Stitching Status: Is It Spring Yet?

How is it March and it snowed last night?
My husband took the dogs out for their last walk of the evening and came back in covered in big fat snowflakes. I’m pretty sure Jellybean would like to transition from her sweaters and hoodies to a light weight t-shirt (yes, even in the summer she wears clothes or she’s shaking and freezing). And speaking of the dogs…
Our furniture style is pretty mid-century modern and when I saw this velvet couch for dogs in HomeGoods I couldn’t resist. It goes perfectly with the living room refresh I did in the fall. And although we cover our couch in blankets during the day so the girls can lounge on it, it’s nice to have a spot for them that’s all theirs whenever we have people over and the couch isn’t available to them.  Right now I have to bribe them by putting blankets or their heated mat on it but I have a feeling it will become Cher’s place to go when Jellybean is annoying her. And even though it’s snowing and cold today, I can feel spring around the corner. Here’s a little sneak peek of my test knit I just finished.
Vero Test Knit
I’ll definitely share more details once the pattern is released next week but I knit this up with the now discontinued Crystal Palace Panda Pearl Yarn I’ve used before (this cardigan and this top) and it’s a lovely and light piece begging for warmer days. Also why do all the yarns I love get discontinued? And I think my sweater knitting mojo is coming back. I’m knitting not one but two right now! I started on the Tamsyn cardigan last week after I picked up some yarn from Fringe Supply Co. in a lovely warm toffee color and black. I’m also adding in a random white stripe through the body as well. I’m halfway through the body but I’ve been hooked by the Carbeth sweater craze and decided to cast on the Carbeth cardigan for myself last night. I just can’t resist after seeing so many and clearly it’s a quick knit. I also want to make the pullover version for my cousin in Chicago too because in Chicago she can pretty much wear a sweater most of the year. So yes, I’m still knitting even though spring still feels like it is miles away.


Stitching Status: Features & Fun Little Things

In the last week I’ve finished 3 hats and a baby cardigan. I swatched for a sweater for my Mom and a test knit for a spring tee using one of my favorite yarns. I’ve got lots of little things happening all at once. And another little thing that was fun, I was mentioned in a UK knitting magazine.
Let's Knit Mention
Let’s Knit Magazine reached out to me via Ravelry and asked if they could have a picture (preferably with the dogs in knits) to feature my blog at the end of the magazine! I gave them options and they picked the matching Angelina sweaters with Jellybean. They sent over the layout so I could see it and that was pretty cool! Other cool things…
So one of the hats I finished was made with this yummy yarn. It is Audubon Worsted from the Fiberist and it’s just lovely. My girlfriend Alisa is on a sabbatical from her job in Brazil and has been in the states and came to visit. I took her with me to my LYS one day and she asked me why I hadn’t knit her anything and I told it was because she’s lived in the Middle East and now Brazil so she didn’t really need anything warm. But while she’s in the states she’s been freezing so she asked for a purple hat. I’ll share the details next week on the finished project but this my first time picking up a skein of the Fiberist yarn and I would totally go back to it again. Pictures really don’t do it justice.
And one last little thing…Jellybean with the world’s smallest teddy bear chew toy. It’s just the cutest thing to me. Have a great weekend!

Stitching Status: Fast Weekends

GAHHH! How is it Monday?
Since we’ve moved our clocks back my dogs have been waking me up on Saturdays and Sundays around 6:30am, so my weekends have started earlier which gives me more time to knit. By 9:30am I’ve done grocery shopping, laundry and some cooking so I don’t feel bad about sitting down and watching some TV.
This weekend I watched the first season of Strangers Things with Cher and Jelly. I’m not a big sci-fi fan but my husband watched it and wanted me to give it a try. I don’t like monsters but the story gave me enough to be intrigued.
My sister’s birthday is today but she’s out of town so I’ve got a few more days to finish up her birthday gift. Since she reads the blog I won’t do a full reveal but here’s a sneak peek.
I’m in the last bit of knitting that I need to do and I’m excited because the yarn for my husband’s sweater arrives today! So once this is done I want to whip up two dog sweaters for the girls and then focus on a sweater for Kenny before the holidays. Then I might get to turn back to focusing on some knitting for me!