to say have a wonderful week!

What I’m Working On Right Now: 4 WIPs

I don’t know how it happened but I’ve currently got four projects on my needles. I like to switch between different projects based on what the pattern requires of me. So here’s a look at what I’m currently working on right now.
Guthrie 2.0!
After I separated for sleeves I put this one back in my project bag. It’s temporarily on hold so I could start my next test knit.
Rumo Test Knit
I’m working on a garter stitch open cardigan test knit. I decided to go with this yummy black cherry color Berroco Vintage yarn I had in my stash. I also decided to use this test knit to try out square needles.
Square needles
I heard that square needles can be easier on the joints and I occassionaly get soreness in my right wrist due to a little cyst I’ve had for years. So I’m always open to trying something new. I feel like I don’t get fatigued as quickly using these but I’ll keep going and see how I feel about them. They are on sale through early September on KnitPicks, so I may order myself the set.
Rainbow Askews Me shawl
And with all that talk about rainbows I decided to start a rainbow Askews Me Shawl for myself. Brioche knitting it like mindless knitting to me now so after doing tons of garter stitch on my test knit I like a little break from that and brioche is a great palette cleanser. I asked my Mom what she wanted me to knit her this year and she said she wouldn’t mind a shawl/wrap so I’ve got to figure out what color combo and pattern I want to make for her, I have a feeling it will be something brioche too. And my fourth project? That’s still my squares blanket. I toss that in my purse and carry it with me and work on it bit by bit.

This has been a great week, I visited friends, museums, snuggled dogs, knit and really recharged myself. Next week I start prepping for school!