Stitching Status: Rainbow Tecumseh Progress

This picture is old because I’m actually down to the fourth color of my rainbow Tecumseh sweater but I wanted to share a status update. And it’s moving along!
I’m already down to the green section! You know since that’s my favorite color I’m super excited. I also got to knit Monday night with a group of women who get together at a wine bar in DC! It was nice to meet new folks and make new knitting buddies. It’s nice to not knit alone on the couch. I’m still working on my rainbow brioche Askews Me Shawl on my commute AND my cotton Guthrie sweater for fall. I have a feeling that will be my first real fall wear since it’s cotton but long sleeve. I pick it up and work on the body when the mood strikes me. And since I mentioned rainbows…
Can we talk about how my BFF Jess bought me a neon rainbow sign for my office? It goes perfectly with my poop emoji speaker. My office has become a very bright and colorful space that I love walking into. Since I don’t have windows I’ve made sure there is pattern, color and light all around me. One of my students walked in on Monday and gasped, ‘there’s a rainbow in here!’ Which was the perfect reaction. So what are you working on, on this work in progress Wednesday?


Starting Tecumseh

It feels like forever ago since I wrote here but it really hasn’t been. I’ve been slow to respond to comments and I apologize. I’ve been away! I just got back from Las Vegas on Tuesday morning and I’m ready to dive into the Tecumseh Knitalong! If you haven’t already, join the Yards of Happiness Ravelry group (you can join the group even if you don’t plan to knitalong, there will be other threads there eventually).
Jellybean helped me pull out my rainbow palette of yarn to take a picture to share with the group last night. Really, after not seeing me for 6 days there was no way possible I was going to do anything without her yesterday. She was stuck to me like glue! My base color with be Miss Babs Yowza in McHale, a deep navy blue and then I’ve created a rainbow with Berroco Vintage DK!

A couple of common questions I’ve been asked about the #TecumsehwithDWJ Knitalong:

  • Timeline: I wanted us to start around Labor Day (some folks in the group have already made great progress!) but I don’t have a solid end date. I know I fly through sweaters but some people don’t. I’d say, let’s see what we can finish before December.
  • Tips: I’ve been asked a couple of questions but I also saw that while I was away and people had questions they shared with the groups everyone was happy to jump in and assist. Ask away because everyone can give you help and suggestions.
  • Sharing: Share pics in the group and on social media! Add the #TecumsehwithDWJ hashtag to your project pages and your posts so I can see them! And I’ll share my progress and yours as we go along!

If you’re just starting to swatch, that’s great! If you’re already on your first round of colorwork, fantastic! There isn’t any pressure or push, I just wanted a group to knit along with me. Happy knitting you guys!

Planning for Tecumseh 2.0

I’m coming up for air as I prepare for school starting next week! Ahhhhh! I’ve got feelings of nervousness and excitement running through me at all times but I also know this was the BEST decision I made in a long time. My Department Chair, Dean and other teaching colleagues are so supportive and excited that I’ve come on full time. How could I not be excited? So I wanted to start looking forward to a new project to start after the first few weeks of school finally settle down and I’m in my rhythm. So now it’s time to start planning for another Tecumseh!
Tecumseh sweater
When I knit my Tecumseh sweater I knit it in cotton so I could enjoy it right now (I wear it a lot, it’s nice and light). But I knew when I was knitting it that I would also want a heavier version to wear in the fall/winter. When I said I’d knit this again later in the year several of you said you would be interested in knitting it along with me. So the time has come to start picking your yarn!

I want to start my wool version of this sweater after Labor Day, so that gives you about 3 weeks to pick your yarn and start swatching! I plan on knitting the main body of my sweater with some lovely navy blue Miss Babs Yowza I’ve got in my stash and I have a rainbow palette of colors in Berroco Vintage DK to do the colorwork down the body. I promise, I will start a Ravelry Group for Yards of Happiness so you can share you projects as we knit this one together. Sound good? I’m excited to start this one and to see what you guys create too!