FO: Keeping Warm

I told you over this winter break I’d be busy knitting and I have been. I’ve already finished a sweater for myself and Jellybean, a vest for my husband and this week I finished a beaded hat for Jess and ear warmers for myself. I’m also almost finished with a really fun cardigan for myself. I’m on a roll!

Beaded beanie

I wanted to play more with knitting with beads – also, thank you to Denise for the awesome link on how to string beads on your knitting with dental floss! So I decided to whip up a hat for Jessica while doing a little stash busting. Also, Garden of Beadin’ is a really great online shop that ships quickly! She loves olive green for her neutral and I pulled this skein of Tempting Ewe Sparkly DK out of my stash, cast on 116 stitches and freestyled a beanie. It’s slouchy and may be a little big but it’s a super cute experiment. Ultimately, I want to make myself a pullover covered in beads, that’ll be my next fun experiment. Now Jess just has to decide which pom she wants me to attach to it! Then the other day my husband said he wanted to go see Zoo Lights after he got off of work and I realized with all this hair I really can’t wear a hat but I needed to cover my ears at least when it is in the 20’s outside.

I’m super proud of myself for whipping up ear warmers. I went back and forth on what to make and what I could do quickly and then I remembered that I’ve made this garter stitch ear flap hat from Purl Soho a billion times for babies, so why not just make the ear flaps and a bit of a headband and stop?! I text my sister and picture and she has already requested one for herself because we both have a lot of hair that just won’t fit under a hat.

And in between doing a little work and a little resting I’ve been teaching Jellybean to knit. LOL Just kidding! I wish. She’s been tangling herself up in my yarn (pictured is the Lion Brand Stitchbird yarn – they’re having a sale) as I sit and knit and I’ve been plugging away on my latest cardigan I should be able to share next week. I’ve been looking at my overflowing stash and have been trying to pull out the bigger weight yarns to make quick knits and some things that I’ve been holding on to for too long just because they’re pretty. So expect to see a few more knits and a few projects I’m planning for when school starts.

8 Replies to “FO: Keeping Warm”

  1. Have you been sleeping at all?!!! So many finished knits! I love your idea of the band portion of a hat pattern for an ear warmer. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing with the August Hat (part of the year of hats). I love the Latvian braid on it. Happy holidays to you and beanie ( and your husband!)

  2. There are so many things I want to knit but it seems to take me FOREVER! How much time do you spend daily knitting?

  3. You are inspiring! I need to stop being so lazy and finish all my projects.

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