DWJ in the Painting Columns Jacket

FO: Painting Columns Jacket

From time to time I will test knit for pattern designers. I enjoy doing it when I have long deadlines, especially over the summer, so when Stephen West asked if … Continue reading FO: Painting Columns Jacket

Speckles and spice top

FO: Speckles and Spice for Jess

I’ve been working on a test knit I can’t really share, but in the meantime I did finish the Speckles and Spice Top for my best friend Jessica. A couple … Continue reading FO: Speckles and Spice for Jess

Kendell and Jellybean in the Crazyheart sweater

FO: Two Crazyheart Sweaters

I think it is fitting that the name of the pattern I chose to knit for my husband and Jellybean is the Crazyheart sweater because I’m pretty crazy about them … Continue reading FO: Two Crazyheart Sweaters