FO: Bar Harbor Test Knit

I mentioned that I finished this knit but didn’t want to do a full post until the pattern was released. Well, now it’s time!
Bar Harbor blocked
This is my Bar Harbor test knit! The pattern was released yesterday AND Alicia Plummer is having a 50% off sale! So you can grab it on sale!
Bar Harbor blocked
I don’t do a lot of test knits but this is my second one for Alicia (this was my first). I like her pattern styles and her test knits are fairly relaxed. Plus for this one, you don’t have to know how to co any kind of colorwork! The construction to get the side panels was so clever and super simple. There’s just a tiny bit of seaming and because it’s knit on larger needles in comes together really quickly. The only reason mine took me a little longer than the norm was that I ran out of the white yarn and had to order another skein.
Bar Harbor blocked
The pattern calls for Quince and Co Kestrel but I used Berroco Maya (you may remember me using it on this pattern last year) that I already had in my stash. I love the lightness of this yarn and how breezy and great this top is especially on a hat and humid DC summer day. I also saw a gorgeous test knit using Patons Metallic yarn which is on sale and has some clearance colors too. I used this yarn a long time ago for my first North Fork that had issues but I loved the yarn and was thinking of ordering it in the blue and green and making this for my Mom! This is definitely an interesting and fun knit but still easy enough for a beginning. Let me know if you end up buying the pattern and share your finished object with me!!

Stitching Status: Decisions, Decisions

So I’m currently working on a pink dress for my goddaughter I started ages ago (April to be exact). I’ve got 10 inches of stockinette stitch for a good 200+ stitches and I’m forcing myself to push through it to get to create a box pleat (my first time). This better be cute when I’m finished because it hasn’t been a pleasure and it’s probably why I’ve laid it down a million times for other projects. I haven’t taken any pics of it so instead you get pictures of the dogs.
Whenever there is thunder Cher finds a way to squeeze herself behind me in the smallest space. She doesn’t care what’s going on and she just has to feel safe behind me. I don’t mind at all.
And this is Jellybean with one of her favorite toys, a pink dinosaur. I like to think they’re having peace talks after she flung that dino around and nibbled it all over.

I’m also still contemplating what to make with my 4 skeins of bright pink Berroco Modern Cotton. I’ve thought about making this top but I think I’m one skein short. There’s also this free pattern but I’m not sold on making such a simple top. I may just pull out my sketch pad and see what I can come up with on my own. Fingers crossed. What are you guys working on right now?

May’s FO’s

This was a light month in terms of finished objects.
May's FOs
I only finished two projects this month and I was a little surprised at that. But then I remembered it’s not a race, it’s what I do for pleasure and May was a busy, busy month. And can you all say a prayer for me that I finish the dress for my goddaughter in June? I want to get that baby off of my needles and I think it’s such a cute pattern but it hasn’t tickled my fancy as much as other projects have recently. So what did I finish this month?

  • My Colorblocked Cosette: I love this top but it’s been so cold here that I’ve only worn it once. I’m ready to wear all my cotton summer knits. I’m also thinking of knittingย this same pattern but using some Berroco Modern Cotton which is a little lighter just to see how it drapes. I’ll keep you posted.
  • Test Knit for Alicia Plummer, Bar Harbor: I also did another test knit for Alicia Plummer for an unreleased pattern. I’ll do a full post on this one once the pattern drops (which should be soon). I used Berroco Maya on larger needles and have another lovely breezy top for summer to add to my wardrobe.

Despite only finished two projects this month I think I was pretty productive! Adding to my wardrobe is always a good thing. So what were you able to accomplish this month? And what are you hoping to finish next month?

And and added little note…Saturday marks my second anniversary since I came back to blogging. I can’t believe it has been two years and I thank everyone who comes and reads my little corner of the internet, gives advice, feedback and virtual high fives and hugs. You make this yarn/knitting community really awesome.