Stitching Status: Itching to Finish

I’ve got a few projects I’m itching to finish but just don’t know if they’re a priority right now. In the evenings I’ve been working on my cotton Guthrie sweater again.
I’m about six inches from below the underarm and I want to make this a long sleeve version this time (in case you missed my short sleeve fitted version from summer). I really do hate knitting sleeves but I want this to be a light weight long sleeve I can wear to work. My afternoon classroom is insanely hot so I’ve been avoiding wearing my long sleeve sweaters. Plus I might wear this one for holiday photos this year…we shall see.
I’m also itching to get back to my Kangarullover because it’s green, has a massive pocket and will be such a fun layering piece as it gets colder. But it’s a pretty big project with tons of garter stitch so I can only work on it in the evenings. And I have another cardigan I started working on and put away as it got to hot, my Tamsyn, that I should finish too. I can’t find a picture of it but it’s a good striped neutral cardigan that would be great in my wardrobe. But November is coming and I’ve got a ton of little kids I want to knit some things for and a sweater vest I want to make my husband…so these things might just be put to the side until my winter break. If only I had another set of hands!

What are you working on right now?


Stitching Status: Finding My Rhythm

I always tell people when they start teaching that the first semester is always the hardest. You’re planning as you go and always doing a ton of prep work. Since I’ve been teaching for four years already I didn’t think about this as being my first semester but it is! I’ve got two new classes that I’ve been working on every single week and I’m exhausted!
Hence the pic of my sleepy pups and pretty yarn. But I’m exhausted in a good way. On the knitting front I’m definitely still chugging along.
I put my Tecumseh body on hold and am working on the sleeves. I want to add another repeat of the pattern with a grey and white yarn (I know not a part of the rainbow but…) I want to make it a longer pullover. I just need to know I’ve got enough yarn. Surprisingly, I knit this entire piece so far with just one skein of Miss Babs Yowza! It’s why I love those huge skeins, I don’t have a ton of ends to weave in. I’m sure I’ll have enough for the sleeves and more length but I just want to be sure.
And Cher seems totally okay snuggling up to my Tecumseh. I can’t wait to finish Jellybean’s version so I can start of Cher’s too!

Stitching Status: Rainbow Tecumseh Progress

This picture is old because I’m actually down to the fourth color of my rainbow Tecumseh sweater but I wanted to share a status update. And it’s moving along!
I’m already down to the green section! You know since that’s my favorite color I’m super excited. I also got to knit Monday night with a group of women who get together at a wine bar in DC! It was nice to meet new folks and make new knitting buddies. It’s nice to not knit alone on the couch. I’m still working on my rainbow brioche Askews Me Shawl on my commute AND my cotton Guthrie sweater for fall. I have a feeling that will be my first real fall wear since it’s cotton but long sleeve. I pick it up and work on the body when the mood strikes me. And since I mentioned rainbows…
Can we talk about how my BFF Jess bought me a neon rainbow sign for my office? It goes perfectly with my poop emoji speaker. My office has become a very bright and colorful space that I love walking into. Since I don’t have windows I’ve made sure there is pattern, color and light all around me. One of my students walked in on Monday and gasped, ‘there’s a rainbow in here!’ Which was the perfect reaction. So what are you working on, on this work in progress Wednesday?