FO: Wonder Woman Hat & Goals for 2019

It’s only the second week of the year and I’m two finished objects down! Woohoo! And for my first finished object of the year I decided to finish a gift for a friend who just turned 40, the Wonder Woman Hat.
I wanted to do a little brioche knitting, it’s the same way I started off 2018. Brioche is so soothing to me, I don’t know why. So I dove into my stash (a goal of mine for 2019, use my stash) and pulled out this awesome combination based on a coat my friend Susan has that I wanted to coordinate. The yarns are more of my leftover Tempting Ewe Yarns Ewe So DK and Sparkly (I bought sweater quantity at Sheep and Wool two years ago and have made a lot of things with it) and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK in a Game of Thrones color, Daenerys. Her coat was black, white, blue and red and the Daenerys color had all of those and more and instead of white, I used the metallic grey to add a softer contrast. And I had a perfectly colored pom pom to add on top. It was a combination that was meant to be.
I did have to frog this one when I got halfway through because brioche knitting and wine really don’t mix. I put in a lifeline on my second go round but didn’t need it and was able to finish it even faster. And the hat fits Susan perfectly and goes with a bunch of her coats!

Now about my 2019 goals. I always have goals and plans and then never follow them. I always want to knit all the things but this year I really want to just knit with what’s in my stash as much as I possibly can. My stash is out of control and my Mom gave me yarn money for Christmas so I know there will be more yarn in my future, but really my stash is awesome and I need to stop hoarding it and start knitting with it! Too often I think ‘this skein is too pretty to use,’ but I need to just use it and make really pretty things. I also want to keep pushing myself to try new things. And I want to make an enamel pin this year! I’ve had an idea for a long time in my head for a Yards of Happiness logo and I think it would make a really fun pin for a project bag or jacket, so I want to make that happen this year.

What are your knitting related goals for 2019?


FO: Black Nutcracker

My friend Steven is a Christmas Eve baby who loves decorating for the holidays. And he was complaining because he couldn’t find a black nutcracker that he loved. So what did I do? I MADE HIM ONE!
I’ve been calling him Nutcracker Tyrone. LOL And he’s one of a trio of nutcracker toys you can knit as ornaments. So I asked Steven to send me a picture of the nutcracker he already owned.
And I modeled Tyrone after what he already had. He told me he wanted him to be wearing all white with black boots. Now to be honest, he looks a little bit like a little chef to me but he fits the bill and I think Steven will be happy.
It’s 2018 and we still live in a world that doesn’t always include everyone. Why can’t nutcrackers be black? Or Latino? Or Asian? Why can’t we see ourselves in everything we do? When I was little I only thought Santa was black and would let anyone know that who tried to get me to take a picture with a Santa who wasn’t black. I saw myself in my Santa. So doing little things like this with my knitting makes me happy. We get to make toys and things however we envision them.

FO: Liebelle Hat

As my hair has been growing, I’ve been growing it more in an upwards direction…which means hats to fit my hair are getting tricky! I hadn’t really thought about my hair and how my hats might fit or not fit until I started to put some on and thought ‘well that looks horrible,’ so I was a little nervous as I was finishing my Liebelle Hat I cast on last month. This has been a good commuter project while I ride the subway and I wasn’t in any rush but I finished it just in time for some November snow we had and hoping it didn’t look silly when I finally put it on.
And it fits (also I’m wearing my Pink Professor cardigan, I just took out the collar bind off and made a stretchier bind off for a better fit). Fortunately, the hat has enough height before you start shaping the crown and it accommodates my growing mane.
And here’s my hair contained and then unleashed. LOL I love it being a bit wild.
I picked this pattern because I’ve knit another by Katrin Schubert and I like her brioche designs. I also know that I do not do gauge swatches for hats  (always for sweaters, but never for hats) and after knitting one of her hats before I decided I needed to go down a needle size to a size 3. I also picked this because I could combine a bunch of fun colors and do some striping in the hat. I had a teeny tiny scrap of the sparkly magenta Tempting Ewe yarn from my sister’s sweater I made a while ago. And the light grey is leftover cosmic silver dk from my Dotted Rays shawl (I wear that thing all the time because it’s so big and squishy and warm) and then I pulled out of my stash some limited edition color, Catskills, from the Lemonade Shop yarns. It’s a deep almost olive green with little flecks of rainbow.
Brioche always keeps me engaged and the end results always make me happy. And because it’s essentially double knit it’s such a warm hat. I was perfectly toasty walking the dogs in the snow. Couldn’t ask for more!