Stitching Status: An Introduction

I wasn’t going to post today since it has been a short and wild week BUT I’ve been featured in a couple of different places and have had a lot of new folks coming over to the blog so I wanted to say, HELLO!
Durumi tees
Yesterday the Durumi tees I knit for myself and Jellybean were shared on the Pom Pom Magazine Instagram AND on Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting’s Instagram with a hope to ‘break the internet’ LOL. I was definitely flattered by the love and excitement over those pieces and my adorable Jellybean. But then to top off a crazy day, my Tecumseh top was featured on the Ravelry homepage.
Needless to say I’ve gotten a lot of messages on Ravelry and Instagram and a ton of traffic coming here, so I just wanted to say hello and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. And in the meantime, I will be working on my Askews Me Shawl this weekend!
Askews Me Shawl in progress
Knitting tip, don’t start brioche when you’re sleepy. You won’t read the instructions well. I started this over at lunch yesterday and realized the mistake I was making the night before and now it’s smooth sailing! So cheers to having a happy knitting filled weekend. You guys rock!

22 Replies to “Stitching Status: An Introduction”

    1. HAHAHA my girlfriend said that too and my response is that Jellybean does not listen or follow any instructions. She is cute but would be the worst model. LOL

    1. It’s always fun when more folks stop by the blog and want to share and comment 🙂 It makes me really happy to be able to foster a community around something I love so much.

  1. congrats to you on your instant “fame” it couldn’t come to a more deserving knitter!!!! what an exciting time and wait till they meet cher!!! double fame!! keep true to yourself and keep on knitting and sharing. just love love love all your posts!!!!!!!

  2. I’m so happy for you and the attention you’ve received. Your photos deserve to spread around the internet. You always have excellent photos and they show off your work so wonderfully!

  3. I can’t help being smug to have “found” you already! What tonymarkp says is right. Not only are you and your “entourage” really photogenic, your pics always communicate good knitter info about how to handle the techniques you’re showcasing. I’ve so appreciated that and also your openness to comments and questions from those of us working toward our own FOs. You’re the best, DWJ!

    1. HAHAHA I love that you feel smug. And I love connecting with everyone! You guys give me advice and I try to help as much as I can when I know something too. Yarn people are the best people!

  4. Lol! I knew that pic of u & Bean was too cute for just the project pages of Rvlry! Oh and let me say it again, “Helloooo Rvlry… is there s limit on how many times a crafter can be feat in the spotlight section in a 12-month period?” Kidding!!! So proud of u DWJ! You go girl!!!

  5. I have the urge to hug you really tight!!!! Congrats on the spotlights, you knit beautifully and your work deserves recognition! ❤

  6. Congrats Dana ♪ Your blog is beaming bright with every post you publish. But you must admit Jellybean is the Queen ~ with her by your side, every day is inspiration and fun ♫

  7. Love your knitting and glad to find your blog. I’ll be following! You are inspirational!

  8. Somehow I missed the MDK Instapost , but I read about you in the daily snippet . What a joy to find more little jewels of happiness. Happiness is not a constant state thing, but on the woven ribbon of emotions in time it’s clusters and sparks of joy. Thank you ! I’m going to enjoy reading your blog, your pictures make me smile 😊

    1. I often tell people that sometimes you have to choose joy, it isn’t always the easiest option but it is usually the best. It’s easy to unhappy, choosing to find happiness in the darkest moments is a gift. Thank you for reading!

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