FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh

I’ve been super busy and finished up my Mom’s birthday knit and a really awesome test knit I’ll get to share this week. So I’m back on my Tecumseh knitting mojo. And so this weekend I decided since I had so little left to go I needed to finish Jellybean’s Teeny Tiny Tecumseh sweater.
Beanie was NOT interested in letting me take real pictures this weekend so these are as good as they will get. LOL Since knitting a sweater for a 6lb chihuahua doesn’t leave me a ton of surface area you may notice I had to alter the leaf pattern a bit from the standard Tecumseh chart. You still get the general idea of what it looks like.
I was also proud of myself because I used short rows this time to shape the shorter front and make the back a bit longer and curve around her body!
I think that’s probably what I’m most proud of with this one. I used the same colors of the rainbow that are in my sweater and decided to make her body in the lavender color I was originally going to use for my purple but swapped out for a darker shade. And since I can only fit four colors on a dog sweater, Cher’s version will start with blue and go into red and the main body will be light blue.
For the most part my knitting bores her. Clearly. But it was so chilly this weekend that I felt extra motivated to get her in this. We even went for a little car ride and she was nice and cozy in her sweater (Cher is fine with just a t-shirt layer on right now, but once it gets in the 30s we put sweaters on her too).
And even though my husband calls her a tiny grandma in her hand knits I think she’s cozy and cute as pie. Totally worth the time and effort. And I’m knocking out the sleeves on my version so I can finish up my trio of Tecumsehs!

12 Replies to “FO: A Teeny Tiny Tecumseh”

  1. Lucky dog! She looks great in the Tecumseh and well loved! Sometimes wish my two pups were smaller(50+lbs each) so I could make them something beautiful to wear in the cold New England winters. I barely finish my own sweaters!
    Love your beautiful,cheerful choice of colors in all of your projects!

  2. Dana, so cool how you used short rows for a better fit and also how you adapted the colorwork pattern. I love the results.

  3. Absolutely adorable….and using knitting techniques like short rows…..score. Can hardly wait to see your other Tecumsehs.

  4. Om-gosh! I love this!! I just worked a doggie sweater with short rows but there were no w&t….So there are big holes! I am not too familiar with short rows but something went wrong. Do you have a pattern for this little sweater? Your’s is perfect!
    Thank you! A big-time fan,

    1. I used German short rows for this, Very Pink knits on YouTube has a great tutorial. I don’t have a pattern for this but am working on something for the future.

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