FO: Friday’s & Madness

It’s Friday!
I can’t believe April is almost over! But if May means we get warmer temps I’m happy for time to keep speeding on by me. I’m totally ready for summer and I’m ready to start more cotton colorowork projects. I realized I finished another Madness hat (remember my first one for practice that I gave to my friend Jess) but hadn’t shared this hat because it’s been grey and dreary so I haven’t taken any real pictures…but I’ll share anyway.
I bought a new spring/fall coat to replace a beloved bright green and blue plaid coat. I love Boden’s Waterproof Mac, they’re lined, have detachable hoods and have carried me into January when the weather is mild and then carry me through spring’s rainy and cold days. But my green and blue plaid version was showing some wear and tear and they had a 40% off sale so I decided to buy a new bold grey and white polka dot version at the best price point. That also meant I needed a new hat. After hemming and hawing and going back and forth on what color palette I wanted with the coat I ended making another Madness Hat. I used up using a little bit of the sparkly grey Tempting Ewe Sparkly DK and some leftover Madelinetosh Twist DK in Snowcone Shack that I used in this sweater.
I prefer the side where the colorful yarn is more dominant than the sparkle. But hey, whatever mood I’m in is the side I can wear. That’s the beauty of brioche. Also if you’re interested in the Madness Hat pattern it’s intended for bulky weight but I’ve actually made it with worsted weight and now¬† this dk weight version. A few people said they felt it was big with bulky weight so I just took it down a needle size and yarn weight and it’s a closer fit for sure. Maybe once the skies clear up I’ll get pics of me wearing my hat and my coat.


A Weekend Well Spent

My husband was out of town for a few days visiting family in Florida, so that gave me ample knitting time while he was away. He came home late Saturday but we knew Sunday would be a rainy day spent inside together and I was able to finish my Tecumseh sweater.
Since I made this with a cotton and acrylic blend yarn at the last moment I decided I’d make this a short sleeved sweater instead of long sleeve. I figured when it’s chilly I can always layer it over a long sleeve tee and now I can wear it whenever I want. The fit is slightly oversized but I think I’m going to have fun styling it and throwing it on casually and with work clothes. It’s blocking and I’ve got a billion ends to weave in but hopefully I’ll get pictures wearing it this week.
I do a lot in any given week. I work a full time job and I’m an adjunct professor so when I get some down time I thoroughly enjoy indulging myself in watching TV and knitting. I did take advantage of Saturday’s gorgeous weather and took the dogs on multiple long walks so we could all get some fresh air. It also serves a dual purpose. I wore them out so they’d give me a little time to knit and not demand all the belly rubs.
I think my weekend was a success.

Random Things: The Dana Hat & Dana

I was reading another blog the other day and I came across the Dana Beanie. I mean my name is Dana so I automatically love all things named Dana.

WOMMELSDORFF “Dana” Beanie \\ image via Barneys

And then I saw the original price: $265. Excuse me? It was 50% of during the Barney’s Warehouse Sale but still, $265? And I know people bought it. Clearly I need to start knitting some hats! LOL But I do love to point out knitting prices to non-knitters who ask you to knit them a hat for $20…the yarn probably cost more than $20 if it’s the good stuff. I took my cousin’s sweater to the UPS Store the other day for them to pack and ship it to her and the young man, Carlos, who was helping me couldn’t believe I made it. Then he asked me to make him a sweater. I laughed and said no. And then he asked, what about a hat, $20? $30? Sigh…no, Carolos. And since we’re on the topics of Danas I thought I’d share my new haircut!
2018 Selfie
I posted this on Instagram but I finally chopped off all of my hair. I’ve had a chemical straightener in my hair since I was three and over the last year or so I’ve felt like I’ve just been fighting with my hair. So I decided to cut it all off and start over from scratch without chemicals. The great thing is that my husband was super supportive and excited to see me cut it and my close girlfriends were super positive and loving. It’s kind of scary cutting off all your hair. It’s a big change. Everyone asks me how I feel and honestly right now I feel exposed because no one is used to seeing me like this so I get a lot of questions and people wanting to check it out. But I’ll get over the extra attention and get used to it (I surprised myself this morning when I looked in the mirror first thing, LOL). But man, it sure didn’t take me long to get ready this morning! It feels kind of free and light. And one last thing to share just for cuteness sake…
Patiently waiting
Cher and my husband were both downstairs watching basketball and I got in bed and of course Jellybean followed. And normally she curls up on my legs while I read a book but that night she decided my husband’s king sized pillow was the perfect bed for her to wait for them to come join us in bed. Just too cute to not share.

Have a great weekend!