Stitching Status: Weekend Update

Happy Monday! Sometimes I sit down to write and realize I don’t take as many pictures as I probably should for someone who blogs. I try my best a lot of times to just be present and enjoy what’s happening and that means not pulling out my phone or a camera. For example, I met a frequent commenter and now friend, Claudia from Proper Tension on Friday! She was in DC for a conference so we met on Friday after I got off of work for burgers in Capitol Hill. It’s always great to meet up with someone you feel like you know because of their online presence and it’s even better when they’re just as great as you had hoped. And since I don’t have a picture with Claudia, here’s one of Jellybean…
and the ball of yarn I worked with this weekend. I pulled out a lovely ball of Pumpkin colored Caron Smiply Soft to work up a little cardigan for my friend Larry and his wife who are having a baby very soon! I whipped up this hat for Larry a few years ago as a thank you and I thought his son might look good in orange too.
And at the last minute last night I said, why not whip up a pair of socks to match? Clearly we’re not getting a serious winter here so I made the sweater short sleeved for spring and instead of a hat decided on the Little Squirrel socks by TinCan Knits. I figured he may get more wear out of the sock in the spring than a hat. And one little sock only took me an hour and a half to whip up (they’re worsted weight and newborn size). I can finish the second sock tonight, wash and dry them with the sweater and then put on buttons. It’s the sweetest gift and I know he and his wife will love it.
Also the sweetest, my girlfriend has taken up sewing and made my dogs bandannas! Cher is serious about her modeling. LOL
I immediately put them on after I opened the mail and the only way to make the girls stay still is to put them on a high table. And of course, Jellybean almost attempted to jump off. Sigh…she believes she’s part flying squirrel. I swear.
And my last fun tidbit from the weekend, I wore my pair of knit print leggings I picked up from Sweet Legs! I know people rave about Lula Roe leggings and I bought one pair but I hate the process and didn’t love them that much. So when I saw someone on Instagram wearing these leggings I went to the site and decided to give them a try. They’re great quality, decent price and they shipped to me super quick! They’re a winner in my book. I may order more prints for my weekend wear. So that’s what sums up my weekend, how was yours?

Good Cheer

I’ve had some unexpected good cheer coming my way this week by gifts I’ve received and gifts I’ve given. Since Christmas is just days away I thought why not share some of the joy? Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday and he was the King of giving gifts early. Since I was going to work from home at my Mom’s house to hand out with her I decided to give her an early  gift – my Dad would want that. The sweater I’ve been working on for the last month was the perfect gift to give (full post on the finished object in the new year).
A sweater for mom
To say she was delighted was an understatement. It was the perfect thing to start what could be a sad day with something really good. She even wore it that day and it just solidified that I made the right choice by making her this sweater. Another gift that was opened yesterday was a tie I knit for my cousin.
Mark's birthday tie
He has been asking for a knit tie for ages and I whipped one up for his 50th birthday. He called me so excited and happy and promptly said he needed about 5 more in various colors. LOL Full post on that one in the new year as well).
A gift from Brian
And this week I was given an unexpected gift from a friend. A young man I used to work with who calls me his mentor does incredible wood work and he made me a pen. It’s one of the most beautiful pens I’ve ever owned and I have a small collection of pens I love and this one is right at the top of that love list. His note and words of kindness just made my week. It’s always amazing what just a simple thank you can do for someone.

This time of year is the greatest time of year and I’m so thankful for the wonderful friends and family I have in my life. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Kwanzaa – Happy Festivus

Color of the Year: Greenery

What you may not know about me is that I’m a color nerd. I do not think I see color the way average people do. My world is incredibly vibrant and I love it. I’ve spent a lot of my years painting, drawing, graphic design, publication design, web design and I love color (that much you do know about me). My dream job in life? Picking colors and the color of the year for Pantone. That’s the ultimate for me. So I am always excited when the next year’s Color of the Year is announced.
Pantone Color of the Year Greenery
Greenery is right up my alley AND I feel like I’ve been a little ahead of the trend with my strong green color palette thus far this year.
My green has a bit more yellow in it than Greenery does but hey, green is great no matter what the shade is in my book. In 2015 I realized I wasn’t knitting with a lot of green and it’s my absolute favorite color. Something just felt off. Once I added more green into my knitting I was much happier with my projects. Who knew a little color shift could make such a big difference in how I felt about my knitting? I do see a shift though and a need to add a few more neutrals into my knitting in 2017. I’ve got a lovely charcoal grey that will become a basic shawl collared cardigan to wear with everything. Since I wear a lot of color sometimes I need something more neutral to help ground it. So I definitely see more along those lines next year but this color Greenery just might spark me to keep going with my green theme.

What color do you love to knit with?