FO: Ferda Sweater

I sat down and looked at all the sweaters I’ve made and haven’t shared and then put everything in drafts and well…it’s a lot. LOL The problem has been that I haven’t been photographing myself in the sweaters, so I’m making an effort to do that so I can share them! So up first, the Ferda sweater, or as I affectionately call it, the clown sweater. You know I love rainbows and brights and the triangles and all the colors made me think of clowns and laugh, so that’s what I kept calling this one.

Summer knitting

This sweater construction was a top down raglan with colorwork and the instructions took a bit of deciphering for a second to get the raglan increase color correct. I was happy my friend Kanitta was knitting it in the fingering weight version at the same time I was so we could compare notes. This is another cotton/wool colorwork sweater for me! I honestly knit a lot with cotton because if I want to wear these in my classroom, they can’t be wool. I’ll be too hot.

Rainbow yarn

The navy blue main color is Berroco Pima 100 and the rainbow of colors were Simplicity by Hikoo skeins (they’re part wool and acrylic) I have been squirreling away to make another rainbow project with. I went with ten contrast colors and I ended up swapping out white for a deep purple. I also changed out the folded over neckline for a rolled neckline after trying it on and feeling like the neckline was just a little too tight for my liking. I unraveled it and just knit a few rows so it would roll. I also stopped the sleeves with the exact colors as in the body so they are a fuller 3/4 length sleeve for me, which I like.

Summer knitting

The dogs seemed to be obsessed with this knit while I was making it. Kiwi kept pawing at it and wanting to get under the sweater.

Ferda sweater

While Jellybean would sit on it whenever I put it down. I haven’t made plans to make either of them a version of this sweater yet (a little too much math) but I think they both need something that coordinates this year.

Summer knitting

Needless to say, I’m very happy about this rainbow and can’t wait for sweater weather!

17 Replies to “FO: Ferda Sweater”

  1. Gorgeous!! Nothing could be prettier or brighter than your smile and that sweater together. Great job ❤️ I can’t wait to see Jellybean and Kiwi snuggled up in little sweaters.

  2. That sweater is so much fun. I love your color choices. Your talent continues to amaze and inspire me. Some day I’ll knit one too.

  3. You and your sweater brought joy into my day. Thank you! Mary

  4. The sweater is fantastic! Maybe knit the pup’s sweaters with stripes instead of triangles. Same colors, less math!

  5. Dana what a colorful sweater. I really like a lot of color. You did such a beautiful job like always. Your fur babies will look so cute in matching ones. Kudos to you. You have such a God given talent with all of your sweaters. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. What a beautiful and happy sweater! Love your interpretation and vision, when compared to pattern’s Rav page. Thanks for your sharing and inspiration.

  7. Gorgeous sweater. I love how it’s beauty was captivating to the pups!! I look forward to some coordinating pup sweaters. I newbies have a year to grow.I will try to get away with not knitting until they are little more filled out. There are always caplets.

  8. That sweater is sublime – I would NEVER take it off. Quite inspired to knit a bit more colour into my life.

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