DWJ's rainbow Painting Bricks Shawl

FO: Painting Bricks Shawl

The Painting Bricks shawl was the perfect project I needed. Lots of garter stitch and slipped stitches. Quick color changes with a rainbow of stripes. Looking at this double rainbow … Continue reading FO: Painting Bricks Shawl

Me, Nancy and Gaye at String Thing Studio Knit Night

Brooklyn for the 4th of July

It has been a while since my husband and I went to his hometown, Brooklyn. Two years to be exact, so we went up for his uncle’s annual 4th of … Continue reading Brooklyn for the 4th of July

FO: Liebelle Hat

As my hair has been growing, I’ve been growing it more in an upwards direction…which means hats to fit my hair are getting tricky! I hadn’t really thought about my … Continue reading FO: Liebelle Hat

FO: A Trio of Rainbow Tecumsehs

This might be the happiest trio of knits I’ve made to date. I love a good rainbow and I love my dogs so when I combined dogs, rainbows and hand … Continue reading FO: A Trio of Rainbow Tecumsehs

FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh

I’ve been super busy and finished up my Mom’s birthday knit and a really awesome test knit I’ll get to share this week. So I’m back on my Tecumseh knitting … Continue reading FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh