Who is This DWJ?

Well, hello! I am DWJ. Or you can call me Dana.
Mint Madness
In 2008 I started a blog, the Art of Accesories (it eventually became I Am DWJ), and had some fun and great success. And after 5 years of blogging about beauty and accessories I decided it was time to stop blogging, I had moved on but said I might be back one day. In 2010 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I decided I needed to focus on the positive to help him through and to help myself and my family cope. So in 2011 I learned how to knit after wanting to learn for so long.
Matzah Ball's blanket and whale
I quickly fell madly in love with knitting and yarn, building my skills with each new project. I also used knitting as a way to cope with the stresses of life. In March of 2015, my father passed away, 5 years after he was diagnosed. I knit 13 sweaters (and various other projects) in the 12 months before he died. Knitting was my coping mechanism. Knitting brought me joy when I felt lost or sad. Knitting helped to ease my pain.
Maddie’s sweater
So I decided after my blogging hiatus to come back to blogging. I found my voice again in sharing what brings me joy. I find inspiration, excitement and sometimes comfort in creating things with my needles and yarn. Welcome to my little piece of the Internet.


17 thoughts on “Who is This DWJ?

  1. Heeey there! I am so sorry to hear of the lost of your father. i have enjoyed your former post of the A of A where you at times would share with your viewers your loving family, my prayers are with you. I was so excited when I ran across your newest blog! your knitting is lovely! looking forward to your post to see wait you create. Continued Blessing so good to see you back.

  2. What a wonderful blog! I’ve just found you and am really looking forward to following along with your knitting adventures and with precious Cher!! I can’t believe you’ve only been knitting since 2011. Your finished work is gorgeous!

  3. I am so happy that WordPress suggested your blog to me! I love your works and the colours,OMG, fantastic!
    I’m at the moment in my life right now where I’m not sure where to go next and feeling pretty sad so I also use my crochet and yarn to focus on the positive… and it helps!
    When I feel more confident in crocheting I want to get myself a sewing machine and remind myself how to sew, but now after watching your blog I think that knitting might be on the list as well 🙂 Anyways, thank you for sharing your story and your work here! Greetings from Dublin 🙂

    • Awww well I’m glad you found me as well! Knitting truly helps me stay sane in this unbelievably crazy world we live in. Rock on with whatever crafty skills you’ve got to make yourself feel great!

  4. Wow, it’s so amazing how many of us started some form of creative hobby whether crocheting, knitting, or sewing to ease heartache. I started crocheting when my Mom lost her battle with leukemia. That winter, I made everyone (well almost) a scarf or winter hat. I also taught my nieces and nephew as well, I wanted to pass on the new founded joy. I honestly believe that crocheting saved me. I tapped into a different world and was able to get through the pain and sadness I was feeling at the time. Haven’t done much since then but, I love your makes and now feeling motivated to learn knitting as well. Thank you for sharing.

    Roxanne T.

  5. I love your joyful knitting blog! I remember about 10 years ago, a few months before my Mom passed away. Her Alzheimers disease had progressed to where she did not know any of her family and her verbal communication was very limited. While we were sitting together I was knitting. She looked across and watched me knitting. Then she looked up at my face and I think she recognized me as her daughter who always has her hands busy with a knitting project.

    • Awwww that makes me all emotional. The nurses at the hospital would always chat me up about what I was making while I would sit with my Dad. Knitting can be a powerful thing.

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