FO: Glass Ceiling Test Knit

I’ve got another finished object for you! I’m on fire lately. This is a test knit I volunteered to do for one of my favorite designers, Heidi Kirrmaier. She just … Continue reading FO: Glass Ceiling Test Knit

FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh

I’ve been super busy and finished up my Mom’s birthday knit and a really awesome test knit I’ll get to share this week. So I’m back on my Tecumseh knitting … Continue reading FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh

So Many Works in Progress

I’m going into my last week at my job and they want me to wrap up all the things. Honestly, I don’t think they will realize how much I did … Continue reading So Many Works in Progress

FO: Green & White Guthrie

I really should rename this top to Prim & Proper Guthrie because that’s what it feels like to me. It’s very lady like with the high neckline, the soft color … Continue reading FO: Green & White Guthrie

FO: Tecumseh Sweater

I finished it! I finished my Tecumseh sweater and of course it’s freezing cold on the East Coast and I can’t wear it without having to layer it. While I … Continue reading FO: Tecumseh Sweater

Stitching Status: Spring Is That You?

It’s Friday and I woke up to spring like weather and it’s glorious. Of course we’ll have the ups and downs but I’m so happy it’s starting to feel like … Continue reading Stitching Status: Spring Is That You?

Stitching Status: Tecumseh Pullover

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to work on a sweater in a long time. My yarn came Saturday afternoon and I quickly wrapped up my cousin’s Carbeth sweater … Continue reading Stitching Status: Tecumseh Pullover