FO: Grey’s Hoodie

I think 2018 might be my year of small projects. They’re just so satisfying and quick! My latest is a seed stitch hoodie for my friend’s son.
This is the Manda Ruth cardigan, a simple top down hooded sweater for a baby. A lot of people in comments said the sizing was small but I’ve made this pattern twice (the first one was for Jacob who I made a stuffed dog for last year) and it has fit both recipients so I don’t necessarily agree with the comments. I think the color possibilities for this are endless and I love a little hoodie for kids for spring. When it’s getting a little chilly and you might not have a hat at least you’ve got a hood!
I don’t love doing seed stitch but it’s better to do it in small sizes rather than larger ones. And since today is Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share the cutest Valentines that were sent to the dogs.
Jacob and his sister Leah who I made the stuffed dogs for named their dogs Max and Sally and Jacob thought Max and Sally should send Cher and Jellybean Valentines! Kids are just the best. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meeting Stephen West – Westknits

Right before I left for my trip for work I signed up for a Stephen West book signing at my local yarn shop, Fibre Space for his new book Westknits Bestknits 2. It was partially why I knit his Brio-Garter Hat, just because I knew I’d meet him. Also one of my early projects that had cables and short rows and I was super proud of in the beginning was his Helm hat pattern (one for my husband and one for myself). It’s still one of my favorites.
And I must say, he’s just delightful in person. Also I did not wear my Royally Striped cardigan to meet him but he did compliment me on my color choices for my Comfort Fade Cardigan.
He is as animated and colorful as his designs, which is one of the reasons I really like his patterns. He doesn’t stick to a lot of the knitting norms and encourages you to make it your own and use his patterns as just a foundation to a creative piece. His explanations of his design process were really interesting, I love hearing how designers work. And he said a lot of the reason why he’s doing fading and marbling in his knitting is because he knows a lot of knitters buy 1 or 2 random skeins of yarn and this is an easy way to blend them all together instead of having to have a sweater quantity of a single color.
And he said one thing I really loved, ‘don’t knit it if you don’t love it, do what you want to do.’ That was really my mantra last year, I only made stuff I really wanted to make when I wanted to make it. And that’s how you end up knitting 27 sweaters in a year.
I absolutely love this floaty top and can see myself making one as a layering piece to wear all year. But the piece I HAVE to kint…
His Kanagarullover (you may have seen it on Instagram)!! He brought this sample with him and it is so good and it has a huge kangaroo pocket on the front that I can totally see Jellybean trying to snuggle inside of when I wear it. I told him the kinds of yarn in my stash I was thinking of using and he suggested I add in some non-superwash yarns so it wasn’t as heavy so I used my gift card to pick up some creamy white Woolfolk Tov DK. I surprised myself with a purchase of all white yarn but I figured I’ve got a ton of color and want to mix it up and tone it down a bit. I cannot wait to get started on this one! I have a feeling it will be on my needles sooner rather than later.

Hand Knit Holiday 2017

I’m often told I’m over the top or too much in the things I do. Often I respond, ‘ok…and?’ or I just keep on doing whatever it is I was doing. Sometimes I wonder, what is the level that I’m being measured on? But in all honesty, I don’t care. I’m doing what makes me happy in life. To me knitting is love. It’s my way of showing those who are super close to me how much I care about them. It’s my showing of gratitude for having them in my life. Enter our 2017 holiday photo. I call this one, Hand Knit Holiday in the Snow.
Holiday 2017
I love my little family. Kendell and Cher are wearing their recently completed Shades of Blue sweaters and Jellybean and I are wearing our Angelina sweaters (I’m also wearing my Dreiecke hat from last year). My favorite color is green and I love pairing green and cobalt blue together so I knew I’d wear these colors with Kendell’s sweater when I was planning what we would wear for our photograph this year. I love my husband because he never objects, never thinks I’m too much and just puts on whatever I ask him to wear. And in case you missed our photos from previous years…we’ve evolved! LOL
Johnson family 2016
I loved the color palette from 2016 and it was our first Christmas with Jellybean! I hadn’t figured made her any knits last year since I wasn’t ready to wrap my head around a dog that was so small. So instead I bought her the cutest shawl collared sweater and called it a day. I also dressed the girls up in a little holiday theme to get myself in the mood…they were not as amused as I was with their outfits.
Happy holidays
But my favorite year was our first year with Cher where she kind of stole the show in her green sweater. She looked so tiny back then, little did we know we’d get someone almost three times as small as she is in the years to come.
Happy holidays!
It has become a bit of our family tradition to take holiday photos and wear something I’ve knit. It’s the kind of things that makes me smile every time I look at these photos. Tis’ the season you guys!