Brioche Baby

I’m really glad I took a brioche knitting class at my local yarn shop. I tried to learn via YouTube and was doing it wrong and wasn’t getting the results I should. After one (of two) classes I’m here.
Now, I am just learning so there are mistakes. I’ve pointed them out for you here.
Tiny mistakes
But what I didn’t highlight was the huge mistake I made because I was able to frog it back several rows AND FIX IT!! My husband heard me say out loud to myself, “If I can fix this I’m an f-ing boss,” and he laughed a lot. But with as complex as it looks, it’s a bit tricky to fix mistakes in brioche so I was happy when I was able to do it so smoothly….then just a few rows later I made another mistake I didn’t see until I was too far up and didn’t feel like ripping back again. Again, this is all about practice.
I mean look at this yummy two sided fabric it makes! It’s super squishy and the fact that I can use two colors makes me happy. But I definitely needed someone to guide me at first in making this. And now I have the confidence to make the Pommier Vest for my Mom and/or sisters.
I’ve also learned that Jellybean is an excellent yarn holder.
She diligently kept watch over the two skeins while we snuggled on the couch. And if this doesn’t become a scarf, this huge swatch just might be a tiny blanket that’s Jellybean sized. Have any of you guys tried two color brioche? Any tips or tricks you want to share?


FO: Perfect Pink Storm

This is my best friend, Jessica. She has popped up on this blog occasionally, most notably for this fun green sweater I made for her birthday and her Togue Pond tank (she also reclaimed my Boothbay cardigan and sadly it looks way cuter on her than it did on me). One of her favorite colors is pink (right now she’s on a millennial pink kick) and she loves rose gold and she has pink highlights right now, so when I saw the Patons Metallic yarn in Burnished Rose Gold I knew I needed to pick it up for her. Then I saw the Baldric pattern and I knew it was a perfect casual silhouette for her and I knew that yarn and that pattern would work together beautifully.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
Sometimes you find the perfect yarn for the perfect pattern for the perfect person and that’s how I ended up with the Perfect Pink Storm.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
Jess has a relaxed, boho style that always has an extra little twist or detail to it. When I saw this sweater pop up on Instagram I knew I was going to make it for her because she’d like the relaxed feel but I knew it needed special yarn to make it pop. Although the neckline and edges aren’t ‘finished’ with any special bind-off or ribbing it still has a fun detail on the sides and on the arms.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
Each sleeve has the same detail as on the side but in different places on the arms. It gives it a little interest and I like it.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
It has a nice relaxed fit and shape and I didn’t make the sleeves super long because I still wanted it to have a bit of polish so she could wear it to work and stack it up with jewelry. I really love this piece and it even makes me consider making one for myself! Added bonus, it’s knit up on bigger needles so it won’t take you long to finish it.
Jessica’s Rose Gold Sweater
The only sad note about this piece…the yarn color is discontinued. But go to their website (I linked to it up top) and grab some of the colors while they’re still on clearance! You can get this yarn for a steal.

Choosing Joy

I’ve had one of those weeks where a perfect storm of things left me feeling like I had a rain cloud over my head all week. Part of it was that my husband was out of the country for work and that always seems to throw me off a bit. And the other part was just life stuff: work craziness, being tired and feeling a little overwhelmed. I hate feeling overwhelmed. I like to be in control.
This morning I was going to drive to work and I decided I was too tired and over it. I just wanted to sit and knit. So I took the Metro to work. I got to sit and work on a new project for 30 uninterrupted minutes and I started to feel that acidity I’d been holding on to all week melt away (added bonus, my husband got back last night so I slept like a log for the first time in a week). A young man even told me I had a great butt – not in those exact terms LOL (I was wearing new jeans) but it was still a compliment. Of course on my walk to my office from the train station a bird pooped on my head but you know what? It could’ve been worse AND it is considered good luck. Perhaps my tide is turning.

I realized in that moment when I shrugged off being pooped on I was deciding to choose joy today. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do but sometimes you just have to or the acidity will swallow you whole. So happy Friday to you. I hope you have a joy filled weekend.