FO: Shades of Blue Sweater (2x)

It was a glorious snowy weekend in Maryland. I was able to cook earlier in the week so I had lots of good food and didn’t have to worry about cooking all weekend. So that meant I was able to spend all day on the couch bundled up with the dogs finishing my husband’s shades of blue sweater. YAY!
Holiday 2017
I think he really likes it, the fit was spot on but he got hit with some sudden sickness Saturday afternoon so this was about all the enthusiasm he could give me. Wait until you see our holiday photo. LOL I told him to save his energy to try to give me a smile…I got some smirks but it was still a good pic (I’ll share it later this week). If you need a reminder of the sweater he asked for you can see it on this post. This was a simple top down raglan sweater pattern by Joji. I know I could’ve done the math and figured it all out myself but I just didn’t want to do all that work. I intentionally picked dk weight so that it would like nicer and despite the 300 stitches I had to knit for that body I love how clean and nice it came out. I used Berroco Vintage DK that I bought from Little Knits on super sale and I’ve still got a skein of each color leftover…I may have a cardigan in shades of blue in my future. And on Sunday morning I whipped up this version to match for Cher.
Cher’s shades of blue sweater
I love her sweet face. She always looks like she doesn’t care but she’s the most loved dog you’ll ever find. I didn’t tell my husband I was making Cher a matching sweater with his because I just wanted to surprise him. I figured if Jellybean and I wore our matching Angelina sweaters for our holiday photos he and Cher should match too. I was right, it was super cute and now he and his favorite furry girl can coordinate this winter. My holiday photos are done, cards for the new year have been ordered and my holiday shopping has been completed. Now to just finish grading final papers and entering grades and I can have a little breathing room before things really get crazy in the new year. How’s your holiday planning going?


Stitching Status: Fatigue

December is always an exhausting month for me. The semester is coming to a close so there are papers to grade and final projects to review. My full time job is ramping up for our big trade show right after the new year, so just when you hope things will slow down it’s just starting to get fired up. I’ve got holiday shopping to do and the stores are already insane. And I have an endless amount of laundry that continues to pile up when all I really want to do is lay on the couch, snuggle the dogs and knit. My husband and I agreed that things just might not be normal for us for a while and we can’t do everything. So I’m not stressing out over any of it because then I’ll get sick.

On a positive note, I’m on to the third color on the pullover I’m making my husband. I think his sweater may be my last for 2017…I may be able to squeak in a new one for myself with some worsted weight yarn (Merry Christmas to me). We shall see. But I’d love to finish his and then whip up a matching one for Cher and take our annual family photo and be okay with that. No knits for holiday gifts since I just gave my Mom a sweater for her birthday in October and my sister Anne a vest for her birthday in November. New family knits can come in the new year. So does anyone else find December as exhausting as I do? Anyone planning on making knits for gifts?

FO: Merry Christmas Mom

I wanted to end this week on a high note with a favorite project from 2016. I’ve got a bunch of my December FO’s to share and this one is just too good to wait any longer. It’s the Christmas sweater I knit for my Mom.
Christmas Eve
I originally said I was going to make my Mom this two color cardigan using the Miss Babs Yowza in Ghoulish with a Neighborhood Fiber Co. skein of Georgetown that was a bright blue. Then I randomly picked up this insanely bright skein of Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors sock yarn in a gorgeous cobalt thinking maybe one day I’d knit my Mom a pair of socks. And then I saw the pattern for a_simmetrie and it needed dk and fingering weight yarn and I knew I had to make this sweater for my Mom. Also, is she not the cutest? We took these pics on Christmas Eve so she could send out a holiday card.

A sweater for mom
This was my Mom wearing the sweater immediately after I gave it to her on my Dad’s birthday.

This pattern was really interesting and the construction was completely different so I took my time to knit this one. It was about 6 weeks of knitting for me because I only ever knit it at home. Since I had my two huge skeins of Miss Babs Yowza I decided to knit the identical front and back pieces two at a time on a really long needle. I didn’t have to add a single ball of yarn, one skein of each was enough for each piece.
A sweater for mom
The fingering weight yarn (the blue) is what joins the front and back pieces together. I had to really read the instructions a couple of times each to make sure I got it but once you start you realize who clever this pattern really is. You also really have to get gauge on this one or your color stripe will not lay flat. I had a slight bit of buckling on the back panel because of how many stitches I picked up but it worked itself out when I blocked it.
A sweater for mom
My favorite detail that was a bit of a pain to do was the pop of color on the inside of the arm bands. How great is this little detail? The same detail is also on the bottom hem but it’s a little trickier to do in the round on smaller needles but I just took my time and was patient to make sure it worked out. I also shorted the sleeves just slightly and they turned out to be the perfect bracelet length for my Mom. We’re both short and hate how some sweater sleeves are just too long for us.
A sweater for mom
This sweater really was great but it just took me longer than my normal project. I can see making one for myself somewhere down the road. Perhaps over the summer so I have it ready for the first chilly days of next fall? I really do love how it drapes and hangs. This was such a creative knit and the color combinations are endless.
Christmas Eve
But in the end, for me it’s always about making something special for someone I love. And the fact that she loves it as much as I loved making it for her makes this an even better project.

Did any of you do any special knits for the holidays? Share!