Stitching Status: Spring Spirit

It has been freezing here in Maryland/DC even after our big snow and it’s definitely not feeling spring like at all. But I know it’s coming and I’m knitting!

Jellybean would like to switch to her lighter layers soon.

I’ve still got my Tamsyn neutral sweater on my needles but I haven’t made much progress since I finished my Mom’s sweater. I’m working on the body of a Carbeth for my cousin but on my snow day I couldn’t resist starting something else new for myself that was swirling around in my brain. I have a swing coat I love that I bought from Anthropologie almost 2 years ago now but I’ve always known I could make something better. Plus every time I wear it everyone asks if I made it and I knew I could I just needed more confidence in making my own stuff.
So I pulled out this Miss Babs Yowza in Dahlia (the peachy coral shade) and Hedgehog Fibres Merino DK in Bollywood and have been making up my own version of a swing coat with wide sleeves for spring. I’m doing the sleeves, trim and pockets in the variegated Bollywood shade and the body in the bright coral. I already had to frog back a few rows because the box pleat I wanted to do just didn’t work out the way I wanted but I’ve already got other ideas on how to give it the shape I want. I’m super proud of myself for even being able to frog back and just work the two rows over. Before I would’ve panicked and probably started it all over but with time comes more confidence and knowledge. I’m excited about the possibility of what I can create and I’m hoping that if I knit myself a cute spring jacket it will help usher on spring.

So what are you working on?


FO: To Wakanda, With Love

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Black Panther yet, but if you haven’t you should. It’s good. And I’m a Marvel movie fan (I adore Tony Stark/Ironman) but because this super hero and cast were mainly black it was this wonderful sight to see. A black superhero and black women warriors…if only this had existed when I was a kid (Remember when I told you representation matters? It’s true!). The movie is based in the fictional African nation of Wakanda and the colors were just so vibrant and bold – clearly I was obsessed. So when I started working on a knitting project the weekend after I saw the movie my husband pointed out that this was my Wakanda color palette. LOL and I just embraced it.
Wakanda Forever
I used the Malabrigo Rios in Diana I picked up while in Louisville and paired it with a leftover skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Green Apple from my hat and mitts. It’s a bold mix of orange, red, yellow and green and I love how it came out. First I decided to do a worsted weight version of the Madness Hat and I like the closer fit. It’s almost like I knit up a turban. The Madness Hat takes up small amounts of yardage for each color so I knew I’d make myself a Bandana Cowl too to match.
Wakanda Forever
I can’t stop with the brioche, ya’ll. It’s my favorite. Although brioche creates a reversible fabric I always seem to like the side where the variegated color is the dominant color.
And this time with the Bandana Cowl I shorted the length before starting the decreases to start making the point. If I did it again I’d actually cut the stitch count too so it fits a bit closer to my neck. But it’s definitely been a nice piece to throw on especially after all this insane wind we’ve been having in the DC area.
I just love the vibrancy of this color palette. It makes me so happy to throw on bright color. And if you did see the movie you might notice Nakia’s Infinity Scarf, it’s a hand knit! And the designer made the pattern available for free on Ravelry! I don’t see myself knitting this pattern up but I can definitely see myself going to see the movie again! Wakanda forever!!

Spring Knitting Aspirations

I’ve been off my game since the beginning of the year. But I also told myself that 2018 was going to be a year of lots of changes and I’ve definitely been making smaller changes in my life so as not to overwhelm or scare myself.  I think it’s partially why I’ve been knitting small things, I can handle just a little bit at a time and I get the satisfaction of a finished object. And to be honest, knitting sweaters just hasn’t appealed to me right now – and that’s okay! But I did see this post from Alice Caetano on Instagram asking for test knitters and I volunteered. I really like her designs and I thought it might get my sweater knitting mojo back.
test knit
Spring is coming and I love a good light weight knit that I can wear to work and throughout the summer but to be honest, I’ve slogged along on this one, NOT because of the pattern! The pattern is lovely and taught me new things but I’d work on it a bit and then put it down. I just feel like my mind is somewhere else and thinking of something else small to make. Luckily, she gave me about a 6 week time period to finish this top and I’ve finished all the complex stuff (the pleat detail around the shoulder was definitely interesting) and now I’ve just got about 6 inches of the body left in straight stockinette, no increases, before I get to 2 inches of ribbing. And as I’ve been slowly working on the body I’ve been feeling like my sweater knitting mojo is coming back and I’ve started to think about what I want to knit for spring/summer. I’m also looking to my yarn stash to really use up yarn I bought but never used to work my stash down to something a bit smaller.
Berroco Weekend DK Color Palette
I’ve got a ton of Berroco Weekend DK (now discontinued) in these three colors and I’ve figured out how I want to mix and match the colors to make these two tops for spring.

Arbus by Bristol Ivy
Arbus by Bristol Ivy via Ravelry

When I saw Arbus by Bristol Ivy I knew it was going to be one I wanted to cast on. Her pattern construction is always so unique and keeps me engaged. I think this will be mainly the green color with the peach as the secondary color. I haven’t decided on keeping the cropped sleeve length or just making it short sleeved. We shall see.

Durumi by Isabell Kraemer
Durumi by Isabell Kraemer via Ravelry

And I know most people thing about colorwork as a winter thing but as soon as I saw Durumi by Isabell Kraemer in the latest issue of Pom Quarterly I immediately thought well that will be bright and cheery for spring and great as a short sleeved top! So I will use the peach for the top portion, make the triangles in the dark green and use the pebble color for the remainder of the body. And it will help me use up most of my stash!

In the meantime, I’m still knitting small things. I finished 10 hats and cowls this month! I even surprised myself when I did that tally. But more on that on Friday.