Happy Holidays!

This week will be quiet on the blog so I can keep knitting and spend time with my family for the holidays. But before I go radio silent this week I wanted to share the pictures and the knits I chose for our holiday card. You already got a sneak peek when you saw my husband’s vest, but now you can see the full pic.

Holiday 2019
Happy holidays from the Johnsons

This year we decided to get up on Sunday morning and take pictures in front of the Christmas tree at the National Harbor, not knowing our blue and red color palette would match perfectly. I knew no one would be around on a Sunday morning before the restaurants and stores opened so I set up my camera and tripod and had a mini photoshoot. Jellybean’s expressions crack me up in these photos and we were huddled close because it was a little cold since we were by the water.

Holiday 2019

The only one with a fresh off the needles kit was my husband with his Prado Vest. You’ll recognize my Balloon cardigan from earlier this year along with Jellybean’s heart sweater. I love having a hand knit holiday photo but I also had to be realistic about what I was going to be able to accomplish this year with my crazy schedule. Also, red was a favorite color we put on Cher, so there was a little nod to her with this one.

We also took Jellybean to see Santa Paws the day before. Her groomer Jasmine was going to be Santa this year and we decided that without Cher around, instead of being sad we needed to do some fun things with our tiny Beanie. She’s wearing her Birds of a Feather sweater for photos so she’d pop against Santa. But Santa also had to hold her close so she wouldn’t leap out of her arms and run to me.

She’s also got a very festive Christmas tree hat and a new Christmas tree coat to share the holiday spirit wherever she goes. I’ll make sure to take some photos of her this week in all her glory. Enjoy this holiday season with friends and family and if you’re missing loved ones like I am, it’s okay to be sad too. This time of year is hard for so many, so just make sure to tell the people you care about how much you love them. Happy holidays, everyone!

22 Replies to “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Just loved the photos! Jelly didn’t enjoy her christmas tree hat and the expression on her face is so funny. Your family is adorable!

    1. Beautiful photos, I am not sure Jellybean likes the green hat – but is so cute!
      Merry Christmas to you and yours ~

  2. Merry Christmas Dana and crew! Great Photo and Jellybean looks so cute in her hat!

  3. I love reading your posts and seeing your photos. I hope 2020 brings joy to everyone.

  4. Love all the photos! My favorite Jellybean expression is the one with Santa Paws. She’s like, who is this weird lady and can you get her away from me? And that sequinned hat, never seen a better holiday hat! Happy holidays and may you have a wonderful healthy successful new year!

  5. merry Christmas dana and happy new year!! love love the picture. jellybean makes me smile as usual. missing loved ones is a bittersweet time as you are sad they are not there but have all the loving and happy memories. love you and your blog..

  6. Happy Holidays and all the best in 2020 for you, your husband, and Jellybean!

  7. Happy Holidays to You! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life and work throughout the year.

  8. Merry Christmas, Dana. I hope you have a nice rest before you return to your crazy schedule.

  9. Santa with a nose ring made me chuckle! Dana, thanks for continuing to share your knits and your life with us. I appreciate it so much. I also don’t know how you teach, study and knit while also being sane. (or is that just an assumption…that you’re sane? πŸ˜‰ ) Merriest of Christmases!

  10. It’s always delightful to see your happy smile, Dana ! – not to mention (although I do) that of your patient and sweet husband – apparently ever willing to help spread the cheer on your blog.
    It’s the second photo from the top that makes me understand your comment about Jellybean’s ‘expression’ ! [grin]
    Keep up the wonderful crafting in 2020, won’t you ? – you are clever !

  11. Your posts make me so happy and I especially love this one. You are a gorgeous couple and Jellybean is precious.

  12. Happy holiday and I love ❀️ the family holiday photo.its make me so warm.

  13. Happy holidays to you, your husband and Beanie, who is so cute! Thank you for sharing your knowledge of and joy in knitting ALL THE THINGS, in ALL THE COLORS!

  14. You all look wonderful in your knits πŸ™‚ Love Jellybean in her tree hat! Happy Holidays to you and yours πŸ™‚

  15. What a beautiful family!! Happy Holidays to all of you. Your wise words at the end have special meaning to me as my father died 2 weeks ago. Thank you for spreading your joy and Merry Christmas to you all.

  16. That red sweater is simply Your Color, Dana! All three of you look gorgeous (and I love seeing Jelly’s obvious opinions in all pictures). Thank you for being clear about how it’s possible to grieve and celebrate at the same time in this cold-hands-warm-heart season. I will be thinking of your dad and of Cher as I remember my mom and aunt this year. Love never dies. Sending best wishes for comfort and joy to you and yours.

  17. This was perfect. Tomorrow is a new workday in a new year. Thanks so much for the smiles. Looking forward to your next posting. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

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