Stitching Status: Slowing Down

I typically have 2-3 things I’m knitting at the same time. Sometimes a ton of stockinette stitch will bore me to death so I work on a smaller project that I have to pay attention to a bit more to revive my knitting mojo. Usually I’m swatching for the next big thing I want to do. Right now, since I have a daunting amount of baby things I’m just not that interested in making right now I’m not as motivated to knit.
This is the Great Divide shawl. I cast on the other week in between knitting my Mom’s vest but as you can see I haven’t made much progress. I just wanted to get it started and see how quickly it would work up. This is a good throw in my bag and carry around project. I don’t have a real deadline for it and I just want to use this yarn so I’m in no hurry.
I think it will be a cool finished object since the white yarn is really a color changing yarn and I’m excited to see it morph from white to lavender but I’m just not that excited about knitting it. I’ve also been working on my Teazel cardigan and the yarn is super soft cotton but I kind of don’t love how it goes thick and thin…so I’m just not as inspired to keep chugging along at it just yet. Also because it’s still cold as I don’t know what and I feel like I should’ve knit up a little jacket with my rainbow yarn. I still have time, I could just switch it up… I also know I’m going to start at least 1 super bulky baby blanket this week, so perhaps I’m reserving my energy for that? Either way, I’m slowing down and feeling a little like I’ve lost my mojo, so what do you do when you feel that way? Any suggestions on how to jump start my knitting drive?