FO: Entwine Cowl

I told you this week was all about the smaller projects I’ve been able to complete in between working on my holiday sweater knitting (which I finished last night and absolutely LOVE).
Entwine cowl
I wanted a nice warm and cozy scarf to add to my winter wardrobe and I had the Entwine scarf from the Within Knits book but I really don’t like fringe or long scarves so I decided to take the same stitch pattern and turn it into the Entwine Cowl instead. I picked up some lovely Madelinetosh ASAP in the same color as the hat I made for my friend Salina in September. It looks completely different on super bulky yarn but is still a beautiful colorway. I thought it would be a nice contrast against my Green Monster hat and I have enough left over that I want to whip up a quick cowl for Salina to match her hat.
Entwine cowl
I made this cowl super long so I can actually wrap it around myself three times for a nice warm and cozy piece around my neck when the wind is whipping.

So now that I’ve finished my Mom’s sweater for Christmas I’ve still got other sweaters I want to work on next. My goal is to whip up a NY Giants colored sweater for my husband before the big game on New Year’s Day – keep your fingers crossed for me. If I start it today I should have enough time to get it going since I’ll have a few days off for the holiday. And speaking of the holiday, all next week I’m sharing my favorite projects of the year so there will still be stuff for you to read when you’re a bit bored. So what holiday knitting have you finished?! Share!

FO: Graffiti Bridge

Happy Monday! Can I say I didn’t expect all of the conversation last week on my post about what motivates my knittingmy post about what motivates my knitting! It’s great to hear that I am not alone in being a knitting hermit. LOL Hermits unite…virtually! I loved the conversation it sparked and hopefully we do more of that. I also heard a few folks say they’re also interested in my yarn storage and stash so I’ll try to work on more posts exploring what my knitting life is like. Today I’m sharing a finished object that flew off my needles because I loved this yarn, Madelinetosh DK Twist in Clap Your Hands. Remember I said rainbows are my neutral and this is an ultimate neutral cardigan for me, I named it Under the Graffiti Bridge after that Prince movie and album.
Graffiti bridge cardigan
The pattern is the Off-Rib cardigan, one I’ve had in my queue forever but never figured out what yarn to use. It calls for worsted weight but I ended up substituting it out for dk weight on larger needles to make a lighter sweater. I’m so glad I did it.
Graffiti bridge cardigan
I also decided instead of doing a fitted cropped sleeve to bell the sleeves out (I simply replaced all the decreases with increases and this is what you get). Bell sleeves are a bit on trend right now and I haven’t knit a single sweater yet with a bell sleeve – which is a favorite of mine despite being a pain to fit into a jacket.
Graffiti bridge cardigan
My hope is that by knitting this with a dk weight yarn to create a lighter fabric plus the bell sleeves I’ll be able to wear this into the spring almost as a light jacket.
Graffiti bridge cardigan
For the closures I went with small lucite toggle buttons so that they didn’t compete with the pattern the yarn made. I think it was the best choice. I also had to make crochet chains to make the loops and sew them to the inside of the cardigan, which was something new for me. I’ve got to tighten the bottom loop a bit but otherwise I love the fun opening and asymmetry to the shape of the cardigan. I wore this to brunch on Sunday and my husband even complimented it on me, he said he liked how it was different that a normal cardigan.
Graffiti bridge cardigan
I love this cardigan and am already plotting out making it in a worsted weight too just to see the difference – but that will have to wait! So I modified this pattern a bit, what types of modifications do you tend to make when knitting?

Stitching Status: Progress & Pretty Weekends

Sunday. #HeyJellyGirl #chihuahuasofinstagram
I wish this warm with a crisp start weather would stick around for a while. I love fall but always feel like it gets cut short in the DC area. I did get to wear my lovely green Eden sweater this weekend and got a lot of compliments from strangers. It’s always cool when I say, “thank you, I made it myself” and they get shocked and want to ask a million questions.

This weekend we took the dogs on a long walk around one of the big paths in our neighborhood. This is probably the longest walk we’ve ever taken Jellybean on and we were a little worried her little legs wouldn’t be able to handle it and we’d end up carrying her home. She pleasantly surprised us and trotted along like a champ without stopping to ask to be picked up (she will quickly do so when she has done her business and it’s really cold or really wet outside).


Her goofy little stroll absolutely kills me. Cher walks with purpose and such confidence and Jelly just kind of wanders around and bumps into Cher usually 2 or 3 times. No matter what, they make every day infinitely more fun. And speaking of dogs, I read this article about pets not being children on The Cut blog last week. I don’t call myself a dog mom but I know people (who have children too) that do and it rubbed me the wrong way. Why are we so judgmental these days about other people’s choices in life? To balance that one, I also read this article about how more people need to learn to knit to be better people. Really it’s about stopping people from judging other parents and how knitters and the community on Ravelry seems to be a much nicer and more inclusive community. I’ve said it before that I love how loving the knitting community is and I’ve never been around a more supportive group of women. If only we could apply what happens in the knitting community to the rest of life. Sigh…now to knitting.
Graffiti Bridge WIP
This was my cardigan on Thursday evening. I knew if I could separate for the sleeves by the time I got to the Walking Dead on Sunday I’d be finished with the body and I was right. I was happily binding off the body last night at 10:30pm – now I just have two sleeves to finish and they aren’t full length. And of course despite planning what I want to make for holiday gifts, this sweater popped into my head over the weekend and I’m contemplating if I want to try something new for my Mom. I’m intrigued and the same yarn I would use for the other sweater would work for this too. Decisions, decisions. What should I do?