Ravelry & #TecumsahwithDWJ

Yards of Happiness Ravelry Group

As promised, I got it together and started a group on Ravelry! You can now join the Yards of Happiness Group! I’ve already started a thread for us to start sharing for the Tecumseh knitalong and I decided to use Melinda from Knit Potion’s idea of #TecumsehwithDWJ as the hashtag if you want to share on social or add to your tags on Ravelry.

I’m super excited and think I might start swatching this weekend so I can be ready to rock after Labor Day weekend. I hope you’re going to join and you’re digging through your stash or picking your yarn!

9 Replies to “Ravelry & #TecumsahwithDWJ”

  1. Can’t wait! I keep hearing about what fun knit this sweater is. The hard part is going to be waiting until after Labor Day!

  2. Okay, this is my wake-up call! Two sweaters on the needles and a deadline of Labor Day to get started on Tecumseh… time to get rolling. So excited to see the colors and mods everyone does. Thank you for setting this up — at what has to be a really busy time for you, Dana!

  3. Hmm. I have the pattern although it wasn’t on the queue proper yet…Not that that’s ever stopped me! I’ll check my stash today to see if I can play along!

  4. Dana, this is my first time doing fair isle color stranding. To begin my swatch, do you have any suggestions for videos you found helpful when you first learned? Thank you!

    1. Very Pink Knits is my video go to! The key is carrying the colors over the same throughout.

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