Video: Kristy Glass Knits Interviewed Me!

Way back in May, the day before Maryland Sheep and Wool, Kristy Glass of Kristy Glass Knits came to my house to interview me! It’s a solid hour and we talked about EVERYTHING. She’s honestly one of the nicest fiber people I’ve met, and I felt like we could’ve talked for hours. AND Jellybean and Cher made an appearance. I haven’t watched it yet, but I can link to things we discuss when I watch it later – I’ll just update this post. Enjoy!

Things we talked about in this video:

We covered a lot! I hope you enjoyed it.

17 Replies to “Video: Kristy Glass Knits Interviewed Me!”

  1. Aaah, Cher😢 I hope she asked you if she could post this before she post it. Too soon for you to see it I would guess.
    Take care Dana

    1. I knew it would come out this month and I actually don’t mind seeing Cher. It makes me smile ☺️

  2. What a wonderful interview, you brightened my morning and are so inspiring. Thank you for being so colorful and willing to share.

  3. Just watched it! I am now a big fan of yours! I loved the interview! Your dogs are so cute! I’m a big dog person considering we have four, oh and one cat. lol

  4. Love this video–so glad I found your blog! I’m a professor who knits too.

  5. Congratulations can’t wait to watch the interview 😊

  6. I loved the interview. It was great to learn more about you and your love of knitting and color.

  7. Just saw this interview. Really enjoyed the chat you had. WOW, Dana you really knit fast. I throw my yarn and it seems it takes forever. I live on the West Coast. Enjoyed how you got started and the journey to now. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who carries projects around with me every where I go. I too love colors!!! I primarily knit shawls, throws, and hats. It’s very warm where I live, so sweaters are out, even though I like me them. Good luck this Fall with all you have to do!! Keep that love and joy going. Many blessings

  8. I loved this episode so much – the best ever. Your instagram photos make me smile every time. I start my day by watching your insta stories because they put a spring in my step haha! I just can’t get enough of your dog photos – I have a dog too and I totally get it. Thank you for sharing yourself with us…you are one inspirational lady.

  9. A great conversation…so fun to see the two of you chatting away like old friends!

  10. Wow, that was great! I loved the story about your Mom being approached about her handknit sweater…gave me chills.
    And thanks for the pep talk at the end!

  11. I really enjoyed watching the two of you sit and chat about knitting. Reading your blog and waching your new vlogs is inspiring me to keep trying new things in knitting that I’ve wanted to try/learn, but didn’t feel confident enough to attempt. It helps fill a void from losing my knitting group after graduating grad school.

  12. I did indeed enjoy the interview, and probably would have watched a few more hours had you and Kristy kept going. I really enjoyed the mix of topics and projects discussed and your lovely attitude towards so many things. And Jellybean…what a sweet girl. Best, Jean

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