July 2018 Finished Objects

My sister text me the other day alerting me that it was August 1 and it was time for me to start celebrating (my birthday is the 30th). I swore it was still July 31st but here we are and it’s August! So let’s take a look at what I finished in July.
July’s FO’s
I had a good month in July and made progress on other things but I was able to finish off:

  • My secret test knit! It comes out this month so I’ll be able to share the pattern soon. It’s a fun pullover and I knit it in a wild color palette so clearly I love it.
  • I was able to to knit 3 squares for my blanket. Hey, I’ve got a lot more to go but at least I’ve gotten started.
  • And my forgotten Togue Pond Tank was finally off my needles. This one might be my favorite one of all the Togue Pond Tanks I’ve made, seriously. I really do love this metallic yarn.

I am finishing up this week my sister’s sweater! I just have the pockets left so I’ll definitely be sharing that. And I’m hoping to at least separate for sleeves on my latest Guthrie and then start my new test knit next week.

What are you hoping to get accomplished in August?!


FO: Rose Gold Togue Pond Tank

Remember when I started a new Togue Pond Tank way back at the end of May? No…yeah I forgot it too. I got so caught up in knitting my Guthrie tee that I just kind of let this tank fall to the side. I decided it was the perfect plane/vacation kind of knitting so I packed it up with me and took it to Chicago and finished it on my trip (and started my latest secret test knit).
Pink Togue Pond Tank
Despite the fact that I don’t love my arms, what I really don’t love is being hot in the sweltering heat and humidity and the Togue Pond Tank is pretty much the perfect summer knit piece. I’d rather have my arms out and wear a pretty top than try to hide my arms because I want them to look like Michelle Obama’s arms. Hence why this is my third for myself and I’ve made one for Jessica. I was actually replacing my very first Tank, it was a pale grey that had a big old stain on it I just couldn’t get out so I decided to make a new one for this summer.
Pink Togue Pond Tank
I decided to go with a fun yarn I like to use as a replacement for Quince & Co. Kestrel yarn. To be honest with you, I don’t always have a budget for the expensive yarns (who does), despite wanting them. Instead I find fun alternatives. This is Patons Metallic, you’ve seen me use it most recently and in this same color on the Baldric sweater for Jessica. It’s a tape yarn like Kestrel but it’s made of Nylon, Acrylic and a tiny bit of wool. I love the metallic colors and they’re forever putting it on clearance and then bringing it back to the regular line up (it’s currently on sale in the clearance section for $3.40, it’s regular price is $6.79). When you compare the two yarns, Kestrel costs $10.25 a skein for 76 yards and Metallic costs anywhere from $3.40-6.79 for 252 yards. This tank was less than 2 skeins of yarn, I know I got it on sale but not clearance so at most I paid $10 for the yarn to make this tank. It would’ve cost me about $40 or more with Kestrel. Now you understand why I like this as my substitute, but I also like the colors and the drape of the fabric. Jessica has already asked for me to make her a new Togue Pond Tank in the metallic black (black is her favorite color to wear…it breaks my heart LOL).
Pink Togue Pond Tank
The only modification I did on this one was to not do all of the short row shaping (I didn’t want it as high in the front) and I added more length before beginning the armhole shaping. It came out exactly the way I wanted. YAY! And since I mentioned Chicago…
Our trip was lovely. I did not take many photos at all. My cousin did take this great pic of me with my husband before we got on an architectural boat tour on a beautiful morning. I also took this pic.
Totally got to wear my Durumi tee while I was there AND I found insanely bright knit Cole Haan wingtips with the Nike soles so I was super comfy walking through the city. It was so breezy and light, loved it! And the dogs…well they missed us. And Jellybean yelled at me all day Sunday and made me carry her everywhere as my punishment.
By the end of the 5 days we were apart she had wiggled her way into Cher’s bed at their pet hotel and made sure her sister snuggled her as much as possible. They got all the belly rubs and treats while I was away but it’s always good to come home.

FO: Green & White Guthrie

I really should rename this top to Prim & Proper Guthrie because that’s what it feels like to me. It’s very lady like with the high neckline, the soft color palette and the fit. But whatever I call it, my Guthrie sweater made with cotton and a bamboo blend is finished!
If I did this in cotton again, I would do the entire piece on size 6 needles, just to give myself a bit more ease with cotton knitting. I started on size 5 needles because that gave me gauge but with cotton, I didn’t have a ton of give so I moved up a needle size to ensure it would fit over my chest. I’m glad I did.
My main modifications to this pattern were choosing the size medium instead of the large because I wanted it to be a closer fitting top, making it short sleeved and changing out the last pattern repeat on the body. I loved the circular pattern and decided I wanted to do another repeat of that before I started ribbing.
I have to say, I understand now why people love colorwork. It looks super intimidating and fancy but with a little bit of patience, it’s not so scary. Now I want to make this in wool (perhaps a blend so it’s not too heavy) for winter as well. I really enjoyed making this one.
And now I’ve got a new summer top to add to my wardrobe! YAY!