FO: Sparkly Seagrass for My Sister

With my trusty helpers Cher and Jellybean constantly in my lap and sitting on my yarn, I was able to finish my sister’s Sparkly Seagrass sweater over the weekend.
Anne's Sparkly Seagrass
Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of her wearing it because I dropped it off to her at work the other day and she quickly slipped it on to make sure it fit and I needed to get back to my office. But I knew one thing for certain when I was making this sweater – she would love the sparkly yarn and she did.
Sheep and Wool haul
I bought this new to me Tempting Ewe So DK and Sparkly yarn at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last spring. When I saw it the purple-pink color caught my eye and the fact that there was a great sparkly thread running through made me snatch up a sweater’s quantity. It is a superwash and washed up very soft and has a lovely drape to it. I definitely want more and they’re just in Baltimore so I know I can always go back. I think I knew all along that my sister Anne would have something made from this yarn because she sweats glitter. LOL She’s so feminine and girly that I knew I needed to make something with this just for her. ¬†Plus with the waist shaping and the lace on the bottom it gives a really feminine feel to a simple cardigan. And since we’re in this cool spring season I thought why not make her something short sleeved that she can wear now and add a long sleeve to it later?
Anne's Sparkly Seagrass
My only issue I had with the Seagrass pattern is that I get careless with the lace pattern. It’s a simple and easy to memorize pattern but if you get caught up watching something on TV you inevitably end up skipping a stitch or two somewhere and have to frog it back. I may have done that about 8 times but in the end I was able to fix my mistakes. I think it’s a good contrast to my original Seagrass cardigan I made for myself. It’s kind of like how different we are even though we’re sisters.
In case you were wondering, this is Anne. Sisters!

Stitching Status: Preparing for Snow

They’re saying we’re finally getting snow this year and it waited for when I’m on spring break from teaching. Thanks, Mother Nature. It’s fine, I’m not traveling and we actually got my cousin a ticket to come fly out from Chicago to see us on Wednesday so she’ll be flying in after the snow is supposed to hit us. Unfortunately she was hoping to escape Chicago’s cold for DC’s milder temperatures…that’s not going to happen. Oh well. So what will I be working on if I get a snow day tomorrow (finger’s crossed)?
Remember my Seagrass cardigan? I’m working on a two color version for my sister Anne. I’m using that lovely sparkly Tempting Ewe yarn I picked up at the Sheep and Wool Festival last year. I had ideas for something for myself but the sparkle screams my sister Anne. Plus since it’s already March and spring is supposed to be on the way I figured I would make her a short sleeved sweater for this transitional time of year. It’ll be a nice layering piece.
Sea grass cardigan
Here’s a back view of my version. I’m using the pink/purple yarn color for the ribbing at the back waste, the garter stitch trim at the bottom and the collar. If I have enough of it I’ll also add a touch of color to the ribbing on the sleeves. We shall see. I had to put it down last night after I missed a stitch twice on the lace and had to go back a full row. Sometimes my eyes need to focus on something else so I picked up my Find Your Fade Shawl.
I’ve added my fifth color since I took this picture but I don’t have enough of the bright blue yarn to do a full pattern repeat so I’m going to be adding in my sixth color soon! I’m using the leftover Periwinkle Sheep yarns bright sapphire blue from my Mom’s sweater I made her for Christmas. I wanted to incorporated that yarn into my fade but knew I wouldn’t have the full yardage I needed but I think the pop of color will still look really good. I can’t tell you how much I love making this shawl. It’s a good piece to pick up in between other projects. I’m sure I’ll make another one in the future for someone else. And in non-knitting related news I’ve been working on getting the dogs to take better selfies. LOL
Clearly this is time well spent. I just crack up because they always look at me. But they’re cute memories to have on my phone.

What are you working on currently?

FO: Trail Jacket

It’s Monday, let’s start the week off with a finished object, shall we?
Trail jacket
Over the weekend I finally took the time to take a few photos of my newly finished Trail Jacket. I love this piece. It’s a really great wardrobe staple. As I knit more and more I am trying my best to make pieces that will fit into the wardrobe I have and aspire to have but can work with lots of outfits. Despite my love of bold color (hello, Wild One) sometimes I have to make a neutral or two and this is a great addition to my wardrobe. I’ve already worn it 4 times since I finished it!
Trail jacket
The yarn is Madelinetosh Pure Merino Worsted in the color Dirty Panther. I picked this up on Black Friday when she had a sale. I bought 8 skeins so I’d have enough to do any sweater I wanted and for this pattern I only used 4. Looks like I might be making someone else a Trail Jacket or I may make myself a nice grey pullover. This worked up quickly on size 10.5 needles and it creates a lighter fabric that will help carry this into spring. I love this yarn. It’s soft but sturdy and the variegation in color¬†gave it enough interest so I didn’t feel like I was just knitting a flat grey sweater.
Trail jacket
You may also remember these buttons from my Maryland Sheep and Wool haul last year. In all honesty I picked these buttons because they were the right size and I had six of them in my stash. I didn’t even know where to begin on buttons for this one and it was nice to not think about it and just pick whatever I had in my stash that worked. My only issue is that I made a tiny mistake on the button holes and I’ve got small gaps on the sides of the button holes. It’s not the end of the world but of course I notice the mistake. It’s totally not as noticeable once the jacket is buttoned. And speaking of mistakes…
Yarn Love Challenge
Are you participating in the #yarnlovechallenge? Today’s prompt is mistakes and I’ll probably mention these buttonholes. Even though it’s day 6 you can still jump in, there aren’t any real rules and it’s fun to see so many people using the hashtag and sharing their love of yarn!!