FO: Gabrielle for the Holidays

I don’t know why but right before Christmas I always seem to want a new green sweater. Last year I didn’t because I had my Angelina pullover, but this year I was itching to cast on something and not finish one of my 4 WIPs. So I finally decided to use this Ella Rae Chunky Merino Superwash I bought years ago on my birthday at Fibre Space in their clearance sale (and it’s on closeout in that link on in some great Christmas colors) and I paired it with a pattern that has been in my queue for way too long, the Gabrielle Pullover.

Gabrielle for the holidays

The pattern called for an aran weight yarn but I knew a bulky would work. I used size 13 needles and decided to knit the smallest size. The smallest size is for a 51 bust and I don’t love super oversized sweaters on my frame because they make me look heavier so I wanted to make the smallest size and I was right. Anything bigger would’ve been falling off my shoulders and swallowed me up. Not a cute look.

Gabrielle for the holidays

I think something about the shale pattern down the front made me think of garland, so maybe that’s why I thought this was a holiday worthy knit. Or maybe it was just because I knew with a bulky knit I could knock this out pretty quickly. Either way, I’m happy I made it.
Gabrielle for the holidays

The only thing I don’t love is how wide the neckline is but I’ve got enough leftover yarn if I want to tighten it up I can but I love the look of the cabled cast-on at the neckline and don’t want to ruin that. We shall see how I feel about it after a few wears. But I love how this is just a casual pull on sweater with a bit of interest down the front. The construction was also easy. You knit the front panel, pick up stitches at the shoulder and knit the back, then seam the sides. And then you pick up stitches for the arms. If you like a drop shoulder sweater, this is a fun one to make. My only modification was to the sleeves because I always prefer a fitted sleeve and I wanted to just do a garter stitch cuff to match the hem instead of ribbing.

Because I knit it on size 13 needles, this was only a 48 hour knit. I polished this off knitting in the evenings in 2 days! You can’t beat that. So has anyone else knit sweaters specifically for the holiday? Or is it just me?

21 Replies to “FO: Gabrielle for the Holidays”

  1. Gabrielle does look very Christmassy! Could you knit a couple of triangular pieces (gussets?) and stitch them into the neckline on each side? That way you could maintain the look of the cable cast on but “tighten up” the neckline.

    1. That’s a good idea, I don’t want to ruin the look of the neckline but I do want to just fill it in. I might be able to just knit a few rows in the corners to tighten it up.

  2. I love a good boatneck so the wide-ness looks great to me! Love your take on this, and 48 hours to such an amazing sweater- wow!

  3. Looks great and so comfortable. Perfect for Christmas.

  4. Great sweater! I am making a Last minute Christmas stocking. Super bulky yarn and size 17 needles. I feel like i am knitting with boat oars! I will be glad to have it done.

  5. I have yet to be courageous and knit a sweater, this is the most inspiring I’ve seen but I don’t know how to set the measurements for myself. Would it be a good idea to buy a lesser quality yarn to sample and grow from there? This looks like a piece I would re-knit with pleasure!

  6. Such a great look! And that green can go on into spring with you, it’s such a lively, energetic color. I’m another one who doesn’t go for super “relaxed” fit, being small to begin with and not wanting to look like I’m fighting my way out from under a blanket! Your discussion of yarn choice makes me realize I could go with sport weight to size down and not have to recalculate a whole sweater. Thanks!

  7. Wow! 2 days?!!! A-MAAAAZZZ-ING!!!! And you LOOK AMAZING!! I love those frames on you, don’t think I’ve seen THOSE before! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  8. This sweater is so fabulous on you! Your blog is such an inspiration to me: I love your color sense, the way you style your knitwear, your amazing glasses collection, and your always-helpful comments on fit and pattern mods! And for about the bazillionth time since I started reading your blog, I went to favorite the pattern on Ravelry and realized I might have skipped right over it if it hadn’t been for your color choices and styling. I wish I had your eye for possibilities!

  9. It might have been on large needles but you are one fast knitter. I’ve really been enjoying following your work—–you are so productive and an inspiration! Happy Holidays.

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