FO: Tecumseh Sweater

I finished it! I finished my Tecumseh sweater and of course it’s freezing cold on the East Coast and I can’t wear it without having to layer it. While I was making it I decided since I was using a cotton blend yarn that I would make this a short sleeved sweater. We typically have more hot than cold weather in Maryland and DC and of course as soon as I made this short sleeved the temps dropped. Oh well. I’m wearing it anyway.
Tecumseh sweater
I have a feeling this will get worn a lot this summer. Partially because I’m so proud that I did it. Pretty floats and all on the backside. And practically because it’s hot and this is light, loose and flowy. Perfect for those humid days. The only modification I made to this pattern was the shortening of the sleeves, otherwise I didn’t stray from the pattern at all. The color possibilities are endless for this sweater and I want to do a wool version with navy blue as the main color and pops of teal and pink. Also I love this version with speckled white and shades of green.
Tecumseh sweater
I also really love this top because the green goes so well with my Sandagren clogs. I’ve loved clogs since I was little and always have 2 to 3 pairs and when I saw this fun closed back clog with a cutout I wanted it but didn’t pull the trigger. Then I went on Amazon to order dog food and the same clogs popped up as a suggestion for me but they offered them in a shade of green! I knew I had to have them. They also have them in a darker base with darker nubuck shades for fall.
Tecumseh sweater
Usually I can wait on a purchase but that perfect Kelly green made me say I needed to snap these up since they’re in limited inventory. They’re super comfy and add a little fun to my wardrobe. I wear a pop of green like people wear a pop of red. It’s my favorite color. I also realized these are my first real pics I’ve taken with my new haircut. It has already grown so much in just two short weeks. I’m getting used to it and it helps that I’ve had so many great compliments from everyone.
Tecumseh sweater
And as always, no photo session is complete without one or both dogs joining me. As soon as I sat down Jellybean hopped right in my lap.

I know I’m going to make this sweater again, so maybe a fall knit along?


41 thoughts on “FO: Tecumseh Sweater

    • I’m so clog obsessed. This was my third purchase of 2018 of a pair of clogs…I have one more pair I want but aren’t a necessity.

  1. Wow! Every time you write about this sweater, it looks even better. The colors are gorgeous on you, and of course I’m already looking for clogs. Yes, please, let’s do a KAL in the fall for this one. I love the summer look, but in my case I don’t have as much use for a summer sweater of this specialness. Too many hours spent grubbing in the dirt in summer to warrant making a beauty like this. 🙂 (I think you should class this sweater as “reversible” and show off your beautiful floats! LOL)

    • HAHAHA I would totally wear this inside out to show off my floats. I’m definitely making a wool one for fall so we can knit it together then 🙂

  2. Beautiful, beautiful!! I love those colors and the geometric patterning really shows them off. By all means a KALE for this sweater.

  3. Wow! I really loved this sweater😍I follow you on instagram and I was looking forward to see the sweater done and it is gorgeous! 🙆💖👌

  4. Your sweater is gorgeous! And, I love the haircut! It really frames you face and I know how happy you will be with the ease of maintenance.

  5. It looks sooo good!!!!! I love the color combo! And I would definitely be in for a fall knit along.
    Your hair is just getting cuter and cuter!! 🙂

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  8. Dana, you inspire me. I also want to do a color work pattern! But I have to finish my current project ( yes-I’m one of those people). Love, love, love the colors you chose. The dogs are cute.

  9. I love this! And you look lovely in it. I might just pull the trigger on those clogs!!
    Looking to purchase the yarn for the sweater!
    Happy Knitting 🙂

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  12. What sweater would you recommend for a beginner? I love your Tecumseh. I wish I was as good as you.

    • I’ve gotten a lot of questions about that and will do a post soon but my favorite suggestion is Jane Richmond’s simple top down raglan sweater. Her patterns are easy to follow and it’s worsted weight!

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