Stitching Status: Finding My Rhythm

I always tell people when they start teaching that the first semester is always the hardest. You’re planning as you go and always doing a ton of prep work. Since I’ve been teaching for four years already I didn’t think about this as being my first semester but it is! I’ve got two new classes that I’ve been working on every single week and I’m exhausted!
Hence the pic of my sleepy pups and pretty yarn. But I’m exhausted in a good way. On the knitting front I’m definitely still chugging along.
I put my Tecumseh body on hold and am working on the sleeves. I want to add another repeat of the pattern with a grey and white yarn (I know not a part of the rainbow but…) I want to make it a longer pullover. I just need to know I’ve got enough yarn. Surprisingly, I knit this entire piece so far with just one skein of Miss Babs Yowza! It’s why I love those huge skeins, I don’t have a ton of ends to weave in. I’m sure I’ll have enough for the sleeves and more length but I just want to be sure.
And Cher seems totally okay snuggling up to my Tecumseh. I can’t wait to finish Jellybean’s version so I can start of Cher’s too!


Starting Tecumseh

It feels like forever ago since I wrote here but it really hasn’t been. I’ve been slow to respond to comments and I apologize. I’ve been away! I just got back from Las Vegas on Tuesday morning and I’m ready to dive into the Tecumseh Knitalong! If you haven’t already, join the Yards of Happiness Ravelry group (you can join the group even if you don’t plan to knitalong, there will be other threads there eventually).
Jellybean helped me pull out my rainbow palette of yarn to take a picture to share with the group last night. Really, after not seeing me for 6 days there was no way possible I was going to do anything without her yesterday. She was stuck to me like glue! My base color with be Miss Babs Yowza in McHale, a deep navy blue and then I’ve created a rainbow with Berroco Vintage DK!

A couple of common questions I’ve been asked about the #TecumsehwithDWJ Knitalong:

  • Timeline: I wanted us to start around Labor Day (some folks in the group have already made great progress!) but I don’t have a solid end date. I know I fly through sweaters but some people don’t. I’d say, let’s see what we can finish before December.
  • Tips: I’ve been asked a couple of questions but I also saw that while I was away and people had questions they shared with the groups everyone was happy to jump in and assist. Ask away because everyone can give you help and suggestions.
  • Sharing: Share pics in the group and on social media! Add the #TecumsehwithDWJ hashtag to your project pages and your posts so I can see them! And I’ll share my progress and yours as we go along!

If you’re just starting to swatch, that’s great! If you’re already on your first round of colorwork, fantastic! There isn’t any pressure or push, I just wanted a group to knit along with me. Happy knitting you guys!

Ravelry & #TecumsahwithDWJ

Yards of Happiness Ravelry Group

As promised, I got it together and started a group on Ravelry! You can now join the Yards of Happiness Group! I’ve already started a thread for us to start sharing for the Tecumseh knitalong and I decided to use Melinda from Knit Potion’s idea of #TecumsehwithDWJ as the hashtag if you want to share on social or add to your tags on Ravelry.

I’m super excited and think I might start swatching this weekend so I can be ready to rock after Labor Day weekend. I hope you’re going to join and you’re digging through your stash or picking your yarn!