November’s FO’s

How is it already December? HOW?!
November FOs
Since it is the first of the month I always like to look back at what I was able to accomplish in the last month. Let’s take a look:

  • Coordinating sweaters for Cher and Jellybean. I love my dogs. I love silly and over the top things. Knitting my dogs sweaters to match collars my friend made them is right up my alley. This is where I shine, folks. LOL Folks love to give me grief over it and I don’t care, I knit what makes me happy and these two sweaters definitely make me happy.
  • Birthday Brioche for my sister! Oh this project makes me feel so accomplished. I wanted to try two color brioche for so long and now I finally did it and it’s so cute. Bring on more brioche in 2018!
  • The Road Trip hat. This was a super quick and easy project to do while riding to Tennessee.
  • Test Knit, South Bay. So I love this sweater and the pattern was just released!! Head on over to Ravelry to see other projects (you can also make this with a cowl neck) and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to buy this pattern for some selfish knitting for yourself after the holidays! Let me know if you buy it and share your projects too!

I didn’t think I did a lot but I did! And there’s always so much I still want to accomplish but I only have two hands. What were you able to finish in November?


FO: Birthday Brioche

I went back and forth on what to make my sister for her birthday this month. I knew that whether it was a full sweater or a vest it would be white but something just kept telling me I needed to knit her the Pommier Vest…so I did!
Birthday brioche
I think I really wanted to put my newly learned brioche skills to work. And despite having a little mistake at the very bottom in the beginning (that I left because only a knitter would notice), I think this was definitely the right project to make for Anne and I know I’m going to have to make this for my other sister and my Mom (and maybe myself too).
Birthday Brioche
You can’t tell as much as I would like in these photos but the contrast color yarn is actually pink and yellow. It’s Knerd String in the color Tang. The white yarn is the Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepard’s Wool Worsted that I bought to initially make my Happy Little sweater but decided yellow was much more my speed. I saved it know it would be perfect for a project for my sister who loves a white sweater.
Here’s a better shot of the yarn so you can see all of the wonderful flecks of color in this. When I asked my sister if she wanted pink or yellow (her two favorite colors) in her gift, her response was pillow – pink AND yellow. Alrighty then, I knew I could make that work.
Birthday Brioche
I think this could be a really good starter brioche project if you’re trying to dip your toe into brioche knitting like I was. The vest is small and is super quick to knit since the front panels are so narrow. You’re going to add 7 inches (or more) of brioche stitch to the front by picking up stitches for the button band – why is picking up stitches my favorite thing? I didn’t go overboard on the brioche band because my sister leans on the petite side and I didn’t want it to overwhelm her or appear to swallow her up. I think this was just enough and she can flip the collar down if she wants. All in all this was a super satisfying knit and you’ll totally see this one being knit again.

Brioche Baby

I’m really glad I took a brioche knitting class at my local yarn shop. I tried to learn via YouTube and was doing it wrong and wasn’t getting the results I should. After one (of two) classes I’m here.
Now, I am just learning so there are mistakes. I’ve pointed them out for you here.
Tiny mistakes
But what I didn’t highlight was the huge mistake I made because I was able to frog it back several rows AND FIX IT!! My husband heard me say out loud to myself, “If I can fix this I’m an f-ing boss,” and he laughed a lot. But with as complex as it looks, it’s a bit tricky to fix mistakes in brioche so I was happy when I was able to do it so smoothly….then just a few rows later I made another mistake I didn’t see until I was too far up and didn’t feel like ripping back again. Again, this is all about practice.
I mean look at this yummy two sided fabric it makes! It’s super squishy and the fact that I can use two colors makes me happy. But I definitely needed someone to guide me at first in making this. And now I have the confidence to make the Pommier Vest for my Mom and/or sisters.
I’ve also learned that Jellybean is an excellent yarn holder.
She diligently kept watch over the two skeins while we snuggled on the couch. And if this doesn’t become a scarf, this huge swatch just might be a tiny blanket that’s Jellybean sized. Have any of you guys tried two color brioche? Any tips or tricks you want to share?