Ravelry & #TecumsahwithDWJ

Yards of Happiness Ravelry Group

As promised, I got it together and started a group on Ravelry! You can now join the Yards of Happiness Group! I’ve already started a thread for us to start sharing for the Tecumseh knitalong and I decided to use Melinda from Knit Potion’s idea of #TecumsehwithDWJ as the hashtag if you want to share on social or add to your tags on Ravelry.

I’m super excited and think I might start swatching this weekend so I can be ready to rock after Labor Day weekend. I hope you’re going to join and you’re digging through your stash or picking your yarn!


So Many Works in Progress

I’m going into my last week at my job and they want me to wrap up all the things. Honestly, I don’t think they will realize how much I did until I’ve left because every few hours I remember another thing I need to switch over to someone else or give instructions on how to do or give some type of closure on. I’ll be happy when my inbox is zero’d out. On top of that I’ve got to submit things to the university at the end of the week in preparation for school! And I’m teaching two new to me classes and I’m a little nervous because they’re core courses so I have to match what others are teaching. So of course, what do I do over the weekend? Start a new knitting project in the midst of all my chaos.
I cast on another cotton Guthrie sweater yesterday afternoon. This one will be long sleeve and it is black for the main color (I never knit with black) with hot pink for the pattern. I really do love this pattern and the colorwork is kind of rhythmic and soothing to me. It’s a great break in my mind from everything else. But I wasn’t just randomly starting new things and ignoring others…
One of the few pics I’ve taken of the Spindrift cardigan I’m working on for my sister. I’ve completed the entire body and blocked it before I pick up stitches for the neckband (picking up stitches is my favorite part). Then I’ve got almost 6 inches of garter stitch for the neckband to work on before I’ll block it again and sew on pockets. It’s so close to being finished. YAY! And not pictured…I swatched the yarn for my newest test knit I plan to start this week. It’s all garter stitch and gauge is pretty critical so I wanted to make sure I was on point and focused on getting my gauge right. I like to wait 24 hours for it to dry and then do my measurements and I’m spot on! Woohoo!
And of course in between the laundry, grocery store runs and cooking (I got an Instant Pot and am pretty obsessed with how fast everything cooks) I got distractions from my knitting. Jellybean decided for a bit that she needed to be directly in my face and staring into my eyes for a solid 20 minutes Saturday. She just kept wiggling that little butt and pulling up on me, so I obliged and gave her all my attention and love.
And when Cher is over me knitting she just becomes the obstacle I can’t move. She loves to just physically plop herself directly on top of whatever I’m working on and demand that I rub her head. This was Sunday afternoon when she decided I did not need to focus on my Guthrie, she was totally more important. And she is, so I stopped for her.

If I can make it through this week I’ve got a week break to myself before orientation and classes start. I know I’ll be using it to prep for class and get myself ready but I’m still looking forward to that week at home to try and get my life together. I’m so close I can taste it.

June 2018 Finished Objects

It’s July. I swear January and February dragged on and then the months started to fly by! It’s already June and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much summer knitting as I wanted to but I’ve been getting a few things done.
June FO’s
This month I finished two projects, both were pretty time consuming.

  • My cotton Guthrie! Okay, technically I finished it on the morning of July 1 but I’m claiming it for June. I’ve got a full post on it this week so you can see it in all it’s glory. I really like this one.
  • Shades of Blue Askews Me Shawl. I really do love brioche. It’s a color explosion and my friend loved her blue shawl.

As I finished my Guthrie this weekend and started to prep for a test knit I agreed to I realized I still hadn’t finished my Togue Pond Tank! Oops! I’m throwing it in my carry-on bag with me this week as I go to Chicago for a few days so hopefully I can finish that one up before I’m elbow deep in another test knit.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in the month of June, how about you?