FO: Purple & Sparkle Brio-Garter Hat

I’m finishing out the week with another finished object. I finished my second Brio-Garter hat, this time for my cousin Safia. Her birthday is Monday and she’s in town this weekend so hopefully I’ll get pics of her while she’s wearing it.
You may remember when I made this hat in January. It was my first solo experience with brioche knitting and learning increases and decreases. I love the interesting construction of this hat. You start by making an i-cord and then you pick up stitches from the i-cord and join in the round. The increases and decreases in the hat automatically shape the ear flaps. It’s brilliant! Stephen West is a genius. Since my first version was pretty big I decided to cast on two needle sizes smaller since my cousin has a tiny head. I still think this will be a little bit and slouchy on her but hopefully it’s a good fit.
I love brioche since it makes everything reversible. This is the side where the sparkly grey Tempting Ewe So Sparkly DK yarn is dominant.
And then here’s the side where the Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn in Gosia is dominant and look how cute it is when you flip up the ear flaps! Her favorite color is purple so whenever I knit her accessories I try to pick out fun shades of purple yarn to use on her projects. Since I’m going to see her this weekend I want to measure her feet so I can make her these brioche socks! I’ve already got pretty purple and black yarn to make them with, just need to make sure I’m making her the right size.
And just to round things off, here’s a picture of the girls begging for carrots. LOL Jellybean has to get her annual check up and shots this weekend so whatever I’m doing this weekend I’m going to have a chihuahua attached to my hip that just wants comfort. Have a great weekend everybody!

6 Replies to “FO: Purple & Sparkle Brio-Garter Hat”

  1. Gor-Geous!!! And socks too, wow!!! I have a feeling with all that hair your cousin has, the hat will fill out nicely, don’t worry all will be fine 😉

  2. Your brioche projects have inspired me! I’m really enjoying working in Caffeinated, and I’m totally going to make this hat when I’m finished. LOVE it!!!

  3. Your cousin is very lucky. The hat is beautiful. I have not yet learnt how to do brioche stitch but this is inspiring.

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