FO: For a Sweetheart

Happy Valentine’s Day! It has never been a holiday I make a big deal over (although my husband did propose to me 17 years ago) but I have a girlfriend whose birthday is today (and three others that were this week). She loves hearts and when I was on Ravelry and saw the new pattern for the Sweet Hearts Hat I thought, I can whip this up in time for her birthday.
Heat breaker
I asked her what color winter coat she had and she told me burgundy, black and cream. So I dug through my stash and picked out my Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in Pomegranate and Oyster. Another friend’s birthday was on Tuesday and her husband gave her a gorgeous red coat, so I may make her a red and white version of this hat to go with the new coat too.
And as I was working on this hat I just kept thinking how cute this print would be as a sweater for Jellybean. So that might be something I whip up over this long holiday weekend. So here’s to a love filled day, I hope it is filled with yummy yarn. Happy Valentine’s Day!


FO: Big & Bright

Surprise! I knit an entire sweater over a 24 hour period. Yup. I did that – and you can too! Meet the Malmo sweater, one I’ve wanted to make for a while. So how did I end up ditching my plans to finish the body of my Balloon Cardigan and knitting an entire sweater between Friday night and Saturday afternoon?
Malmo Sweater
On Friday I was running errands and while I grabbed lunch I saw Fibre Space posted on Instagram that they were having a winter sale and that Berroco Macro was 50% off. I was down the street from the yarn shop so I drove right on over. I’d had this fun super bulky pattern for the Malmo sweater in my favorites since it came out but couldn’t justify the cost of the yarn but at 50% off I could. I also knew my color choices would be limited to what they had in stock so I went with what they had and I picked purple, yellow and pink for a fun combo.
I bought more than what I needed (I may make a super bulky brioche scarf with the leftovers) because when I just did two colors for the colorwork I only needed 1 skein for each color and 3 skeins for the body. And I love this pink, it is so vibrant and gorgeous AND I had a hot pink tee in my wardrobe already that was a spot on match.
I started knitting around 5:30pm on Friday night and got about this far by 10pm. When I picked it back up around 9:30am the next morning I knew it would be smooth sailing since it was just the body left to knit.
Also, I love floats on colorwork almost as much as I love the right side of the pattern. This is knit top down, the colorwork pattern is super simple and I knit it with size 15 needles. Large needles don’t bother my hands like some people have said, it’s the tiny needles that cramp my hands so I’m happy to knit with super bulky yarns.
Malmo Sweater
It was such a super satisfying knit to finish a sweater by 4pm the day after you cast on. Also I love short sleeved knits for layering. I live in Maryland, not Maine, so when something is a really wooly warm wool I don’t want full sleeves. I’ll only get to wear it once or twice. Now I can totally wear this before spring has sprung. This is a super soft blend of wool, alpaca and acrylic.
Malmo Sweater
So I’ve knit a sweater up in under 12 hours, this is definitely a record (remember, I knit this one in 48 hours in December), so have I convinced anyone else to give this pattern a go? You can knit it with any super bulky you like and I highly suggest you give it a go this long weekend coming up!

Fiberuary Challenge

If you follow me over on Instagram you may have noticed that I’m participating the Fiberuary Challenge. Every day of the month you respond to the prompt listed below and share using the hashtag #Fiberuary. It’s fun and you can click on that hashtag and see what other folks have been posting throughout the month.
Sunday’s prompt was what was your first knitting project and it got me thinking about what I made first…a really horrible orange garter stitch scarf. I have no clue where it went, I’m pretty sure I threw it away or gave it away. So I looked to the first project I added to Ravelry, the Baby Chalice Blanket.
For a fairly new knitter this was a big project, I made it for my boss’s new baby. I was so proud of it and 7 years later she tells me it now tucks in a stuffed unicorn every night.

So tell me, what was your first knitting project you were really proud of?