Dana and Jellybean in Chaika sweaters

FO: Two Chaika Sweaters

Tomorrow is Jellybean’s 4th anniversary of the day with adopted her and as I finished my Chaika sweater I thought, why not make one for her too? It’s only right. … Continue reading FO: Two Chaika Sweaters

DWJ and Jellybean in coordinating Vintage '83 tops

FO: Vintage ’83 Crop

I finished something! Well actually, I finished two things! I made myself a Vintage ’83 Top and decided that Jellybean needed a tiny contrasting version too. Totally the right choice. … Continue reading FO: Vintage ’83 Crop

FO: A Glass Ceiling Sweater for Jellybean

I couldn’t resist. I made Jellybean a coordinating Glass Ceiling sweater to match mine. It never takes me long and when it’s this quick and easy, you just can’t resist. … Continue reading FO: A Glass Ceiling Sweater for Jellybean