An Interview with Pom Pom Quarterly

You remember that tiny sweater that caused a bit of buzz on Instagram?
Well the team at Pom Pom Quarterly were so utterly tickled by it they wanted to get to know me more. They asked me if I’d be up for a Skype interview for their latest podcast and I obliged. I really do love Pom Pom. I used to work in publishing (and was a former yearbook editor) so I really have a lot of respect for what this small team of women are able to put together throughout the year and I’m always waiting on pins and needles for the latest issue. You can listen to the latest episode below or subscribe to their podcast wherever you listen to podcasts! Enjoy.

Durumi tees


Test Knits and Dog Birthdays

First, let me say thank you for all the kind comments and emails I’ve gotten lately. I’ve been super busy between wrapping up my current job and prepping for the new job that I haven’t been able to respond to them all but I read them and appreciate them so much! And in my down time I’m always knitting.
Test knit wrap up
The other day on my lunch break I finished knitting a cuff faster than I ever have before because I’m ready to put this secret test knit to bed and get started on my next one. Here’s a tiny glimpse of what I’ve been working on but honestly this picture doesn’t give you any idea of what I’m creating but the pattern will be released soon and I’ll share all the details. In the meantime I’m swatching for another test knit and going to try to wrap up my sister’s sweater too. In other news, guess who had a birthday yesterday?
Birthday girl!
Jellybean! My wiggly girl turned 6 yesterday and her second anniversary Gotcha Day is coming up soon! I like to celebrate my dogs birthdays because why not? Over the weekend when we were at a gelato place Kendell spotted a sign for dog gelato. It was made with bananas, sweet potatoes, peanut butter and agave – the perfect birthday treat for the girls to celebrate Bean’s birthday.
To say they enjoyed it was an understatement. LOL And Jellybean ate it so fast and furiously without lifting her head up until it was all gone. She of course got a bit of brain freeze and was shaking all over afterwards. I had to sit down with her on a heated mat to get her back to normal temps but it was totally worth it.
I like celebrating these little things, they make life a lot more fun. Have a great Wednesday!

A Favorite Yarn’s Farewell

In 2014 I made a scarf out of Classic Elite Yarn’s Chateau yarn. I had a gift certificate to Fibre Space for my birthday and the Color Block Bias Wrap was on display in the store and the yarn felt like a dream. At $12 a skein it was expensive and I needed 6 skeins for this project, but I splurged because I had my gift card and I couldn’t not have that yummy yarn. The yarn was a dream to knit with and truly made me understand how people can fall in love with specific fibers but I never bought it again because to make a sweater would be too expensive. But I always looked online and thought about ordering it again or saving up…and then I heard that Classic Elite Yarns was closing (a super interesting article about how the industry survives) and I knew…
This yarn needed to come back to me before it was gone forever. added it to their closeout section (and a lot of other Classic Elite Yarns) for 50% off. Out of that series of yarn there was Chateau (the colors), Chalet (the neutrals) and Palace (the tweeds). All a mix of alpaca, all soft, light, warm and dreamy. They all paired well together so I knew whatever I chose would be fine.
First I ordered a bunch of the sunny yellow of Chateau to make my sister the Spindrift cardigan because she keeps telling me how she’s freezing in her office. The day it arrived I immediately swatched for her sweater and cast on. I separated for sleeves within the first day but had to put it down in order to finish up a test knit. I love this yarn for it’s softness and warmth but it’s also super light since it’s a mix of alpaca and bamboo. And as I cast on for her sweater I kept longing for a sweater of my own. This yarn is just too good. It feels too amazing in my hands.
So I went back and ordered a sweater’s quantity of Palace in the color Mermaid. I believe this lovely tweedy light teal will become the Selvedge Edge Cardigan, a simple shawl collar cardigan that I can throw on with any and everything. Whatever it becomes, I know I’m going to cherish it forever since this yarn will be gone for good. Does anyone else have a yarn they just absolutely loved that went away?