So Many Works in Progress

I’m going into my last week at my job and they want me to wrap up all the things. Honestly, I don’t think they will realize how much I did until I’ve left because every few hours I remember another thing I need to switch over to someone else or give instructions on how to do or give some type of closure on. I’ll be happy when my inbox is zero’d out. On top of that I’ve got to submit things to the university at the end of the week in preparation for school! And I’m teaching two new to me classes and I’m a little nervous because they’re core courses so I have to match what others are teaching. So of course, what do I do over the weekend? Start a new knitting project in the midst of all my chaos.
I cast on another cotton Guthrie sweater yesterday afternoon. This one will be long sleeve and it is black for the main color (I never knit with black) with hot pink for the pattern. I really do love this pattern and the colorwork is kind of rhythmic and soothing to me. It’s a great break in my mind from everything else. But I wasn’t just randomly starting new things and ignoring others…
One of the few pics I’ve taken of the Spindrift cardigan I’m working on for my sister. I’ve completed the entire body and blocked it before I pick up stitches for the neckband (picking up stitches is my favorite part). Then I’ve got almost 6 inches of garter stitch for the neckband to work on before I’ll block it again and sew on pockets. It’s so close to being finished. YAY! And not pictured…I swatched the yarn for my newest test knit I plan to start this week. It’s all garter stitch and gauge is pretty critical so I wanted to make sure I was on point and focused on getting my gauge right. I like to wait 24 hours for it to dry and then do my measurements and I’m spot on! Woohoo!
And of course in between the laundry, grocery store runs and cooking (I got an Instant Pot and am pretty obsessed with how fast everything cooks) I got distractions from my knitting. Jellybean decided for a bit that she needed to be directly in my face and staring into my eyes for a solid 20 minutes Saturday. She just kept wiggling that little butt and pulling up on me, so I obliged and gave her all my attention and love.
And when Cher is over me knitting she just becomes the obstacle I can’t move. She loves to just physically plop herself directly on top of whatever I’m working on and demand that I rub her head. This was Sunday afternoon when she decided I did not need to focus on my Guthrie, she was totally more important. And she is, so I stopped for her.

If I can make it through this week I’ve got a week break to myself before orientation and classes start. I know I’ll be using it to prep for class and get myself ready but I’m still looking forward to that week at home to try and get my life together. I’m so close I can taste it.

11 Replies to “So Many Works in Progress”

  1. wow dana, MY HEAD IS SPINNING AFTER READING TODAYS POST. LOL my daughter once told me the fuller your day is the more you get done, sometimes she was right…sometimes! you are such a go getter that you will be fine. good luck with the new job and school.. don’t stress too much or get yourself run down. the sweaters are just beautiful.. love the black and pink, cant wait to see the end result of that. enjoy your week!!!

    1. Debbie my best year in undergrad was when I was taking 21 credits, was the Editor in Chief of the yearbook AND I had an internship/part time. Almost got all A’s that semester. LOL I can hyper focus but right now I’m like make it all stop. LOL

      1. omg girl!!!! well the older you get the harder it is to keep up the pace so enjoy it now!!!!!

  2. “Start a new knitting project in the midst of all my chaos” is an inspiring thought for me now. I am in the middle of a great paper cleaning up at home and at the office. Years and years of stuff collected (before the cloud existed) for my work, from courses taken (I am a medical doctor), for hobbies undertaken, etc. Maybe I deserve a little time knitting in the midst of all this. As Debbie commented above, You’re a “go getter” . I would add: you are a joyful go getter and that is inspirational! Thank you for your lovely posts!

    1. I find that when I’m a little frustrated or overwhelmed it is better if I redirect that energy to something more positive. It’s the only way to get through.

      1. That’s pretty wise! Thank you Dana!

  3. In a week, you could probably knit a whole new wardrobe 😉

  4. woohhhooooo!!! SUPER excited about your life’s upcoming changes and the black/pink Guthrie!!! Can’t wait to see it! 🙂 And yet ANOTHER test knit, wow! Sometimes when life gets its most stressful, we HAVE to knit! 🙂

  5. Hi, Dana, I’m a longtime knitter but a new visitor to your blog. I enjoy your posts so much. Your knitting is beautiful—love the colors!—and the delight you take in your work is obvious and inspiring.
    I have always found knitting to be a wonderful antidote for stress, for a number of reasons. Simply sitting down and purposefully thinking of something else other than the cause of your stress can be a great relief; the simple repetitive motions of your hands and the pleasure of working with beautifully colored yarn, ditto. And for me, the knowledge that, although I may not be in control of some (many?) parts of my life, I CAN be in control of this small, simple, enjoyable thing, is liberating, in a small way. Unlike “real” life, I CAN go back and fix a mistake I made in the past; if I realize, after much time and effort, that something is just not working out, well, I can rip that sucker out, rewind my yarn, and start over, but with a better pattern this time!
    I hope your days are both busy and productive this week and that your new job will be both challenging and satisfying. Thanks again for your lovely blog.

  6. You are so inspiring! I am in the midst of several life changes myself and am knitting less than I’d like but as much as possible when I can make the time. Thank you for sharing your journey and beautiful craft. For now, I’m loving living vicariously through your amazing skills! Good luck with your upcoming transition.

  7. Good luck with the transition to your new job! I think some knitting will definitely help you with the chaos and no doubt bring order to it.

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