FO: Two Crazyheart Sweaters

I think it is fitting that the name of the pattern I chose to knit for my husband and Jellybean is the Crazyheart sweater because I’m pretty crazy about them both.

Holiday 2020

I initially planned to make all three of us this sweater but didn’t love the color palette I originally picked. Since this is a bottom up sweater I knit the sleeves and the body on Kendell’s and put the colorwork on hold until I could figure out what I wanted. And then I knit my Planter Pullover and the color palette just felt so right to me. I’m glad I did because that inspired the yellow and blue-green color palette for all of us!

Holiday 2020

I picked the Crazyheart sweater because I wanted something that was graphic for my husband but I wanted to do a little colorwork. This was the perfect balance. The main body color is one of my favorites, Berroco Vintage DK in Dove and the colorwork is a mix of Hikoo Skacel Simplicity (I like that they’re little skeins perfect for colorwork and only $8 each) in Aqua Mint, Honeycomb and Orange. The dark teal is Miss Babs Yowza Mini in Rainforest.

Holiday 2020

For Jellybean’s Crazyheart, I decided to make the main body color the deep teal. I knit her sweater top down, so it made the colorwork a little trickier, coupled with the fact that her yoke is also small I just kept it minimal. I wanted her to coordinate with one of us and I knew that it would be really cute if she matched my husband since she is always matching me.

Holiday 2020

Later this week I’ll share our holiday pics that we took together, but I wanted to at least share the thought process behind what I ended up creating for us. This is honestly, my favorite project of the year, creating our holiday sweaters. Whether I send out cards or not it is another marker of a year of our little family and I frame the pics because they just make me so happy.

30 Replies to “FO: Two Crazyheart Sweaters”

  1. your posts always make me smile. thank you!

  2. Beautiful sweaters and beautiful family! Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Love your two loves’ coordinating sweaters. They both look fantastic!

  4. Happy Holidays to your family. May they be restful and peaceful.
    Beautiful sweaters!

  5. I hope your solstice is full of your favorite things, and rest. Beautiful sweaters! I love how they match but aren’t matchy.

  6. I love everything about this! What a looking pair in some gorgeous sweaters!

  7. Amazing!!! I look forward to seeing your holiday photo!!!

  8. Your pics make all of us happy, Dana. All good wishes for Christmas and the new year!

  9. Handsome! And a very cute pair, indeed. Your husband is a sweetheart….thank him for modeling for us!

  10. Your hubby’s sweater is amazing! I love the color combination you ended up using. It’s perfect and looks great on your handsome man. Looking forward to seeing your holiday pics. Linda

    On Mon, Dec 21, 2020, 9:26 AM Yards of Happiness wrote:

    > IamDWJ posted: ” I think it is fitting that the name of the pattern I > chose to knit for my husband and Jellybean is the Crazyheart sweater > because I’m pretty crazy about them both. > > I ini” >

  11. This is my favorite project you did, too. Looking forward to the holiday pics. 🤶🏼

  12. Wow! What a handsome sweater on a handsome man — and pup. I love the way your color choices always expand my understanding of how a knitting pattern may be used. Taking another look at Crazyheart right now! Wishing you and your family a joyful Christmas.

  13. These photos (and sweaters) are SO ADORABLE! Your spouse and Jellybean both look amazing. Thanks for posting them.

  14. WOW! That is all I can say. Your husband’s sweater is truly amazing, love everything about it.

  15. Those are gorgeous sweaters. Your husband and Jelly Bean both look very nice in them. Loving that teal, though.

  16. Love these sweaters so much!! And really Love how obvious it is you Love them so very much.
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  17. What great sweaters!
    Thank you for sharing your process. I love hearing about the choices you make – it makes me feel more confident in my own sweater knitting. Happy Holidays!

  18. Your husband’s sweater is fantastic! And Jellybean and yours, too!!! Those colors turned out to be fantastic together – and they are colors I never would have put together at all. You have such a good eye!

  19. OMG, Dana, my face broke out in such a huge grin when I saw this!! Super fabulous jobs!!! I love that Jellybean matched your husband’s sweater & from his smile, I think he’s glad, too. (And this is where I mention what a hottie he is! I’m an old lady so bear with me! <3) I'm knitting for my Yorkie now, too, (thanks for the inspiration) , & whew, yes, their necklines are so tiny! You did such a good job on Jelly's colorwork & I'm thinking now, go ahead gf & try it. Thanks for sharing these latest FOs & I hope you & all of your wonderful family stay safe & well & have wonderful holidays!

  20. The pictures are great! And the sweaters of course. Merry Christmas!

  21. So much love in these photos, coming from both the subjects and the photographer/knitter.

    Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

  22. Just want you to know how much you have inspired me to knit sweaters. It has become quite addictive, so whether that is good or not, I am hooked!
    Enjoy your knitting adventures so much, thank you.

  23. Wow, I LOVE these colors together! I think this is my favorite color palette I’ve seen from you!

  24. Did you make any modifications to the neckline on your husband’s sweater or is it knit as written? It’s very flattering! Thanks!

  25. I love your husband’s sweater! The colors look great on him. Jellybean is always so adorable. I am always in awe of how many sweaters you complete every year.

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